See what happens when wind chill hits -108 degrees on Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington Observatory in New Hampshire is used to extreme weather. But the 6,288 foot summit broke new US records for wind chill after the northeastern U.S. was hit with a dangerous cold snap. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. I’ve experienced -72 below zero working in Remote Gold Mine Camps in Northern Canada. Take one breath and it feels like your lungs are freezing together but this forget it they can keep it

  2. Well…that explains why the bumper stickers don’t say “this car climbed Mt.Washington in Winter”🥶

  3. I live in the county. It was horrid outside that day. Literally the worst cold I’ve ever experienced before. Surreal

  4. Isn’t such a freezing temperature instant death for a person . -108 F which is around -150 celcius don’t quote me on that which is the temperature on the surface of some of saturns moons ??

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