Tapper asks Rubio about reported spy balloons during Trump admin.

CNN's Jake Tapper asks Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) about a senior US defense official saying there were three instances during the Trump administration that China briefly transited a surveillance balloon over the continental United States. #CNN #news


  1. Notice how he ignore the original question by not just saying “yes, it was proper for Biden not to risk the lives of Americans and infrastructures”.

    1. @Dennis Wilder really, you must have been the pilot, or your inside the pentagon and have first hand knowledge. Your your Q

    2. @liraloo they’re actually the worst of ,making stupid decisions to get American troops killed,do you REALLY this government gives a damn about the people that elected them,please stop and open your eyes,democrate,republican, doesn’t matter they’re all in it for 2 things…money and power!!!!!

    3. @Timit is actually ‘couldn’t care less’, while talking about not caring less…. You couldn’t care less about thinking before spewing nonsense

    1. perhaps you can explain your support for the party of corruption, slavery and treason? The only political party that’s had 19 of its members expelled from Congress, 3 for corruption and 16 for treason. The party of the Klan. The party of Jim Crow laws. The party that unanimously voted against the 15th Amendment. The party of raging racists like Wallace, Johnson, Duke and Byrd. The party that now embraces communism but hides behind the socialist veil while attempting to change the laws that prevent them from coming out of the closet. (California Assembly Bill AB22 – 2017)

      While you’re explaining yourself, perhaps you can find the missing evidence of a flip.
      Your party started a war that killed over 630,000 Americans, just to preserve their right to own other human beings.
      You have to be feeble-minded or morally corrupt to vote democrat.
      Which one are you?

    2. The Chinese are playing a power game here, they are testing the executive functioning and the competence level of our elected Commander in Chief and those who surround him. This is not a good sign.

    1. Good stop obsessing. Move the heck on. He is out of office he isn’t relevant anymore so move on to focus on biden and what he is doing wrong.

    2. @Andrea Dube’ Lol they are really running with the ‘Trump did it too’ narrative when they don’t have even one photo, video from the ground, local media reports, etc of any balloons!
      Everyone would remember this had it happened!
      Great litmus test for who can spot propaganda and who guzzles it!

    3. @Blair Haffly

      Lol they are really running with the ‘Trump did it too’ narrative when they don’t have even one photo, video from the ground, local media reports, etc of any balloons!

      Everyone would remember this had it happened!

      Great litmus test for who can spot propaganda and who guzzles it!

    4. @rivershell good. Let him be a right wing supporter the democrats have done nothing but push the agenda that racism is still the biggest issue in America which it’s not and if it is why don’t they do something about it o wait they don’t cause all the laws are in place for it already.

    5. @James Brown Insurrection? You seem to forget about the summer of 2020, and all the killing, burning, and looting across the country, and over $2 billion dollars in damages, you PoS! And George Floyd is dead sober still! Jan 6th was a walk in the park, and a thug DC cop murdered a chick! Get a clue DH!

  2. Even for a person with no security and intelligence experience, Marco sounds so incompetent and has no idea what’s happening. It’s all politics. Why is he even on the committee this important???

    1. The Chinese are playing a power game here, they are testing the executive functioning and the competence level of our elected Commander in Chief and those who surround him. This is not a good sign.

  3. No matter what President Biden says or does it will never be enough for those people
    Trump acted like a fool and they all just kept saying how wonderful he was
    He was the worse person we have ever had in our Country
    He never served anyone but himself and his family and friends
    He could do no wrong in their eyes
    And they have continued to do nothing but harm to our Country and our people
    It’s like watching a bunch of little children

    1. @kay armstrong tRump did nothing! During his hellish presidency China’s spy balloon was spotted 3 x’s & he of course did nothing! Our President Biden had it shot down as if should. The reason they waited was because they were waiting for it to be over the ocean & not over land to hurt anyone. Pay attention to what’s really happening!

    2. @zeck8541 Nonsense, the largest voting block in USA are registered Independents. Independents tend to call out BOTH parties and politicians of both parties. And Trump’s lackluster poll numbers and constant turmoil in GOP is noticed by those who don’t pull this party over policy and actions nonsense.

  4. Maybe China decided to fly the baloon across the US because the first 3-4 times they had no trouble entering the American space?

  5. If Rubio and Trump had done their jobs in warning the Chinese as to what wasn’t acceptable in regards to balloon flights, we wouldn’t have seen the events of this week.

    1. @Dennis Chiu the defence department could have taken it out over Alaska. A very sparsely populated state. Unlike the Carolinas. So why wait until it crossed the entire USA????

    2. @Anonymous well if you lived in Montana you might not feel the same way. You act as if Montana isn’t populated at all.

    3. @Mike Wilson Would have been nice if Tapper did ask that one question. Since it did happen on trump’s watch also. Three times. Not a word was EVEN said about these instances.

    4. @kay armstrong it was actually carried by the prevailing winds which if tou had even laying any attention this week have even very strong. Strong enough to quite possibly have taken it off of its intended course.

  6. During the Drumpf administration when 3 of these balloons were over the US you didn’t hear a word now Rubio pretending to be outraged. That Rubio is on the intelligence committee is a embarrassment.

    1. @An Acc Rubio just said it in this video! Current unnamed administration officials have said they flew them over during Trump’s admin. These balloons have been around for years, apparently they have flown them over other countries, like Venezuela.

    2. @JACKSON H WYOMING you presume I voted for who? I didn’t vote for anyone… that would be a federal offence on my part, I think. I am just participating in all the hoopla – as if the US is not guilty of spying too.

