Tapper presses GOP governor on policies for transgender students

CNN anchor Jake Tapper questions Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) on his state’s policies affecting transgender students, discusses his support for a 15-week abortion ban and discusses his support for Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. #CNN #News


  1. Whoever is reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  2. He used the phrase “let me back up…” every time he wanted to avoid directly answering a tough question. Then he spoke something different than the specific question asked. That was superbly executed political dodging!

    1. You mean like Virginia’s last democrat governor couldn’t remember whether he was the one in the KKK hood or black face? So which was it?

    2. He has to appeal to people who think that there are tens of thousands of genders and that infanticide is beautiful, what’d you expect

    3. @Nomen Clature Probably both. That dude was pure trash from what I recall. Idk much about this new Governor but the question dodging execution in this particular video was superb. This guy’s a true American politician

  3. i live in virginia and i feel that governors can only serve one term then can hold that office after one term has passed , is a double edged sword. on one hand if the one in office is bad for the state it’s good they only get 4 years to do damage. on the other hand if the one in office is held by a person who is doing the job for all the citizens in the state. he talks about election security , but he should be asked of the few cases of voter illegalities , how many were repubelican and how were those cases prosecuted.

  4. If forced birthers genuinely believed a zygote or a fetus was a “baby” and that abortion is the “murder” of that “baby” then they would belive it’s a “baby” whether it’s the product of rape or incest or not. And yet many of them like to trot out this exception for rape and incest because deep down they realize just how monstrous their opinions on the subject actually are in practice, and they don’t actually believe a fetus or zygote is a “baby” they believe pregnancy is a punishment for women not adhering to the forced birthers rather infantile views on sex.

  5. If Youngkin agrees that common sense should be the prevailing policy, why is he trying to add government restrictions? If it really is common sense, you don’t need the laws.

  6. He’s saying that parents should be in charge of their kids and their education. But he’s taking the decision of whether or not to allow non-cis students to compete according to their identity out of the hands of the parents and school boards.

    I get it’s a complicated issue. I personally see both sides of the argument. But shouldn’t it be up to the school boards and the student athletic divisions to choose their own policies. What if everybody in a school district is ok w letting a trans woman compete w woman? Wouldn’t the governor be taking that say away from them by not allowing them to include this women in w cis women competition?

    GOP always talks about small government. But they are no longer the party of small government. They are the culture war party of draconian laws that enforce their societal beliefs on everybody else.

    This complicated issue should be a decision for school boards.

    I always thought competition should be split by sex not by gender. Aka trans women compete with cis men etc. This issue balances two issues: 1) competition 2) inclusivity for non cis people. Choosing one, for the most part, comes at the expense of the other. So there seems no perfect solution.

    I personally put competition over inclusivity. But I’m just a person. I also don’t have any non cis children and don’t know any, so this issue is abstract for me, but it isn’t for other people. Maybe there is a school district where most of the parents feel differently. If that’s the case then they shouldn’t be beholden to the subjective opinions of a governor, a legislature, or anybody else.

  7. He needed to be asked if he would support Trump if he were the nominee for the Republican Party in 2024.

  8. With Younkin continually ‘stepping back’; it’s surprising that he was still in the room by the end of the interview?! God bless and stop the madness.

  9. Are we just going to let go his claim that there are people who are advocating for free abortions all the way up to birth?

  10. He says ‘back up’ several times and then says ‘ we need to look forward not backwards’. A bunch of nothing. Of course he’d sign a 6 week abortion ban. Overturning Roe is one of the most backward moves ever made in the US. There is no ‘forward’ in the current GOP base. I’m convinced there never was.

  11. Jake Tapper is right. Youngkin wants to exclude parental rights among transgender youth. Youngkin never once has talked to parents or children who consider themselves transgender. Youngkin is bad for Virginia.

    Let’s be clear, Youngkin is lying. He passed a mandate on the schools to dismiss their names and force them to go by their birth certificate. He wrote and signed it. He owns it. No deflecting Mr Youngkin. It’s your fault and we blame you 100% for failing here.

  12. American politicians should be far more scrutinised and have proper challenges put to them by journalists. Stop them letting their bullshit talking points out and interrupt, insist on an answer and cut them off if they are just using your platform as a stump speech!

  13. “we respect and uphold the beliefs of SOME OF the parents.
    RATHER THAN all of the students’ rights.”

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