Tapper: Mike Pence is no longer in a rational world 1

Tapper: Mike Pence is no longer in a rational world


CNN's Jake Tapper blasts former Vice President Mike Pence for saying he and Donald Trump don't "see eye-to-eye" on the January 6 Capitol insurrection, during which rioters chanted "Hang Mike Pence."
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  1. Never let theses so called public servants who now bow to one man destroy this country. We can not let it happen … No matter what side your views are on know this time in history can and will go down as the beginning of the downfall of this country if we let it happen.

  2. The most telling thing about pence,s sorry speech. Is that nobody clapped when he said they returned and did their duty

    1. @Billy H.Gunn it was both parties that returned, and sorry you get the point, being a republican instead of an American is the point, and you fit the bill

    2. @Cannabis Dreams trump had the worse economy in modern history, and his mishandling of covid killed 500,000

    1. The Republicans are for The wealthy and Corparations period and they will do anything to keep that going

    2. That’s why trump had pence as his v.p. so he would get his Evangelical crazies to support his lead CRAZY boss!

    3. @Jillian Fehring
      Pence isn’t needed anymore now that the evangelicals are on board Cult 45’s TrumpTrain.

  3. Was Mike Pence ever operating or living in a rational world? I must’ve missed something.

    1. dence was too busy lovingly gazing at trumpapotomus as he daydreamed about having his babies and being a potted plant when Pelosi and Schumer were trying to keep the government open while donnerhea was crying “I must has wall as a monument to me or I will shut down the country!”
      4 years of the theater of the absurd and unhinged.

    2. Ahhh young Skywalker TDS is strong in these liberal sheep, Master Yoda there is no saving these deranged tools of the left….This i fear is the truth young one.

    3. He’s very cold and rational about making sure that the pollution from the coal fueled plants he takes bribes from lands on people whose votes he doesn’t care about. Kind of cuts to the heart of all his moral grandstanding. “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

  4. “I don’t know if we’ll ever see eye to eye on that day.” You know, the day Trump enlisted a mob to kill me. SMH, Pence. Grow a pair.

    1. @TheShakyStaircase Personally buddy I can’t blame anybody for hating cops. I’m white and I hate cops! The vast majority of people who become cops are not the most intelligent people in the world. If they were they would be doing something else for a living. The vast majority become cops because it suits their narcissistic tendencies. That being said they do a very dangerous job. Being a cop in a country that has more guns than people is by definition crazy! Being a cop and supporting the Republican party when they have stood opposed to common sense gun reform for decades is by definition stupid!

    2. @white deion he died from strokes – no doubt brought on from the stress brought on from dealing with home-grown insurgents and terrorists. I bet he’d be alive today if it wasn’t for treason weasel trump trying to [illegally] remain in power. But, what the hell; they were just overzealous tourists that got lost during their search for the Capital Hill gift shop.

    3. @Mike Cooper In June of last year that was BLM there trying to storm the Capitol. They also tried to burn down a historic church.

  5. Imagine if Hillary supporters stormed the Capitol. Would the GOP demand an independent commission to investigate the insurrection then?

    1. If the FBI had tracked a bunch of HRC campaign workers contacting the Russians, and the Russians overtly helping Clinton’s election, you can bet the GOP would want the FBI to look closely into it.

    2. Well they kind of are doing it in all the cities in the last year or so with blm and antifa.

  6. This world left rational the moment social media came into existence. Dudes be saying the first thing that comes to their minds and passing it off as “Fax” Pence just catching up with the trend.

  7. Both sides see each other as the enemy. As Nazis. That’s not going to change any time soon. Unfortunately

  8. “I don’t think we will ever see eye to eye on that day”. He tried to have you killed lol

    1. @Danielle Calderon but not even Pence’s brother – who didn’t vote to investigate the 6th!

  9. “We’ve spoken many times” No you haven’t. He speaks to you, and you listen. That’s your role. He needed a “Running mate” that would live in his shadow.

    1. @brown sugar 2 y’all better get more obsessed then, because it didn’t work this time.

      Oh wait it didn’t work because it was “stolen” lol.

    2. @brown sugar 2 but the guy later left the kkk and became a civil rights advocate. It wasn’t easy for him, but it was impressive that he was able to leave the cult

    3. @brown sugar 2 Lol you’re saying Biden, a guy constantly criticized by your side of the fence for being ridiculously senile, somehow rigged a presidential election?

      Let’s pretend that’s true for a second: If a senile old-man “cheated” his way thru the white house, the electoral college AND right wing Americans, what does that say about you?

      By your own logic you were cheated by the mentally disabled.

    4. @Sweet Hard-Biceps You forgot to mention the nonsensical claim that the mob who murderously smashed their way into the Capitol building were all Democrats and Antifa etc etc (rather than largely a mob of fat, scruffy men in straggly beards and cosplay Look Mommy I’m A Soldier Too! clothes) Buuuuuuut for some reason the Republicans and Fox News etc are doing their utter damndest to block any investigation of their arch rivals Because… beeeecauuusssssse….. hmmmmm………… Squirrel!

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