Taliban Surges In Afghanistan Amid U.S. Troop Withdrawal 1

Taliban Surges In Afghanistan Amid U.S. Troop Withdrawal

NBC News National Security Analyst Jeremy Bash weighs in on U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan and the Taliban's gains in the region.
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  1. 20 years of making some industries very rich and the government with less money, guess who gets the bill ?

    1. @Kandi Hoarding – 99% chance, even if I told the source of the poll, you’d reject it anyway, so why ask?

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith big fat lie you just said ! Osama was not Afghanistan and he was in Pakistan

    3. @Liala Liala
      You actually are the liar or you are ignorant.
      He was in afghanistan and escaped into pakistan.

    4. @Sherry Stephens exactly

      Obama is in Bed with terrorist organizations…and Biden is in bed with the Chinese communists. At least when we had Trump, we had someone who was Pro-American, patriotic, against corruption, and we, the American people were his top priority.

  2. Whew no more deployments to a country that does not really want our help. We did train their army to push back against the taliban to protect the children, women, and elderly. Now lets let the Afghanistan army protect their country. It saves billions of dollars that can be used for better helpin americans.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith only thing that breaks religion is education. Theirs is the same as all the others.

    2. @gary the great
      Theirs is not the same and if you read up on it, you would realize that it is stupid.

      Camel urine medicine.
      Water is pure no matter where you drink it.
      The sun sets in a muddy puddle; and you can go where the sun sets

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith there all the same maybe you should read up on them. from a time when earth was flat and nobody knew where the sun went at night. Talking snakes, the first man and a woman has two male kids. i could go on all day.

    4. @gary the great
      You going to the Old Testament is pathetic. Especially since Islam is younger. Like with the Founding Fathers their full story is shrouded in myth; some say that the “snake” as you called it was a dragon (confirmed in revelations as a Red Dragon).

      Furthermore, the pagan Greeks established the size of the Earth before 0 AD/CE and by this time the Mediterranean knew how to navigate by the stars.

      However it was in the year 608 CE (after the fall of Rome) that Islam preached.

      Not the same at all…comparing a 4000 year old religion (Judaism) to a 1400 year religion

  3. Solicit donations from war mongers to pay for the war and offer them guns, training, and transportation to fight in Afghanistan, and see how many really support the fight in Afghanistan.

  4. It’s intended. In a few years the Military Industrial Complex will ramp up for reinvasion. Gotta keep those profits going. Cause chaos. Over and over and over…

  5. We can not even begin to afford being the world’s police department. And also don’t forget they set this exit date, not Joe Biden. We are actually stretching it a little bit. You can not help people who are unwilling to help themselves.

    1. @chris neube that wasn’t racist…we have been there 20 years! TWENTY!!!! And their commandos can’t even get their government to send an airstrike one time!

  6. Come on, we can’t stay forever. It’s like trying to hold back a river. As Paul said ” Let it Be”

  7. If the Economy and standard of living only benefits the Few, the Culture of modernization and Democracy will never thrive.
    The government US installed in Afghanistan only benefits the Elite and the few. It is also alien to Afghan culture.
    The Elite will always be dependent on the West because it is the source of their Wealth while the majority are poor.

    1. @trainrecked Let me guess. You actually went and did some reading and discovered that Al Qaeda began in 1988 during the Soviet-Afghan War, well before the first US occupation of a country in the Middle East. In fact, Al Qaeda caused the occupation, not the other way around. (Although, technically, Afghanistan is not in the Middle East.)

      Al Qaeda is a run-of-the-mill militant Islamist organization. They attack anything that isn’t also Islamist. There is no nuanced agenda. It’s just about Islam.

    2. @boredom2go How long have we had government military bases and embassies there? I think before 1988…just guessing

    3. @trainrecked We’ve had military bases in Germany and Japan since 1945, and neither of those countries are killing people for Allah. Al Qaeda isn’t just anti-Israel or anything like that. They want strict Islam all over the world. Quit pretending they’re freedom fighters. They are quite the opposite.

    4. @trainrecked I agree. We shouldn’t be in the Middle East or in Germany or Japan or South Korea or anywhere else. That opinion doesn’t change the fact that Al Qaeda existed before we occupied any country in the region.

    1. War profiteering has been one of the USA’s major economic stimulus that benefits Wall Street, and the military industrial complex since WW2. In other words— the rich with their tentacles securely attached to our Congress are major parasites on the American taxpayer.

  8. I would notice the news agencies throughout the last 20 years are always pro war

  9. If you can’t win in 20 years, you can’t win in 40 years.
    The Afghans will get the government, they deserve.

    1. I’m sure all those little girls that grew up under our protection “deserve” this ? Interesting

    2. We can’t achieve our proclaimed objective of creating a free society able to defend itself within the span of a generation. Feeding the MI-complex is all that happened. You propose more billion-dollar band-aids? Interesting.

    3. @Dani Adventure-dog No little girl deserves to live in Afghanistan; Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. You can’t save them all, that is the job of their fathers, mothers and brothers.

  10. Bush want forever war in Afghanistan even though he told us his attack would end in weeks.
    Get out of here bush, go paint some pictures and be quite.
    The money you spent and put on credit still haunts us and the treasury.
    “Mission accomplished”.

  11. Can we just stop using the word “Homeland?” It had a fascist authoritarian overtone when it was coined during the Bush administration, and it’s even worse now.

  12. Afghanistan’s collapse was virtually inevitable for years and no one anywhere should be surprised.

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