NYT: Trump CFO’s Personal Tax Returns Obtained By Prosecutors

The New York Times reports that prosecutors now appear to have the tax returns of Trump's main money man, Allen Weisselberg—and they could be close to charging him.
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  1. The irony of the millions of Donald Trump fans screaming “lock him”,” up lock him” up and never realizing that that only seems to pertain to the most corrupt presidential Administration in history and including the former president who may just will be….. Locked up himself! Now that’s poetic Irony!

    1. @Just Saying
      They’ve said both her & him.
      They say it about a lot of people.
      I don’t think they know how the legal and judicial system works.

    1. The stupidest most corrupt clan to be caught in the U.S. If Rump didn’t constantly crave attention and power over people/become the POTUS, he would never have been widely investigated. He is too stupid also to keep his mouth shut.

    2. @HTSGOSU the claim was ” most corrupt in the world”
      troll/maga/ or whatever your cognitive bias is , asking for evidence for an extraordinary claim is perfectly acceptable.
      Refusal or inability to provide that evidence however gives the impression of regurgitating sound bites without any thought behind it.

      People’s political affiliation/ net behaviour/ country of origin has no bearing on the truth of a matter.
      It is either true or it isn’t.

      I’m sure you would agree that accurate communication leads to better discourse and less misinformation/disinformation.

    3. @Scott Baxendale You spelled it wrong. Rump’s are not the mafia. Clan: ‘a group of people with a strong common interest.’

    1. @Will Ulik Miyas Stranger things have happened. 🤷‍♀️People never thought Al Capone would finally be convicted, via taxes. People never thought Nixon would be forced to resign, until the “smoking gun tapes”. People thought for decades & decades nothing like the 13th or 19th amendments would pass. We thought the war in Afghanistan might drag on another 20 years. Those people were not irrational, but they were wrong. 🤞

    1. We already know they did…He undervalued everything to avoid paying taxes, and overvalued everything for bank loans etc…he’s clearly looking at: Tax fraud, Bank fraud, Insurance fraud, and Money laundering….Can you say : RICO?

    2. He’s been with Trump for decades. Meaning he’s in bed with the Trump family for cooking the books with many bankruptcies too. As a Financial Analyst by profession, I’ll definitely wager there is so much more behind this story.

  2. If only the MAGAS and QS realized TRUMP’s only concerned is GRIFTING as much money as possible and avoiding any legal consequences for his diabolical abuse of power and blatant corruption!

    1. They’re too hypnotized by his lies and hate for the same people that they hate to care about reality and the truth.

    2. Yes— if only. How to deprogram those folks is a real issue so dont hold your breath. They are all too close to the red kool aid.

    3. @Jay Whoo True that. What most do not realize, these MAGA have been being brainwashed and groomed for “Trumpism” or Corporate Fascism which eve you prefer, for 4 decades. Started with Reagan and trickle down. Welp, here we are.

  3. Does Weisselberg really think trump is going to save him if he doesn’t talk? Delusional.

    1. @Charlie Foxtrot Next we have Putin’s message to Trump:
      “Comrade, when you get (cough) reinstated as president, call me. Until then, I will deal with Biden”

    2. @Cathy Ruiz Oh great! I never considered that. It is soooo discouraging when wealthy/powerful criminals are not punished.

  4. When poor people don’t cooperate they go straight to jail. WTF is the delay? Lock them all up now!

    1. Poor people don’t have this extensive of a criminal enterprise. He’s being investigated on multiple fronts.

    1. He most likely thought he would never have to worry about anything once trump was POTUS. He’s as stupid as the rest of them who committed crimes for trump.

    2. some people think they’re above the law. drug dealers who deal in large quantities know whats coming if they get caught.

    3. He saw it coming

      After five year’s they just now have trump tax returns.
      Do you think would have taken five years to get yours?

      trump is no better that you are me. he’s paying people but his money is running out.
      Whenever the FBI is afraid to answer simple questions about the Jan.6 insurrection, that’s telling you something right their that trump is dealing Alot of people that claim to be loyal.

      That’s why I don’t understand when people say trump may run in 2024.
      What is he going to run with when he have all these criminal charges against him.

    4. even trump should have known eventually his past would come to light. it happens when you sit in the biggest seat in America. which is why EVERY government nominee needs to be properly vetted.

    1. @Jackie Smith the extent of their corruption, Nixon bowed out immediately in shame, orangefuhrer is actively trying to dismantle our Democratic republic 6 months later

    2. In Nixons time, some morals and belief in America was still around. That has been chiselled away since Reagan and the Bushes.

    3. Traitor Trump will never be charged. He under protection of Putin and the Russian mob who owns and controls the GOP

    1. Timing, you and I both know, let’s be realistic, IF, I repeat, IF HE, or any of this CULT does any meaning time, its the end of Civilization as most of us believed and hoped existed. Why? BECAUSE 400+ years shown us, all rational Americans, regards of race, creed, color, that they will destroy 1ST, which is what we are seeing today.

    2. The reason Trump did Insurrection day in the first place was to stay in power for he knew that once he was out of the White House many of his Dirty Deeds would come out there has been four major things that have happened in just the last two weeks. Let’s use a climate-change analogy. Yhis is the huge Iceberg melting. and the water will flood the coast land.

    1. I paid almost 10% more taxes than trump ever did. And I’m no millionaire or billionaire. Making under $40,000 a year with two jobs.

    2. @LilC1deep
      C’mon! This is Trump’s show, sit back and enjoy. Btw Biden hasn’t broken any laws.

    3. @Joseph De la torre Proof that he didn’t pay taxes? Oh you have none. This is your average Democrat. Making low income while worshiping their elected officials who get rich off of their backs.

    1. No not yet. They’re gonna get undisputable information on Trump

      They’re picking off more people first

    1. Never met the guy, but I may have been photographed with him, I do lots of pictures with my supporters! Eric who?

  5. Should Trump stay true to his usual tactics : “I don’t recall ever talking to the guy. You know…meeting him. He worked for me for years…lots of people tell me he must have went out on his own. I’m the victim here.”………get ready for the gaslighting.

    1. 🤭🤭🤭🤭. F*ckit, I tried to hold my laughter.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Divine Falcon that’s right. His CULT think he is above the law.
      There taking their time to make sure it’s done right and put TRUMP and his accomplices behind bars where they belong 😉

    2. @Rory M I’m glad to see his organization COLLAPSE.
      The 🇺🇸 don’t need his narcissism. Or his criminal ways. The US won’t be led by a mob boss.

    3. Oh but I bet the dread is eating Trump inside like 2 dozen 10 ft long tapeworms. Forever branded a loser, and now the first President to be sent to the SLAMMER after his presidency.

    1. And are still doing his bidding.Check out all the crap both fox and sky news Australia is spewing about Biden.

    1. Yeah, Capone got away with all kinds of gruesome crimes, but what took him down was tax fraud. I might be enjoying this too much😂😂😂

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