1. The LEAST Dominion could have done is forced Fox to make a formal and VERY public correction/apology for all the damage they’ve caused. This was a very weak position taken by Dominion.

    1. @A Nonimus Wasn’t the point of the defamation action that their business was affected? So shouldn’t an acknowledgment of the lies told be paramount?

    2. ​@Alexandra Zepeda you realize it was fox commentators and Murdoch himself who didn’t want to go to trial. The fact that they waited until after discovery helped a lot of people who aren’t completely delusional to realize how much they were knowingly lying.

    1. They’ve done even better. Those who were convinced they were damaged, now believe it’s a simple payoff with no strings attached and that there’s something fishy underneath. So now more people distrust them. Indeed a good job. πŸ‘β€

  2. The CEO almost makes you feel sorry that they won. He slithered out of the question Jake kept getting at: why not make FOX make it right to the people that most beleived the lie and apologize on air? If Dominion is fine with getting fucked for $700M, who are we to judge. But this was truly disappointing.

  3. Just another case of the weathly not being held accountable. Just pay a fine and move along with no consequences. Notice how hard it is in this country to actually punish the rich. No justice, just a payoff. This CEO is unbelievable. Way to cave, but hey, he did get a nice bit of money. So disappointed in this country’s entire judicial system.

    1. The wealthy as in, the corporation?? You do understand the CEO himself wasn’t suing Fox, right? Your entire argument is completely misplaced.

  4. This is maddening! I wanted them to MAKE the β€œfox news” psychos admit the truth on the stand!

  5. I haven’t seen Jake in an interview like this in quite a while where he actually presses, and asks the follow up questions we all want answers to. Bravo Jake! I might actually start tuning into him again.

  6. And that is the whole point – Fox viewers trust the network and the absence of a retraction and apology to their viewers just perpetuates the lies.

    1. Just watch them, now, today, they are continuing on with other stories only. This time they will leave no paper trails,..

  7. When John Poulos says he has six other cases upcoming that will go to trial, he means that they have leverage on six other cases that will force them to settle without going to court.

  8. Most disappointing that Faux did not have to come clean with their viewers, as part of the settlement. Hopefully, Smartmatic and the other cases WILL go to trial. The lid needs to be blown off Faux.

    1. CNN has never come clean on:
      -Russian collusion
      -Nick Sandman
      -Jussie Smollet MAGA attack. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Thank you Jake for pushing him.
    Fox should have been required to apologize in print and on their poor excuse of a channel.

    1. I also liked when he asked him if his lower employees were going to get some of that money. Sticking up for the little guys 😁😊☺️

  10. The CEO seemed actually taken aback when asked if the ground level, threatened, traumatized employees will share in the largesse. It’s as if this was something that never occurred to him. His testimony was so insincere. All PR crap. It never occurred to him that FOX viewers were the ones who actually needed to hear the truth?

    1. Well, if Fox had damaged Dominion badly enough, that they went belly up, or had to lay off a lot of employees, the underlings would have suffered. Keeping their jobs, without a pay cut, is a reward in itself.

    2. He had to fall back on some employees being shareholders (and him, presumably, being one as CEO). And those threatened who weren’t shareholders? Perhaps there weren’t any at the lower levels – secretaries, clerical staff, I.T. and so on – but he did appear caught off-guard by Tapper’s question.

      John Poulos’ definition of “accountability” is thus what Dominion can count – money. Financial compensation IS what such civil suits are for, but monetary awards/settlements don’t preclude public acknowledgements of wrong-doing and admissions of blame as well … except as the plaintiff might forego them for other reasons. It’s a cinch that Tapper’s scenario occurred. FOX and Dominion established the cost of such preclusion and FOX paid it. This is clean-up.

    3. The CEO’s tripe about settling out of court to ease the trauma of Dominion employees makes no sense. If their trauma is or was being caused by threats from Trumpers, those threats aren’t going to cease without FOX coming clean to the Trumpers who watch FOX.

  11. As much as I hate that Fox didn’t have to publicly apologize, and admit to lying to their viewers, I love how much Jake made the Dominion CEO squirm. Jake did an excellent job of asking the right questions.

    1. @Deborah Freedman “The CEO has a fiduciary duty to his shareholders. He isn’t a civil rights activist.”

      He does have an obligation to protect and compensate his employees, as Tapper implied. There’s no guarantee that whatever shares the employees hold in the company will increase in value. So they may not be compensated in any way. So the CEO’s implication that the money from the settlement will trickle down to those employees is dubious, to say the least. And it echoes almost to the word what Dominion’s lead lawyer said in response to the same question in a separate interview. They’ve obviously worked to get their stories straight.

      Call me a cynic, but it makes me suspect that the Dominion lawyers decided to take the sure windfall rather than going to trial and risking it all.

  12. The biggest problem is that we all expected Dominion to be the police of Truth with this lawsuit. They shouldn’t have to be the police of Truth and that’s where we need laws to penalize corporations for lying to the public. As far as Fox still lying that should have been something that the judge should have added if that was possible.

    1. The problem is, there are no laws nor a majority in the senate, to actually hold the justice system up to date or adequate,..

    2. You are πŸ’―πŸ”₯right my friend! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ€£

  13. The CEO missed the only, small but only, reasonable response to Jake’s question about not making Fox apologize. He could have pointed out that Fox viewers would not have believed it anyway. They will not believe it. They will twist themselves into logic pretzels not to believe it. Watch Jordan Klepper. But it is obvious that did not cross any of their minds or he would have used it. It is also obvious that the thought of including their traumatized employees in the windfall never crossed their minds.

  14. Thank you Jake, for actually pressing the question. I’ve seen 2 other interviews with 2 people labeled as lead counsel for Dominion, a female and a male. Those interviews left me disappointed because the interviewers didn’t keep pressing the question, they just glossed over the song and dance those “lead counsel” gave.

  15. For FOX viewers, this settlement represents a win for FOX. Dominion had the ball in their court, and they dropped the ball solely for their own financial gain

    1. Yep. They said they sued them because they were hurt. Hurt by the lies. Yet, they weren’t interested in the correction. The truth. Just the money.

  16. Thank you Jake Tapper for asking the question that was on all of our minds. The only people that needed to hear this are the people that are now not going to hear this. Dominion passed up a chance to restore faith in democracy.

    1. @Lerian V I think most people are aware of that but a choice could have still been made. Thanks anyway though.

    2. @1inchPunchBowl And it could have cost Dominion hundreds of millions of dollars because there was no guarantee that a jury would have awarded them $787million. Would you pass up a few hundred million dollars to “restore faith in democracy?” Hell no you wouldn’t.

  17. Sickening, maddening, and nauseatingly sobering that if you have enough money in this upside-down country, you can do whatever you want and never really be held accountable.

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