1. I hope you meant the MSM oppression and silencing the Trump’s supporters.. I hope you are aware enough of the Obama/Biden’s making deals with Iran which case a major problem in your country.. Your country is the 2nd largest oil reserve .. it literally floats on oil, yet, look how Iran is getting all the oil under the nose of your corrupt government.. Trump is the only president who know more about the Middle East.. Bush started the whole mess in Iraq.. That’s why the Bush’s and the Clinton’s spent over $900Mil together in negative adds to put him down in 2016 election

    2. Trump may be useful to you and your country, Israel, but for my country, Iraq is no different from those who came before him. Hostility to militias and Iran does not mean that Trump wants good for Iraq and does not think about the Iraqi people who have been destroyed by US policies against Iraq
      Then, Trump pardoned the Blackwater employees despite what they had committed against the Iraqis
      Despite everything. The American people do not deserve what happened to them because of Trump’s policies and incitement

    3. @INNews العراق partially disagree brother! .. At least Trump was the only one who who opposed going to Iraq and taking down saddam.. At least he knew Iran’s intentions of stealing the Iraqi oil so Iran can rebuilt their ancient dream “ The Persian Empire” .. Iran will never be a friend to any Arab country , never.. And that’s why Trump strengthen the Saudi’s military .. back then during 9/11 if Bush had asked us to help him get saddam and Osama we would have gotten him both alive without going into two wars and destroying the whole country..If Bush asked our help we would have flew few jets and figured out if saddam had nuclear weapons or not which he did not because remember back in 1981 how we terminated Saddam nuclear power in 1 strike? Anyway, You probably don’t live in the USA bc if you do you should know how BLM burned cities and looted merchandise, the way some of these losers harassed the business owners of the Middle Easterners in NYC after the 9/11..Take care my friend.. Nice chatting with you..
      PEACE and God bless you and God bless the ancestors of the people who built the Dynasty of Babylon

    4. I am not one of the people who believe that their interest is with Iran, and I am not one of those who believe that their interest is in submitting to some countries and making peace with them. I am a person who reads. I read the history of my country and realized that he was the master of the world and still destined to be the master of the world. This is what I will live and die for, and I will not disappoint my country’s history
      # God bless you I am pleased to talk to you

  1. The GOP chose their party and Trump over this country! That witness statement didn’t do any good! They should have had the guts to hold him accountable!


    2. @Barbara Owens You are SOOO cancelled by the far left! You are welcomed on your side after they chew you up and spit you out. 🙂

    1. @Adam Taylor Leftists incite insurrection every day of their lives and get away with it. So blatantly out there.
      NYT now releases that Capitol police did not die of blunt force trauma.. yet, they knew this prior to impeachment hearing.
      Suppress the truth is all big media knows

    2. @jvee bklyn Which wasn’t caused by the protesters. So your bad faith argument fails.

      That was caused by the looters and rioters. The criminals, thugs and right wing extremists that were causing damage and trying to use the protests as cover. You know, that thing that all the Democrats actually spoke out against because unlike Trump they’re not fucking traitors.

    3. You can think Trump wasn’t guilty of incitement, but it’s crazy to think Democrats were wrong to demand accountability.

      You can think Trump wasn’t guilty of extorting Ukraine, but it’s ridiculous to blame Democrats for demanding answers.

      You can think Trump wasn’t guilty of conspiring with Russia, but it’s absurd to say it was treason to investigate his potential role in a Russian attack on an election where he was the beneficiary, especially when he praised the attack and he and 16 of his people lied about their Russian contacts.


      This from the party that held 9 Benghazi hearings, probed and impeached Bill Clinton for a lie about his sex life, refused to accept an official decision about Hillary’s email probe in which no sensitive information was compromised, and mostly refused to accept the audited, recounted, 61 times litigated results of an election. This from the party that elected a Qanon supporter to Congress and largely refused to rebuke absurd, “deep state” conspiracy theories about every major agency plotting with one political party.

  2. Our human intuition is to hide our screw ups even though the best thing is to own up to them and fix them , but instead we make things worse by hiding them .

    1. And I reached my tiny unworthy detestable hand ever so frightfully and scarcely into the mind of God.
      And I perceived…Behold!
      A God whom cast forth a wonderful magnificence.
      Given her purple mountains majesty, made thy enemies a footstool, lifted up great arches of peace and glorious statues of liberty and abundantly bathed her streets in gold.
      And she conceived all manner of scorn, contempt, bitter deceitful hatred.

    2. Does nobody remember hospitals being overwhelmed in NYC? The military ship welcomed? The hard decision to force nursing homes to act as remote hospitals looks like a bad decision with hindsight, but California made the same decision. The real problem is the cover-up of subsequent numbers, NY should have owned that.

