1. Transparency would be allowing the same amount of cameras in both chambers that were there during the election of the speaker of the house.

    1. @John Patrick
      Sounds good.
      Then billionaires would be paying millions instead of $750, or ZERO some years, and getting a friggin’ 5 MILLION back!🤦‍♀️

    2. @L. Diaz They would still find write-offs.
      We all take advantage of every single write-off and loophole we can.
      Why do we expect billionaires and millionaires to do any less?

    3. @John Patrick
      There are no loopholes for the working class.
      And I’m sorry, but giving a billionaire a 5 MILLION dollar rebate as he pays ZERO in taxes is disgusting.

    4. @John Patrick Look up the “Fair Tax” by Neal Boortz and Herman Cain. The more one spends/shops, the more tax they pay. It would almost eliminate the IRS.

  2. Incredible! When pressed to answer the question, he’s weaving left and right and dodging as much as he can. I don’t know but my book that’s slimy.

    1. It is transparent. It is what it is. Many people are saying how transparent the Republicans are being. Transparency is great. We will be transparent. Everyone will see that.
      Blah blah blah.

    2. @B GO  like how much of the 100 billion US taxpayers dollars ever reach the Ukraine .. and that’s just the beginning

  3. The IRS follows the rules. The low handing fruit could be auditing one rich person recovering a larger amount of money at once. But this just gives rich people a pass.

    1. @Zach Braxton
      IRS needs money in order to do the audits that recover the taxes that wealthy people aren’t paying.
      Take away the money, and you take away the audits and therefore you take away government revenue that would have more than offset the IRS spending.

    2. @Zach Braxton Trump defunded the IRS to protect himself and his rich friends. There’s a huge amount of tax that is not collected in America because the IRS doesn’t have the resources to properly investigate the very rich. Before Trump gutted the IRS 20% of the rich were audited, now it’s down to around 3%. The rich employ lawyers and accountants, and lie about their income and assets. Without sufficient resources of properly trained, experienced IRS investigators these rich people evade paying their taxes. Just think about that.

  4. This guy exemplifies that old joke, “How do you know if a politician is lying? His lips are moving.”

    1. @Jacko Alltrades As well as their donors and of course the big boy on the block – good old RUMPY – the people’s horses a$$!

    2. Mike Johnson is very good at serving a word salad covered in the GOP’s own dressing renown for it’s unique taste of insurrection.

    3. I never thought I’d see Americans defend the government when they make an army of IRS agents to go after the people.

  5. ” it will be written down…at the appropriate time…” SOUNDS like Trump saying he’ll release his taxes when its the appropriate time LOL

    1. @Morgan Stevens Biden already has released his taxes –over 20 years worth in total, AND he’s sent the last 2 years into the IRS department that does the required audits on the president’s returns. You may not be aware of the latter statement since trump didn’t do it, even though it’s required by federal law.

  6. Transparency would be every single elected official releasing all of their text messages concerning January 6th

  7. Show us the money. I want to know how much of our country and democracy Kevin McCarthy sold to the circus.

    1. @Alutious These guys come up with anything in the creation of language to justify their aims; the verbal gymnastics are mindboggling!!!

    2. So essentially, they are pro law and under and funding for anyone who investigates and arrest the middle class and poor. They want to defund anyone that investigates and arrest the rich. What’s that, the FBI and the IRS are investigating and arresting rich people, we best go put a stop to that?

    3. That must be some small after hours group that orders pizza & beer and watches “Law and Order: SVU” together.

    4. They needed some order the last night of the speaker vote. I thought Gaetz was going to get his punchable face punched.

  8. Good job holding his feet to the 🔥. Disingenuous is giving this guy huuuuuge leniency.
    He says “law & order.” Tapper not busting out laughing. Is a testament to his professionalism. I would be lost it

    1. I know. How many of them at the last count want to defund the FBI? And Jim Jordan refused to comply with a lawful subpoena!

  9. Johnson is the epitome of what people hate about politicians. He can’t give a straight answer to save his life.

  10. Credit where it’s due, fantastic journalistic work by Jake not letting misrepresentations of the truth slide without pushback.

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