Trump Criticizes Rioting Supporters, Says He Will Ensure ‘Smooth, Orderly’ Transition Of Power 1

Trump Criticizes Rioting Supporters, Says He Will Ensure ‘Smooth, Orderly’ Transition Of Power


Despite encouraging to ‘fight like hell’ before a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, President Trump criticized rioting supporters and says he will ensure a ‘smooth, orderly’ transition for the Biden Administration. Aired on 1/7/2021.
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Trump Criticizes Rioting Supporters, Says He Will Ensure ‘Smooth, Orderly’ Transition Of Power


    1. Muddy Water – CISA, DOJ, the Supreme Court, 60 lower courts, multiple ballot audits, recounts in every battleground state, an extremely detailed debunk of every fraud allegation by the top Georgia election official, virtually all polls showing Trump behind Biden, an approval rating that never hit 50% in four years, a phone call in which Trump clearly attempted to commit fraud himself…and the MAGA crowd still thinks he was cheated??

    2. He told his supporters that the election was rigged way before a single vote was counted. He plays them like a fiddle! He is always doing what he accuses others of doing. The whole time he’s had the Postmaster General dismantling sorting machines to slow the vote, tried to stop the vote count, etc. But then tries to say the election is being stolen. They believe it. They believe the news is fake. Well he told them that before he was elected. Then he treated the media like crap and wonders why they don’t like him.

    3. Trump: I authorize the federal government to arrest anyone who vandalizes federal property with up to 10 years in prison. July 2020.

    1. Trump should be arrested yesterday
      all over the states Trump supporters marching to the Capitol Hill and White House and he letting them enter the Capitol Hill and White House, they smashed Capitol Hill windows..

    2. @Siobhan C. 3 people died of unrelated health conditions, please stop watching msnbc or cnn or whatever this station is

    3. @don juran yeah don’t watch CNN guys.

      The REAL FACTS come from Newsmax and Breitbart and paranoid bloggers on the internet.

    4. @Vincent Pinto Just be ready to deal with his cult after it all. They already showed their hand though.

    5. @don juran 5 people died. How dumb do you look right now? You know how dynamic a situation like this is? You want to yap off about certain media orgs..? Why are you here, boy? trump told the cult to march. People died in the commission of their perceived commander’s orders. trump is complicit for all that took place. Even if a paperclip was stolen off a desk in the Capitol, trump is responsible. Now sit back & stfu because Real Americans are about to show you something foreigner. You are no longer viewed as an American by scapegoat for baby wannabe hitler, that’s even if you have an American birth certificate.


    2. She knows him best , she has told the truth to a T about him . No one understands him more than she does

    3. I actually saw another video first before this one came out and it started out much different but as soon as it posted within a minute or two it was removed and had a lable on it

    1. He won’t get bolder — he’s already a brazen bald-faced liar — but he might get more desperate.

      A desperate animal is a dangerous animal. A desperate, petty, self-centered, vindictive man is a disaster waiting to happen.

    1. @terefe feyssa Words are wind.

      Do we accept the apology of murderers and thieves, or do we put them on trial and hold them accountable for their actions? Sorry, but apologies aren’t enough. He can say he’s sorry, but he will still face the consequences.

    2. Yeah, he has not resigned. Also, Donald never stated; peaceful transition nor did he mention Biden’s name. Something does not smell right, never does with Donald. Not a pleasant smell in anyway.

  1. He cannot be believed or trusted for one more second, he’s incredibly dangerous and needs to be removed now for the safety of this country.

  2. It’s too late.He can’t save himself now.His words mean nothing.Impeach him now so he can never run for president again.

  3. Trump is the real-life “Joker” and can’t be trusted. Aided by Rudy “The Penguin” Giuliani and Ted “Two-Face” Cruz.

  4. He said he called out the National Guard, smh. He repeatedly refused Pence had to do it. He’s unable to tell the truth about anything & anyone.

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