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  1. Covid sister this? Is it back to online classes like how we kids them can’t go to school? Or will Mr. Primeminister provide transport for them?

  2. Bwoy this man is delusional and part of the problem. How can you say it is ok for a man with 807 tickets should still be able to operate a public passenger vehicle? Sad sad sad how we view public order in Jamaica…

  3. He’s right about the child seat law and “operating contrary to the terms of issued road license” sounds pretty vague but the government cannot back down on ticket fines. Errant drivers should feel financial pain for endangering and infuriating the rest of us on a daily basis. Just like murder and financial fraud, bad driving is a form of antisocial behavior. Persistently errant drivers deserve to have their licenses revoked. Many of us go for decades without being ticketed because we drive responsibly.

    Regarding flaws in the ticketing system, have these taxi drivers (and their gunman and financial fraudster close cousins) ever considered that the reason why the ticketing system rollout has not gone well is because most of the people capable of a smooth rollout migrated? Have they ever considered that antisocial behavior like their bad driving is a contributing factor to brain drain? People migrate for better lives. The low tolerance for crime, corruption, fraud and public disorder in other countries improves quality of life. Reckless drivers need to be punished and removed from the road so the rest of us can live in peace and more of our smartest people can stay here.

    1. Idiot holeness a yuh family,and The same law exempt From The jutc bus in dam scammer and tief crime cyaa stop mek him enjoy him last ruling wi a vote him out all Jamaican again yuh family unu and him enjoy The 5min a fame

    2. @killy don I’ve never me Mr. Holness or even been in the same room as him. He is not a relative. Also, voting him out won’t repeal the enhanced Road Traffic Act penalties. Both sides support enhanced penalties because most Jamaicans support it. We’ve had it with the bus and taxi driver road bullies.

  4. Listen I a driver so I have concern just the same I really think that all we as Jamaicans citizens must try to get ourselves out of the country that is the only way that we can come to something Jamaica is not for Jamaican just looked how they treat the tourist

  5. Lack of communication, everyone does not think alike. Things need to break down in every language.
    Meaning base on how a person thinks.

  6. It doesn’t mean that the person is slow it means that we are all created differently and we process information differently, so take it easy and help the people who does not understand what is being done or said

  7. They are jumping the curb because they need to get as many passengers as they can each day so that they meet their quota. Greed breeds indiscipline!

  8. Mr Newman is blind to taxi operators problems the association is there to help why can’t association sit with authorities ?

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