Taliban Spokesperson Claims Reports Of Executions, Forced Marriages 'Totally Baseless' 1

Taliban Spokesperson Claims Reports Of Executions, Forced Marriages ‘Totally Baseless’


Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen denies reports of targeted killings and forced marriages in Afghanistan after the group took power, saying that if those atrocities are occurring they are "not Taliban."
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    1. The only killing now on live tv is happining on Kabul airport that the “Western Freedom Fighters of Americans and Europe forces” controls and “protecting”

    1. @Iain Herridge Listen. I’m not saying I need a pube trim, but erect it looks like pinocchio joined the Taliban.

    2. Yeah they are suddenly acting like they are all peace loving, care about lives, sovereignty of homes/land which is just laughable when they have been caught on camera doing the opposite.

    3. Hahahaha when you said “camera” I read that in an Indian scammer it’s voice ckhamra hahahaha I’m so wicked.

    4. @Metal Rockstarizer yeah I know that accent. They ring me up telling me my internet is about to be cut off if I don’t *sorry I hung up already*

    1. The only killing now on live tv is happining on Kabul airport that the “Western Freedom Fighters of Americans and Europe forces” controls and “protecting”

    2. It’s the devil’s democracy. Everybody MUST vote.
      But the choices are always rigged.
      1) Damned 2) Still Damned 3) Devil’s Choice

    3. @Crappy Coin Trump told the Republicans to “Blame Bush.” The gasp was audible. Bush was supposed to let the banks fail in September 2008. THEN, when the riots began, Bush was supposed to declare martial law and suspend the election until it could be rigged. McCain would have been President, and the Republicans would have already bombed Iran. There never would have been Obamacare, an Iran Nuke Deal, or a Paris Accord.
      Know what Bush said? “I did not want to set that precedent as President.”
      Know what Trump said? “Bush doen’t understand WINNING!”

    4. @Crappy Coin Trump is actually the one who started the backing out of Afghanistan but we never should’ve gone if they’re not willing to defend themselves why should we.

  1. President of Afghanistan: don’t worry guys I have a plan

    *president of Afghanistan has left the game*

    1. @Thomas Colbert he blamed no one but the Afghanistan government. If after 20 years why should more Americans die for something they refuse to do?

    2. For those who don’t know the Afghan president refused the peace deal offered by Trump and Taliban. He had his own plan.
      Word has it that Biden is still waiting for his plan. For everybody else the plan came into focus when the president left in a helicopter filled with cash.
      It’s the same plan every president of Afghanistan had since 2001.

    3. He’s gambling on pod races on Tattooine around now. Next month he’ll plead his case before the Senate.

    1. @Larry Garland hahahahaha nice one magarats funny how you say democrat shitholes when racist magarat trump supporters are responsible for many deaths im America. Innocent women in Charlottesville killed by a trump supporters. 11 innocent Jewish people in Pittsburgh killed by a trump supporters over a dozen people in el paso texas killed by a trump supporters. Get bumped magarat

    2. @clubber Lang I hope psycho orange will be taken to the heaven by the next election. I see he has some screw missing already.

  2. The Taliban are wonderfully decentralized. Spokesman says X over here, goons do Y over there. No problems. The timing of that audio cutoff was just too perfect for him.

  3. President of Afghanistan: I have a plan. President of Afghanistan a few minutes later: Sorry I meant to say I have a plane.

    1. @Red Button TV1 well, if you’re winning elections with a minority, then you need to take a pause and ask if it’s sustainable. Minority rule is always a recipe for disaster. the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan together with trumps shambolic response to covid-19 are testaments to that fact.

    2. So you are admitting to the fact that Biden is a racist bigot since people never change?? I’ve been trying to tell people that about him…..

    1. Well, frankly, how they will govern Afghanistan is none of your business. Asking these questions are senseless. What are you gonna do if you don’t like their governing style? Fight another 20 year war? You have decided to leave. So leave and let the Afghans deal with Afghanistan. It’s none of your business. There are plenty of countries that have governments that we don’t particularly like. Saudi Arabia for many many years didn’t allow women to work for the most part. Has the US done anything about it? Nope.

    2. Lol I think the answer should of been, “we will follow the example of your close allies the Saudi Arabia”

    3. The only killing now on live tv is happining on Kabul airport that the “Western Freedom Fighters of Americans and Europe forces” controls and “protecting”

    4. @Saad Shoaib our previous administration could done something instead of a making deals with the Taliban’s they should be kicked out from afigistian from the world destroyed from earth they did not do that’s what bothers me we can train your military fight Talibasn if they not willing learn apply those tactics defending own this would not be happening today but I’m pretty sure us will have to intervene with afigistan again we will be having another war not matter what even if biden thinks options work well it doesn’t

    1. @Kregg Eason I served over there in RC South region. They used Helmand and Chora river valleys as a main thoroughfare after coming in from Pakistan. I also spent a lot of time around Spin Buldak. It isn’t much of a secret that they come from Pakistan during the fighting season.

  4. We’ve all known for a long time that withdrawal from Afghanistan was going to be perilous and awful. That’s why we’ve continued to be there for so long. There really was no easy way to get out. We should NEVER forget that the blame falls on those who got us there in the first place.

    1. You fool they got there self maybe you should look at history of USA and UK how many country they colonise and also start war in to fan access to resources first answer this question how to America come to be America who did that land belong to who was the indigenous people of the land they call USA

    2. Let’s be honest what natural resources does the uk really have it would never of lasted what ever oil that had in the North Sea! what else the uk have potatoes and coal that’s it

    3. They waited so long , cause if they left earlier, they would have wound up in some pakistani refugee camp for decades .

    4. ho2…. have you ever heard of the 911? That is where the MSNBC employees hijacked and flew two planes into the world trade center in NY.

  5. I don’t believe the “very strong” denials of the Taliban, they have lost any connection with there culture. They use their religion to justify any brutality or abusive behavior.

    1. Or maybe brutality and abusive behavior has been part of their culture all along?
      Think of the US in the 1800’s and how Indians and blacks and women were treated, under law and in private actions. It took us a long time to develop and work toward the greater good.
      Why should it take other nations, other cultures any less time to change?

    2. I think it’s moreso a matter of your upbringing that affects the religion than the other way around.
      Christianity in western society today are a lot more understanding than 30 years ago. People and culture affects religion more than the other way around.

      Imagine being fired at by a foreign enemy for 20 years. Your mental state after that will grasp at anything to justify self-preservation.

  6. They simply taking over what the Afghanistan security force had vacated.

  7. The spokesman here said something which seems to make sense. ” they swept through the cities because the armed forces laid down their weapons”. This makes perfect sense.

    1. Of course the Afghan fighters gave up after they saw and heard about the gruesome torture and killing of their own afghan brother soldiers by the hands of the Taliban. .

    2. @Amanda Whitley Right … how much training do they need after 20 yrs???? Everyone is upset. What, why, how long is the US and other countries supposed to carry them? Now, they would be mad if we just dropped a bomb and swept the land clear of all of them!!!Geeze! Too much!!!

    1. The only killing now on live tv is happining on Kabul airport that the “Western Freedom Fighters of Americans and Europe forces” controls and “protecting”

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