    3. why didnt you speak up when tump said he was over counting the numbers just to make him look bad. now you want to blame him because you said he under counted them?

  3. And so it was that later
    As the miller told his tale
    That her face, at first just ghostly
    Turned a whiter shade of pale

    1. The secret she was hiding
      Brought her so much shame
      He tried to coax it from her
      But she would not say her name

    2. @Robert Ray If music be the food of love
      Then laughter is its queen
      And likewise if behind is in front
      Then dirt in truth is clean

  4. “Indecent behavior is indecent, regardless of party.” Remember what you stand for, or Democrats become no better than the Republican party.

    1. @Talyn Edmonton Joe Biden is more racist than Trump. Have you listened to stuff he has said about blacks?

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman
      Are you on drugs ?
      The terrorist attack on OUR Capitol, is nothing ?
      Trump, doesn’t need ANY help, inorder to look bad
      Stimulus package, you should probably get the low ball amount, the Reps wanted to hand out, rather than the larger amount, Dems, fought for….right ?
      Best to give, some of thatTrump loyalty and fight, to your Country

    3. @Bryn Carlson The attack on the Capitol was terrible, but Trump didn’t incite it. He said to protest peacefully and patriotically, and condemned the riots during and after it happened. Also, the riots were pre-planned and started during Trump’s speech, not after. The Democrats used Trump’s words during his speech to try to prove that he incited the riots, when the riots were already planned out. Also, the FBI knew what was about to go down, but they didn’t do their job.
      Now, Trump’s rhetoric leading up was not good, but that does not mean that he incited the violence. Bernie Sanders said that Republicans were trying to kill you, and one of his supporters shot up a congressional baseball game. Obama bashed cops, and a few days later cops were shot and killed. That doesn’t mean they incited the violence, but their rhetoric was bad.
      Also, the Democrats had a huge stimulus plan that would not have helped the economy much. $600 was given to anybody making less than 150k and those who were still working. Many of those people stashed those checks in the bank which defeated the purpose of a stimulus checks because a lot of the handouts were not flowing through the economy, and therefore not stimulating the economy. The Republicans’ proposal, while cheaper, was more effective for the economy as it gave it to the people who really needed it, like in unemployment benefits. The people who really need the money would spend the money and therefore stimulate the economy.

  5. I love how Graham says during the insurrection hes done with trump but now hes gonna meet with him and says the MAGA movement must continue

    1. Moscow mitch said drump was to blame and then voted against the impeachment.
      The double speak and hypocritical BS is exhausting.

    2. @SkyGemini Exhausted is exactly their goal, we get so fed up with the flip flopping, arguing amongst ourselves on whatever each person thinks they heard to just not caring anymore so the takeover is a piece of cake🤨 Don’t fall for it folks unless you want to be a Peasant to Trump and his minions 🤨 it is tiring but we need to hang in there and pay very very close attention or we are done as a democracy 🤨🙏🏼☮️💖🇱🇷

    3. @slim jim87 It’s a homoerotic Southern tradition, like Tennessee Williams and Mardi Gras and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Who do you think House of Cards was based on (American production)?

  6. This also happened in Britain, right from the first wave. Residential homes were forced to take covid patience into their care, without any PPE. And it is still going on. The numbers we are given world wide are underestimated.

    1. I wouldn’t trust any death statistic coming out of nursing homes in the UK. Long before COVID, doctors were not required to attend and even cursorily examine the dead person in order to sign a death certificate, and would sign what they were told by the nursing home. Nursing homes and most care homes operated by national charities have long been grossly understaffed, and most local authorrities who contribute to their funding collude in this.

    2. wher was they going to send back to ? they came from homes and went back there where they were trained medical people for old people.

    3. @common since You will find that the number of trained medical staff on duty at any one time in UK Care Homes is minimal. Weekend and Night Cover in particular for vulnerable people is derisory, and one medically trained person might cover a whole home that is otherwise manned by unqualified staff. If agency cover is used then they have even less personal acquaintance with the clients. The Quality Care Commisssion has colluded in this situation for years, as have local funding authorities.

    4. @Christopher Seton-Smith and what about over run hospitals. so when you consider that and the time in question what else to do. and we are taking about millions involved

  7. ★・・・・・★ *”Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reasons.”* ★・・・・・★

    1. ​@Spearhand So now we know where the term brown-nose originated: politicians. All of them are ‘anal-retentive’, but this puts a new face on (or in) it.

  8. When you see someone doing wrong in your party, you hold him accountable. You don’t cover it up, you don’t sin in the eyes of God then dare to walk into church the next day. Doesn’t matter what party you are.