    3. First of all, I’m not saying balloons did not cross into US airspace in the past, but think this thru, nobody on the ground witnessed the previous ones? No air traffic control zone had to ground flight? It is easy to repeat what you hear. Whoever released that info is not being square with the American people that is for sure. The people in government right now lie to the American people daily, and the media is either too stupid, an active collaborator, or has been infiltrated to do the state’s bidding.

    1. @codeagent47 Pretty much, yes. Those who would do harm to America are very encouraged by the infighting between the Ruling Party and the Republican splinter group frantically performing oral sex on Trump at every turn. From a European perspective the disrespect, the ill will displayed to Biden and the Office of President is utterly abhorrent, Rubio first claims the Balloon should hve been shot down, then claims that Biden should have given a National address regarding how the Administration was intending to deal with the issue… Really ? The level of Stupidity in these people would be laughable except they now hold some levers of power… Russia, China and North Korea must think it’s Christmas every day…

    2. One of my family members was in the military. When I told him i was concerned that the balloon flew over our missile silos, he replied that they already knew where they all are. Of course they knew.

    3. @Veronica Stewart A lot of this stuff can be seen on Google Earth..on FaceBook.. Twitter… In the Top secret highly classified Government documents that Trump auctioned off at his beach club in Florida…

    4. The Chinese are playing a power game here, they are testing the executive functioning and the competence level of our elected Commander in Chief and those who surround him. This is not a good sign.

    1. @Andrew Stop embarrassing yourself.
      Biden allowed millions of foreign nationals to enter the country, including narcotics like fentanyl killing Americans.
      Only a small percentage is going to infrastructure, the rest of it is garbage.

    2. @Andrew Biden caused inflation whether you like to hear about it or not.
      He spent more money in just 2 years, than any other President. Numbers don’t lie, Biden does.

    3. @kelperdude So what? You think that Rubio is more intelligent? I’m fairly familiar with weather balloons and rawinsondes. A balloon the size of three large buses was carrying more than weather instruments. If it was shot down over the US, there would be nothing left to examine, it presented a threat to anything it fell on because the payload is huge.

      Marco Rubio is an idiot. Surely the people of Florida can find a much more intelligent republican to vote for. The BS he spewed today might have had some poor dolts listening to him, but most of us have an IQ much higher than Rubio.

    4. @Andrew When Trump left the White House, after 4 years, the inflation rate was less then 2%.
      In less than 2 years of Biden, the inflation rate is over 9% and rising.
      Americans are struggling and suffering under the Biden regime.

  7. Why are these politicians so blatantly hypocritical about things like this? They surely know their BS is very transparent, or will be made so by the press.

    1. @rich24h I agree with that – Americans are supposed to be intelligent, but they keep voting for ersatz and nincompoops – those of us who live outside are asking that question.

  8. As opposed to not intervening on Jan 6th and waiting until after the last minute to disclose COVID. Right. Got it Marco.

    1. Also, talking about “making decisions on how we need to handle China.” More importantly, I’d like to see how the Republicans are going to handle Russia.

    2. Gada-doo-wadoo: The Jan 6th protest was at the Capitol because the Congress skipped over the 10-day Bipartisan Congressional review audit procedure. Take a civics class to learn why that was important to the People (all parties were represented). Your naivety is showing, why didn’t the 350+ Congressional members talk to their own constituents. Why are you trying to project onto Trump when the Executive Branch had nothing to do with the electronic voting systems or dnc partisanship in question.

  9. The message sent by the USA is that we aren’t afraid of a balloon. Patience and restraint are characteristics of true strength.

    1. Lmao. That’s why Chairman Kim reportedly has ballistics and probably hypersonics that can reach U.S. soil…can’t detect a weather balloon, they can stop Russian and Chinese hypersonic missles? What a joke.

    2. @Andrew Smith I can’t post links, so search “Chinese spy balloon over the US: An aerospace expert explains how the balloons work and what they can see”

      From that article:
      “What types of surveillance are spy balloons capable of?

      “I don’t know what’s on this particular spy balloon, but it’s likely to be different kinds of cameras collecting different types of information.

      “These days, imaging is conducted across different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Humans see in a certain range of this spectrum, the visible spectrum. And so if you have a camera and you take a photograph of your dog, that’s a visible photograph. That’s one of the things spy aircraft do. They take regular photographs, although they have very good zoom capabilities to be able to magnify what they’re seeing quite a lot.

      “But you can also gather different kinds of information in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Another fairly well-known one is infrared. If it’s nighttime, a camera operating in the visible part of the spectrum is not going to show you anything. It’s all going to be dark. But an infrared camera can pick up things from heat in the dark.”

      Also, search YouTube: “Tapper asks Rubio about reported spy balloons during Trump admin.” and go to 3 min, 10 sec.

    1. Well who else is there ? Boebert is busy with her ATF weekends… Santos is playing for both teams in the Superbowl final, while refereeing the match and completing the next Space Walk….The Green Goblin is busy tracking down the $5.6 Billion sent to a single school for covid relief… Cruz is in Cancun until the spring thaw… Gaetz is busy screwing McCarthy of his last shred of dignity…

  10. “We know Chinese spy balloons exist, but our inflated orange murican blimp one is the bigly besterest…”– Marco Rubio😂

  11. Maybe because he’s commander-in-chief and that’s his call and he probably has top-secret information that you don’t have Mr. Rubio. Gotta love this Monday morning quarterbacking.

    1. @Bogus User Nope. The military doesn’t tell the intelligence 🤣 committee everything, especially since they were caught running information to Trump in the early months of his administration.

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