Tammy Duckworth: Dershowitz Argument Doesn’t Pass The Common Sense Test | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Tammy Duckworth: Dershowitz Argument Doesn't Pass The Common Sense Test | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. You mean Alan Dershowitz, the man who paid for a massage at Epstein’s house, doesn’t pass the common sense test? Really?

    1. LOL!! The underage *_girl_* gave him a massage – and like the constitutional scholar that he is, he thought it best that he kept his blommers on. His wife appreciated that act of modesty.

  2. “Look, it’s simple. The public would not vote for me, so I need to cheat to win, because that’s what the public wants!” Mind. Blown.

  3. Everything around Trump is just how an innocent person behaves, they for sure withhold documents, witnesses and fight any information to come out….just like any innocent person would act.

    1. you forgot to apply the “sarcasm tag” to your post, because, you know, common sense isnt that much of a thing in the US…

  4. Now they’re actually coming right out and admitting they are trying to get us to live in Trump’s Freakish Alternative Reality. See? We aren’t nuts!!!

  5. I thought that it was “We the people” and not “Me the narcissistic wannabe” who decides who’s best

    1. Don’t forget the “malignant” part of his Malignant Narcissism. It’s the overlap of his antisocial (criminal) personality disorder with his narcissistic personality disorder. The “base” gave us a two for 1.

  6. Which Senator is going to ask about legitimacy of NUNES being in House Impeachment hearings without revealing his connection to the case???

    Someone needs to ask what the DOJ did with all these complaints from MULTIPLE sources?!? You don’t go to the lawyers over policy disputes!!! Why wasn’t an investigation done into the Whistleblower complaint?!? Whoever put the call in the secret server needs to testify!!!!

    1. Very important questions. In any other administration, these questions would have been in the center of attention. Because there is currently more important stuff to deal with, they are on the back burner, but they will get to it eventually.

  7. Any Senator still supporting this criminal President has broken their oath and should be considered a Traitor to The Constitution.

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