    1. why didnt you speak up when tump said he was over counting the numbers just to make him look bad. now you want to blame him because you said he under counted them?

    2. Refer to the recent NYTs article on true story of the Capitol police who died Jan 6th. Big media are very good suppressing the truth. There was no evidence of blunt force trauma whatsoever.. yet repeated and repeated by these liars. They only know how to report BEFORE investigations are completed. So happy Trumps lawyers made that clear at the trail. Maybe it will wake up some of the Democrats

    3. Churches are the worst hypocrites. Pastors lie as much as their lambs. If you are looking for truth, a church is NOT the place to go. If you want gossip and hatred then church is THE place to go. Jesus must be so proud.

  9. “Indecent behaviour is empirically indecent behavior… no matter of the party affiliation.” Well said Jake.

    1. @outdoor fun wt…what are you smoking? She was a DA. She was tough. What in the hell are you talking about?

    2. @Knight《☆》Bishop Actually, I merely asked a question that you choose not to answer. It’s OK. I understand why.
      Also, patting yourself on the back excessively can lead to rotator cuff problems as you age.

    3. @jvee bklyn I did answer, but it merely resulted in you ducking the point I made.
      See, if I didn’t know the context of Clinton’s misconduct, why did I compare it to Clarence Thomas? His wasn’t about perjury, but it was about sexual harassment of a staffer. These things are implicit with these cases. If you choose to argue semantics simply for someone wording something casually when we both know the context, that’s not my fault. You chose a different direction to go in when I was merely pointing out that the hypocrisy is bipartisan.
      Try to cut down on the salt, though, too much can be bad for your blood pressure.

    4. @Knight《☆》Bishop You’re right about hypocrisy on both sides (and my blood pressure), but my question was about why you deliberately misrepresented the impeachment count on Clinton. Yes, this is just a YouTube comment section, but I’ve heard it characterized that way in the so called news media so many times that it gets on my nerves even though it’s not nearly the sleaziest of his behavior.

    1. @Eric Pronto I have no clue what you consider “big words” English is more or less My third language, if you provide Me the list of the words you consider big, then I can help you further , I speak My truth and nothing else, and I am trying to convince everybody to take a deep breath.

    2. why didnt you speak up when tump said he was over counting the numbers just to make him look bad. now you want to blame him because you said he under counted them?

    1. @Nicole Marsh No Einstein my point is they spent a fraction of the time talking about this – which is an important story compared no Non- stop bashing of Trump. Essentially Cuomo is responsible for thousands of lives.

    2. why didnt you speak up when tump said he was over counting the numbers just to make him look bad. now you want to blame him because you said he under counted them?

  10. Cuomo had built up a lot of good will in the beginning of the pandemic, looks like he needs to take some responsibility for himself.

  11. “Nursing homes took in thousands of seniors with Covid”…. Boris Johnson over saw the same decisions & policy in the UK. Look where we are now.

    1. nursing homes sent out hundred of thousands of seniors with covid. and those with out life threating conditions where sent back home. which was nursing homes with medical trained staff. where was he surpose to send them? to your house?

    2. Most US states did the same having nursing homes with covid 19 positive people and those not yet infected, it’s about the cover-up of information, I think evidence of the same is likely to emerge in other states, So far only New York and Florida, I think there are more.

    3. This wasn’t a stupid decision it was a hard decision. The hospitals were already splitting down the seams and quite frankly nursing homes should of been able to isolate the patients in their rooms at the home. The nursing homes have an RN; they have the same qualifications as hospital ward nurse.

    4. @Thrill Me
      Yup. Makes perfect sense to me.
      Let’s infect people who aren’t infected just so they get sick, when they were totally healthy from day 1. 😠 👎
      I think something is stirring a *massive* pitcher of kool aid inside a witches cauldron, and *nobody* is fully aware what’s in it!
      *Truth!* 🧐
      Straight Incorporated Survivor
      April 1990 – November 1990
      War on Drugs Era
      “Just Say No”
      – Former First Lady Mrs Nancy Reagan
      But, sadly, nobody remembers that. 😪
      “Nothing to see here. Moving on.” – Officer Barbrady
      Quote from the cartoon:
      *”South Park”*

    5. @annoyed aussie so rep’s who said he over counted them last year just to hurt tump. and the rep’s who stopped counting them in flordia to help tump isnt talking about florida. so the deaths dont matter to the news its just getting ratings.

  12. Why are we just talking about this and not when this was an on going thing?

    Oh right trump was in presidency. But now that Biden’s in you can afford to critique yourselves

    1. When you’re in the bread line caused by the Democrats let me know who is rotten to the core. Gas prices rising 28% is just the start!

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