Reneto Adams | TVJ Profile Interview – Jan 16 2022

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    1. I wouldn’t agree with you. At one time not even the commissioner could talk to him because of politics πŸ™„

  1. One of the best police officers Jamaica have ever seen! Bring him back to help clean up the mess and lead the the police force for the betterment of Jamaica.

    1. Lol obviously you about 9 days old..
      Adams spent over 30yrs in the force and neva made a dent in crime. In fact, klans man gang, with Bulbi as the leader, became popular while Adams was a TOP COP

    2. Eric McLeod, they will not bring him back because the Politicians know that he is going to find out their dirty deeds.

    1. That’s right. He wasn’t for the corruption. His practices may have been controversial however he was able to rid the communities of criminal activity.

    1. Self serve!!!
      You couldn’t have drawn a better parallel.
      One up hold the law and one broke the law what a Shame!
      How clear is the level of corruption πŸ€”

  2. I use to live near to a police station I won’t say where and every morning I got up early to watch Mr Adam’s and his hundred men getting ready for war my mother adore him he was a very nice man but not friendly when it comes to his job his hundred men never no where he’s going he was a real leader he was always a head of his crew well done Mr Adam don’t matter what some people might say you have done excellent πŸ’™

    1. Simply the best, so far there is no other who can clean up crime the way he did. He had his ways and means of doing his job. It was a job well done.

    2. Facts he was my mom friend too and I use to run out side to look when him and is 100 man squad rolling out he was so unique and squad was reall uniformed and tactical πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

    3. Couldn’t have said it better family πŸ‘
      Him drive fear in so call badman!!! πŸ‘¨
      Salute him in every aspect!!!

  3. Bring back Mr Adams in the force if it’s not even commissioner but let him get a squad that tackles crime he told us Jamaica will pay dearly and it coming to pass where’s the human rights people when a gun man kills children and women and even the innocent men come on Mr Prime Minister you want a next term bring back Adams

  4. He is definitely the right person to be minister of security and will be the first minister of security to be on the street fighting crime

  5. Until the day I die I will always preach this if this man was the head of the JCF we wouldn’t be having this crime problem in Jamaica I work with this man n believe me he is NO joke a real leader a policeman who drive fair in any so call bad corner boy we need a policeman like him Mr holness please put your pride aside n let the citizens of Jamaica home n abroad can be in peace for once please if you love n care about us Jamaican

    1. Sir Green you’ve said it so clear πŸ‘Œ
      I worked with him also, very stern whilst on duty!!!
      Not dropping no catch.

  6. The best oh I miss him if they weren’t playing politics with getting a great commissioner of police he would be and I don’t think Jamaica would be in such mess right now where crime is concern thank you for your service Mr Reneto Adams

  7. Reneto Adams!!!! I used to love seeing this man when I was a child!!! He was NO Nonsense! He was about law and order! What Jamaica needs right now!!!! And he looks GREAT FOR 73!!!

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