Taxi Operators Protest | Jamaica’s Hospitals Buckling | TVJ Midday News – Jan 17 2022

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  1. Who must die die who live live everyone now have a serious responsiblity ..may god have mercy on us all

    1. The deaths occurred between April 3 2021 and January 15 2022 and are only just now being reported. Go the the Ministry of Health site to get the full information.

    1. Exactly this is really ridiculous why can’t they let the kids continue online class for some more months not saying we really want our kids out of school so long but it’s safer home because they’re more exposed mixing with the different people

  2. This Chang gentleman and the commissioner is absolutely laughable. It’s worrisome how nanchalant they look in these interviews.

  3. You don’t treat the health care workers with any degree of respect or significance. Provide proper PPE gears and pay the workers when they work! I don’t blame the nurses or doctors. Take care of yourselves and family first!!!!

  4. We need death penalty back in Jamaica and it need to speed up and we need more camera every were out there

  5. Politician and the people at the parish council should be laying in the pothole so you can drive freely you think me honor any politician for what and why

  6. I see a lots of idiots with license firearm who shouldn’t even think about getting a license firearm you have people within the system who know this person do not qualify to have a license firearm because of few extra dollars on the side this type of situation should deal with urgency I guess we cannot sleep with our doors open anymore

  7. Criminals who choose to take people life must not get any form of human rights. Do you remember how Adams treat them, that is what is needed. Kmdt

    1. Exactly πŸ’―%. Yet still, the Government is letting Human Wrong Council tell them what to do. Human Wrong Council never come out in support of the innocent victims who are getting killed everyday in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡². The Police is a wussy. What about the Jamaican Citizens rights? That man Tufton needs to go. He’s actually laughing. He needs to take care of the Doctors and Nurses.

  8. So so sorry for the little boy and him family πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ™ may God be with them. Rip sweet boy. Gone way to soon. Him hole life a head. Him was just starting and now him rub out so cruel 😒 πŸ˜” my heart is so sad

  9. Those are not potholes. They are man holes πŸ•³. My God, where are the MP, for those areas? That’s what people needs to demonstrate for, and not when Police Officers killed the old dutty gunmen. Jamaicans need to get their priorities straight.

  10. Minister of Insecurities, Mr Chang, needs to go. Why is he still in this position? He is totally oblivious to the slaughter of the innocent victims in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡². This friendship Politics needs to go. He’s not qualified for the job.

  11. I believe the reason why the cases climb so much is because the government stated that if person stay at home during quarantine it is note as a sick leave without pay and that’s not fair and that’s the reason why the cases will continue to grow because nobody can’t afford to stay at home knowing they won’t get paid and nobody can’t afford to loose a dollar these days especially in Jamaica

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