‘Take your hand off the steering wheel’: Ex-aide was told Trump became irate at Secret Service

Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to then-President Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows, testifies that she was told that Trump lunged at Secret Service detail to drive to the US Capitol on January 6. #CNN #News


  1. Wow. If there’s no justice for donald trump, it’s gonna teach alot of people one lesson about this country, including me. When you’re broke, you have to follow the law. If you’re not broke, then have at it.

    1. @James V do you like History? World history? It’s always fascinated me ho nations arose and fall and how the countries we know of today are formed. It’s scary to think about but world conquest and domination is more then an over done move plot..it has been happening ever since history has been written. Even now on this very day Russia-Ukraine is a shinning example of this. And also shows the war of armies is in the past and doesn’t belong in this day and age.
      WW2 is pretty interesting to me as well, and how the world stage has been affected since..wars are very real. Power and conquest is very real and very much documented. To think it’s just going to stop because f “mutual destruction” is..well it’s just negligent. I believe we are at war right now today. A war of information, how and why I’m not sure, but by God it makes so much sense it’s terrifying and people like all of these around here are completely ignorant of this very very real reality and are bickering about “orange man bad” and basically splitting us in half. Almost as if…it’s intended by somebody or someone.

    1. ​ I thought that, but POTUS can open that window from his side, I am pretty sure. But if not, I would imagine he’s got a very bad temper

    1. I would never defend Mark Meadows or any of the Trump enablers however he was dealing with an out of control toddler who happened to have almost unlimited power.

  2. :41 – :42 you can see his arm. “I didn’t grab for the steering wheel or his NECK, I was leaning forward to ask them to play YMCA”.

  3. Anyone with the slightest capacity for independent and critical thinking would not be the least bit surprised by these revelations.

    1. @D Hill I asked you a simple, specific question.
      And for the record, Republicans would have contested that very election, and will no doubt question every election for quite some time.
      And as for the Russia concerns, let’s not pretend that it’s limited to Democrats. There were certain, prominent Republicans that questioned Trump’s relationship with Russia. And in typical fashion, they made a point of demanding it be ‘kept in the family’ – meaning: “Put party before country – even if it means Russia has involvement’.
      But I digress – feel free to answer what I asked.

  4. On top of the dozens of criminal charges pending, could we charge him for those dishes? WH porcelain is picked out by each Administration; sometimes they use dishes from a previous Admin and sometimes they buy new. The stuff is darn expensive, and it’s public property. We let that jerk rent a house fully furnished, and we do still have SOME rights.

    1. You should bill him,sometimes it’s the little things that break their spirit…..eg. straw broke the camels back.

  5. “…and a child shall lead them.” This woman is less than half the age of some of her co-workers, yet has many times over the patriotism. She seems to understand that one pledges allegiance to The Constitution, not to a person. R.e.s.p.e.c.t.

    1. @John Connor As a Former Republican… I also voted for Biden… not Bc I liked his political points… but Bc most of us wanted anything besides trump and his crimes and that goes for many of my family friends and neighbors… you have no idea how many millions of us didn’t vote for trump… so stick it where the sun don’t shine John

  6. I know that Secret Service employees have mandatory non disclosure contracts but I wonder, under these circumstances is there any law that allows/demands them to speak openly under oath about what they witnessed during 45’s presidency?

    1. @Gekisai Dai I wonder why are you so ready to lie on behalf of someone who despises you?

  7. He wanted to waltz in surrounded by his “people” and claim the throne. Lock him up already.

    1. @D Hill If you don’t understand or know what to say, use a random right-wing talking point. That’ll fill the space. You might even get a response or touch a nerve.

  8. I knew Mark Meadows was a true dirtbag when I saw how he treated Michael Cohen during his testimony. Same for Elise Stefanik and Gym Jordan the returning champion of course. Trump, are these all the BEST people you spoke of incessantly?

  9. The evidence given by Ms Hutchinson further strengthens the case for compelling Mark Meadows to testify by holding him in contempt of Congress.

    1. All the people who do not believe in insanity of Trump, wake up as you are in a long slumber.

  10. While watching his “speech” I distinctly remember the part where he said he was gonna be walking with them and thought, “not if the Secret Service has anything to say about it.”

    1. @Thunder31 Not what I’m reading else where. It will be interesting to see which outlets are misreporting and which are not.

    2. @Thunder31 I did. I have a few reservations on CBS’s reporting; something seems off and I can’t quite yet put a finger on why. CBS is the home of Walter Cronkite leaning without the unwavering Walter Cronkite honesty. I trust them about as much as CNN. I don’t know if you’re old enough to have watched WC, I am.

  11. I was in the interview process to become a SS agent around 2018 and this president is the reason why I removed myself from the process and went to a non-agent role within the FBI. SS agents spend about 4 years doing investigative work regarding counterfeit money before they are moved to DC for protective detail, and there’s no telling who you might be assigned to. Regardless, I refused to risk it. My heart goes out to that agent, I just can’t imagine the turmoil that caused. I’m no longer in the federal government in any capacity.

    1. Thank you for your service to our country and I do not blame you for not wanting to take that role in the Trump administration. Most of us knew Trumps demeanor and what he was capable of well before he committed his crimes against democracy

    1. His driver already came forward and is ready to testify against her. Nothing she said was true so…. perjury is a crime hope the Democrats paid her enough to cover bail at least.

    1. @Rick Evans you are confused, everything I wrote is still there; you are confusing my follow up reply as a correction or repost. View everything and you can see it was not altered nor deleted, I just wrote more in an additional message. I never have claimed to be always right, so I don’t know why you said that. Anyway, you are likely a very nice person if met offline, so please don’t take any of this conversation in anger or duress, it was just a conversation.

  12. I wanna be in the movie! This is way better than the O.J. Simpson trial. I’m going to quote myself:
    “If the tiki torch is not lit,
    you must acquit!”

  13. Part of me wishes his security detail had LET him go to the Capitol building and then he would certainly be without excuse. But, this brave woman’s testimony is damning enough.

    1. @Herman ten Klooster how would you know? Can Biden say the same when it comes to airplane steps? How about riding a bike? You think that’s a little bit of a challenge for him? Can the guy even drive a vehicle?

  14. “the beast refer to the presidential limo?”
    “No… satan. The devil. The devil always ride with mr orange” 😉

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