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    1. Everyday is the same set of tax payers everbody hold at ransom, if they want to strike let them go ahead and the pickney them stay home, I hope those who decided to strike they don’t get paid. Everybody a put them basket weh dem hands can’t reach it kmt.

    2. ​@Pamela Mcpherson we worked and didn’t get paid therefore we are going to strike. Stay home and sleep in our nice clean bed. No stress with those unruly kids. 😂

  1. They are striking against their own Government workers. Holding the kids who are already behind at ransom. Let’s hope those who stay out are not paid

    1. Working one month without paid, you guys are selfish. Teachers are human beings not robots without feelings. We are to put the kids needs in front of ours. Not anymore, let the parents who are bashing teacher pay private tutors to teach their kids.
      Teachers have mortgage and other bills to pay and mouth to feed. We need our money. I worked for it

    2. @C-Money It’s the body that prepares your salary that you need to take it up with. The Finance Minister already said signing closer towards the deadline would cause problems. Well, here you go. Blame your union folks

    3. @Lance Thompson What we are to sign to the first offer or anything that is thrown at us. All teachers need to quite and people like you stay home and teach your kids or grandchildren if you have any. Remember to reach we you are a teacher taught you. Ungrateful people 😒. Always blaming and looking down at teacher, every career path starts with a teacher. If we are strike I will stay home and sleep. Thank God teaching is not my only source of income and my two sons are highly educated. I can quite now but my colleagues I am standing with them.

  2. And all the bad treatment y’ll get as election comes around you’ll vote back in the same people.

  3. So sad for the teachers and Condrew coming with his brast chip to track tbe lawfully.. Cause his criminals he will not get the chance to tracked 😢😢

  4. We are striking indeed. We worked for a month and not being paid is a disrespect. I am very disgruntled as a teacher.

    1. Am sure you are qualified to work in the private sector. So don’t allow your discontent to factor into lower performance standards relative to those kids. Exercise the option. Even migrate if you want to.

    2. Remember your union signed late wait because if the payment is short it will be a big problem so couple days or a week is not going to hurt.The 25th of the month just went by.

  5. Treat the teachers right. They do go the extra mile to do a good job to get the best out of their students. I do know because I have been there

  6. Ineptitude on a grand scale. The fact that this type of ‘non payment of money owed’ event occurs so often points to the fact that the government and its departments are not fit for purpose. They are of less use than a chocolate teapot. Education takes top spot,

  7. Any profession we all have we cant get it without teachers give the teachers there money they work very hard for it they play a lot of roles for both parents to kids and to. Teach them every single day. Have a heart government and pay the people them there money rubbish kmt

  8. Why cant they wait for their monies. One late pay will not any loan agency take back stuff. You guys sign late what you expect. Delays had to happen. Not even march 31 yet.

  9. A wah happen to dah criminal government yah Mon chu 🤬 how mi neva hear seh fi dem pay late yet mi just tiad a di disrespect yuh noh

  10. This is not going to affect credit rating or reposition of things. JTA signed the contract late so the pay will be late. TEACHERS be patient, because they have to do additional calculations for the increase and retro pay. “”PATIENCE is GOLDEN!!

  11. Warn for what?? Don’t stop strike teachers. Repent ye nations 🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖

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