McCaffrey: If Taliban Obstruct Evacuation, US Will Have To Escalate Militarily 1

McCaffrey: If Taliban Obstruct Evacuation, US Will Have To Escalate Militarily

Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey said the U.S. is in a "perilous position militarily" as evacuations continue in Afghanistan. He said if the Taliban decides to obstruct the evacuation and take control of the airspace, the U.S. will have to "escalate militarily in a massive way".
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  1. The Afghans had 20 years, 20, to grow up and act like big boys and they failed themselves. Plain and simple. And for the media to pearl clutch now is hypocritical since many of them were there 20 years ago cheering on endless war for their ratings. There was no way this withdrawal could have been done successfully because Afghanistan is a broken country, always has been, perhaps always will be.

    1. They’re only so called broken because of western belief due to religious factions. If anyone is broken it is us here in the states. Nobody invaded us and we are still divided and obsessed with violent behaviors that has always been and always will.

  2. Biden has the courage to take the heat for pulling out of Afghanistan. This would’ve happened no matter who is president.

    1. Courage. He’s been in politics for almost 50 years and has a press conference where he basically said “even though I’m president snd I gave the order – it wasn’t me. “Give me a big break.

    2. @TheBarrow9040 The curious thing is i am not hearing news of the Taliban slaughtering people and the evacuations seem to be going fairly well.

  3. They will not obstruct the withdrawal though there may be some ‘hot’ heads to be wary of……

    1. Stephen Podeschi Yeah because that not what they do while they are overthrowing a government. They just set around and watch.

    2. @Danny Timmons , I doubt that the Taliban will try to stop the evacuation of any Amercan citizens. If the Americans are pulling out, the Taliban is smart enough to let it happen. They know that an attack on evacuating American transports will likely provoke a heavy retaliatory response. They don’t want that. They just want the Americans to out, not a fight.

  4. We needed to get out but it has been completely bungled. Abandoning everyone there that helped us is obscene. Then to lie and say it was unforeseeable is also obscene . I knew this would happen, it’s obvious.

    1. It’s the people’s fault Biden said. They didn’t want to leave he said. Give me a big break. The man is a coward who has absolutely no core values other job title.

    1. We have almost unlimited bombs in a target rich environment. The Taliban does not want to set that off. They just want us to leave so they can get on with brutalizing any tribe they view as hostile.

    1. There are 3 who use multiple accounts, they switch and then like their own posts. Tools. all of them.

    2. Is it really ‘unsurprising’? I don’t mean to knock your comment but it does seem naive. It is what the “News Shows” do.

    1. The generals will be the first to point fingers, because they failed in their mission to prepare the Afghan Army. Congress should have gotten their intelligence from the average serviceman, who knew these jokers were not trainable.

  5. The Taliban should let everyone who wants to leave, leave, and when everything is settled down, move everyone back to the caves and the Stone Age style of living they seem to cherish.

    1. The taliban aren’t done. They must prevent drones from continuing to bomb weddings and funerals USA better sign a treaty or expect something bad.

    2. You don’t understand revenge just like ws here are worrying if so called black people will do to them what they done to them.

  6. We were never in a war against Afghanistan. We were in their house trying to make them do things our way. They just waited for us to get tired of trying.

    1. @Ryan Gibson Maybe you forgot, as far as USA is concerned, the ICC has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no authority.

    2. @wade stanton Doesn’t make killing without due process right. See: THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS OF 12 AUGUST 1949. Look at who signed it.

    3. @Ryan Gibson Well, thank you for being explicit about your main point, which is that you very much want to be correct. By the way, “affect the apprehension of Osama” means the US was not going to do it. Who is it that the US government was going to help or hinder in their effort to catch bin Laden so as to affect his apprehension but not carry it out? The point about all caps is valid, since it shows you were so emotional about what you were writing, that you didn’t take the moment to think about the meanings of the words _affect_ and _effect_ that you learned in sixth grade or thereabouts. We make serious mistakes when we make decisions emotionally instead of rationally in tandem with our emotions, and make them for other people, like all those serving in the US military, as George W. Bush did in Iraq.

    4. @Ryan Gibson You are correct about our stated primary objective Al queda was pushed into Pakistan early on. Objective achieved. Then the nation building started, bringing democracy to Afghanistan and we were all of a sudden at war with the Taliban. The taliban have permanent refuge in Pakistan. Our primary stated objective was dwarfed by our obvious unstated other objectives.

    5. I know quite a few Afghanis the majority cam here when the Russians invaded. The new crop are coming because of the Taliban.

  7. We should have stuck to our original goal – break apart the taliban, and then split. Actually, we can’t save these people – we never should have been there.

  8. There was never a good time to go. I support that decision. We owe approx 18,000 people some kind of safety. 2000 have it. Where are the rest?

    1. As do I but there were many many activists for MONTHS warning and planning for all of this and they SHOULD have paid attention to them. I am sorry we have blood on our hands. This is morally reprehensible and disgraceful. Heartbreaking

  9. Why does the media do everything to make things worse. We needed to get out of Afghanistan a long time ago. It wasn’t ever going to be anything but ugly.

    1. Joe removed troops before civilians needlessly endangering tens of thousands, insane fool is only explanation.

    2. @Moira McCleary Biden abandoned support of airbase where prison was. Trump was retired when that happened. You might be confused of who’s who here.

  10. The first and only thing Biden ever said that I agree with “It’s wrong to order American troops to stand up when the Afghans won’t themselves”

    1. @Beverley Ibrahim Osama Bin Laden was expelled from Saudi Arabi in 1991. Ten years before 9-11. The Saudi’s are our friends, Israel is an ally. The “big fat arms deal” is to help keep Iran at bay. If it wasn’t for Israel and the United States Iran would have taken over 75% of the middle east.

    2. @Danny Timmons AMERICA spent 83 billion dollars arming the Afghan Army. We were training the Afghan Army for 19 years. By the way Trump made peace with the TALIBAN not BIDEN.

  11. WE never really learned anything from the fall of
    Saigon, so history and mistakes just repeat themselves

    1. The difference is, the Vietcong weren’t actually as bad as they appeared, only communist. The Taliban however are worms of the earth, make no mistake.

  12. I want that GS-15 job whose sole responsibility is to ensure that the paper pads are located at the top LEFT and the pens are EXACTLY on a 45 degree angle. Maybe that individual could have handled the withdrawal better than Biden…oh well.

  13. Afghanistan is (and never was) worth the bones of a single American soldier (Apologies to Otto Von Bismark).
    Simply blood and treasure down a rat-hole.

  14. The president’s picture of isolation is also an optic of a man revealing his willingness to singularly accept responsibility for a no-win difficult decision put off by many previous presidents.

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