Ted Cruz’s Tweets Have ‘Aged Like Milk In The Cancun Sun’

“These Republicans who were so eager to jump all over California for their energy problems—are now doing these kind of gimmicks as the people in their own state suffer,” says Chris Hayes of Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Dan Crenshaw. 
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    1. Those ARE his family values.

      He’d eat his first born on live TV and sacrifice the rest ritualistically if it gained him the White House.

  1. This is a man who let another man call his wife ugly and then turns around and kisses that same man anywhere he tells him to. Enough said.

  2. I thought Raphael Cruz was all over California for their electric grid. Wow, Texas power grid is in shambles!

  3. “fighting against windmills” – is there a better summary for our clueless conservative contemporaries?

    1. @Stephen Hatt Thanks for caring, Canada! I mean that sincerely. Do you watch Stephan Colbert? His humor has helped me greatly during these trying times.

    1. @Jhon Shmit That’s true, they don’t either. They’re just not as incompetent and upfront about it. They’re incompetent in other ways, though.

      It’s unbelievable to me how much power you give your politicians and how little you hold them to account. Unless you’re independent you vote along party lines almost all the time instead of on the issues. Sometimes on a single issue even if all the other issues are completely terrible. How many issues could Republican constituents really agree with e.g. Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham on? Abortion and the supreme court? What about all the hundred additional issues where you vehemently disagree? Not a word because FOX News won’t talk about it Completely baffling.

  4. Ted Cruz’s beard is half Trump and half McConnell’s pubes.
    One eye Willy’s “action movie” is cringe af.
    Ted and Crenshaw should focus on problems and politics over propaganda.

  5. Texas politicians are offering solutions to societal problems, like saluting the flag and avoiding discussion of their power grid issues.

  6. Ted Cruz aged like a man afraid to defend his wife and mother of his young daughters from Trump.

    1. Carlos, Do you condemn Biden for using the N WORD several times? Ok yeah little Racist BOY Blue!!!

    1. @Debra Kleid He sexually assaulted the flag, but when you’re a big star, they let you do anything…

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