T. Jones: If That Was A Black Org., They Would Have Never Gotten To The Steps | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

T. Jones: If That Was A Black Org., They Would Have Never Gotten To The Steps | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Joy talked to Retired Capitol Police Officer “Butch” T. Jones about how a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol: "There was no reinforcement … I think if that was a Black organization, they would have never gotten to the steps." Aired on 1/7/2021.
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T. Jones: If That Was A Black Org., They Would Have Never Gotten To The Steps | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. and hate. Most Republicans, it seems, are either “filthy rich” or fear and/or have contempt for or outright hatred of others not like themselves and they’ve been taught willful ignorance — blind faith acceptance of direction from their chosen leader … in this case T rump.

    2. Attifa sent to make believe that it comes from Trump, it is obvious because since when just 2 men only at the entrance to secure the accesses, no surveillance. We saw inside people talking to each other. It’s gone up from scratch

    3. @môm , Lol. The Antifa people aren’t that dumb. They would have covered their faces. Like they usually do. They’re violent, but they’re not stupid like the average Trump supporter who believed that the virus is a Democrat hoax. And even if they did, they would have covered their faces merely because they knew they were there to commit crimes of sedition.The entire world knows this was solely the work of what the Clinton lady called the “basket of deplorables.” The deplorables will deny it anyways.

  1. what went wrong – answer “trump” “jon jr” “rupert murdoch” “rudy giuliani” I could go on…

    1. @Gordon Strong Precisely. While now even retrumplicans are turning on him, let us never forget that they, and the constant drumbeat of radical right media, have been stoking this for years.

    2. @Lucy Fer Exactly, I actually put most of the blame at their door, even more so than the GOP themselves. Without a powerful right-wing media network to justify, excuse and enable Trump and company to their viewers, I doubt things would ever have gotten this bad.

    3. @Gordon Strong You know I took a quick peak at how OAN is handling this… Their headliner today is about a debate on Transgender rights. I got nothing against Transgenders but it says a lot that OAN is now playing it down like nothing horrible of this magnitude happened.

    4. @killerjoke2945 Yeah and Newsmax have gone in another direction and are pretending to be outraged at the rioters, despite formenting the anger and belief in conspiratorial nonsense that fueled this attempted coup themselves!

  2. If that crowd had been non white there would have been hundreds if not thousands of dead people all around the capital building.

  3. If you haven’t figured out by now, that Trump has been lying about everything, the entire time, you need to go back to grade school.

  4. If you want to know if you can trust someone or not, just ask them this question.

    Who won the U.S. 2020 Presidential election?

    1. @Progressive Humanist So all the people of color I saw looting stores, throwing objects and spitting on police were all planted by they groups mentioned above. If the individuals in these protests spent time bettering themselves through education and family values they would help reduce the issues they are protesting about.

    2. Yet everyone was justifying the actions of those who broke a ton of laws at those so called peaceful protests while walking away clean. Wiping their hands like it was no biggie to take away from hard working POC who had worked hard for their businesses, asi.

    3. raptured snail – 93% of the protests were peaceful. Of the remaining 7%, 99% of the protesters did not loot or riot.

  5. 100% there would have been fatal force used if this was a black movement. Nothing shows the double standards in policing white vs black citizens than the display showed yesterday. Disgusting

    1. So true. Exemplifies the whole reason behind BLM protests, although some call such efforts illegal agitation, premeditated looting, riots, etc, I think that comparison disingenuous ; Wednesday’s unlawful chaos and law enforcements reaction to it only proves the need for societal change.

    1. @Bernard Kupilik, Jr Be very careful that you do not become someone’s pet. Your lack of gratitude and faux pas belie your claim.

  6. 2:04 “Something went wrong …”
    That really depends on your perspective. It could have been the plan all along.

    1. They had been planning this for weeks. This is probably why the FBI was offering help. Republican members of congress knew enough to tell their staffs not to come to work that day and a lot of them sent their families away from DC. It was all over the internet; especially the racist sites.

  7. If it was Our Brother’s n Sister’s. The gutters of the streets would have been filled with our blood.

    1. @RST UV oh but destroying our capital building because trump lost is just fine? Officers got injured.. but trumps people already Made it clear that they lied when they said blue lives matter.. just a bunch of hypocrites and thugs lol you clowns will eventually learn when you’re all in jail BLM protested and rioted over people being beaten and murdered by police lol trumps losers destroyed federal property bc they’re babies who can’t accept a loss can’t wait to see them join trump in jail one day

    2. So wish that weren’t true, but things are evolving in that respect, totally due to “the Brothers n sisters’” courageous determination to bring about change for the common good of all “races”. (And as for the tired argument of well, looters and property damage, nothing worse there than I’ve seen soccer and or football, winners and losers after game celebrations.) Violence begets violence, however one wants to believe. It never solves the problems. BLM management should probably consider the historic repercussions of that strategy, but that doesn’t mean giving in. The better question to ask might be, what If both sides give up their finger pointing and get down to Fixing things?

  8. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised.
    America is NOTORIOUS for treating it’s black citizens like animals.

    1. Most cops are far-right fascists. So is most military. No hyperbole. That’s what is so dangerous.

  9. Joy are you forgetting that the guy before this Pentagon guy ,i think was fired or kicked out and replaced with Trump loyalist.

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