‘They’re Going To Try Again’: How Trump Almost Stole An Election

“It was not for lack of trying that Donald Trump did not steal the election,” says Chris Hayes. It was due to “a combination of a few islands of integrity…some dumb luck, and the incompetence of the faction attempting to sabotage American democracy.”
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  1. Trump, Moscow Mitch, the GOP, and MAGA, must be so thrilled now that Putin is publicly supporting Trump and the insurrection…

    1. @Chuck Schenck – Gas prices also went up because Russians hacked a large oil company and held it hostage for several days til they got ransom ot something. Did you forgetting about that also?

  2. There is enough publicity around Trump and his enablers. Time to act and bring these people to justice.

    1. @Michael Osterman If you think this set of accusations is more legitimate than the last of the false accusations are wrong. If Donald Trump was half as guilty and half as corrupt as the Democrats claimed he was they wanted to fail to convict twice with evidence that was manufactured

    2. @Michael Osterman Are manufactured charges aren’t legitimate. No crime there anyone has reasonable cause to believe, The entire proceedings against Donald Trump or based only on the factory opposes the Democrat party

    3. @downhillskier7 Except for the fact that he publicly admitted on national TV that he coerced a foreign official into canceling an investigation into his sons alleged illegal doing

    1. Or Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. At least their intentions would have been positive, even though damage would have still happened.

    2. @Bluejack exactly, I would rather have a person who is loosing their memory who has good intentions than a fraud man.

    1. Rusty Shackelford – You think saying that helps your cause? My thought after reading that is, “I don’t oppose the 2nd Amendment, but maybe this dude’s guns should be confiscated.”

    1. @HappyButtersBlast How could that happen? There are no conservative propaganda outlets. The only people who could possibly be programmed are liberals.

    1. Um they aren’t because this is just made up BS with no evidence whatsoever. Haven’t you figured it out after 4 years? They just say whatever they want, and then quietly say they “made a mistake”, but nobody hears that part. They’re using the media, because legally he’s really done nothing wrong. They literally have teams of people working 24/7 to find dirt on Trump, so the fact they’ve got nothing should be very telling

    2. Be patient, the hammer is about to drop after the cyber audits are finished in Arizona and more states to follow

    3. @A Higher Vibe lol. It was a peaceful protest without guns. The actual coup happened on Election Day that was stolen. The good news is that the cyber audit in Arizona is coming along nicely and more states to follow. 😀

    1. Yeah, that should be in a history book. It’s true for much of history, lots of dumb luck and sporadic integrity lol

    1. Hi saw this nice post of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, let’s be friends if you don’t mind 🥀🥀🥀.

    2. @Elizabeth Tan
      Hi saw this nice post of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, let’s be friends if you don’t mind 🥀🥀🥀.

    3. @Kathleen Koval
      Hi saw this nice post of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, let’s be friends if you don’t mind 🥀🥀🥀.

    1. @Janet Braughton So what! 90 comments in 4 month, means 0, 73770492 = less teen 1 comment pr day. Compared to Trumps twitter mania, Mrvls Mrv doesn’t even classify as an amateur. Are you sure that it is not your own mission that is failing?

    2. @Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen thanks for commenting to Janet Broughton for me. She’s obviously a professional troll. I don’t even count my comments. She’s either paid or needs a reality based life.

    3. They used a multi-pronged approach: 1) purge eligible voters from the registration rolls over minor issues like “lane” versus “street” or “court” mismatches on the DMV and registration rolls; 2) limit the number of absentee/mail-in ballot drop boxes in cities (using the one per county rule, knowing that densely populated areas tend to vote Democrat thereby shifting a bias in favor of rural areas which always vote RED; 3) tinker with mail delivery system to delay tender of blank ballots to absentee/mail in voter requests and delay (or even thwart) return of completed ballots to elections offices; 4) limit the number of polling places, hours of operation, the number of workers at these places to increase the wait times and delays for in person voting…again with a disparate impact against densely populated urban areas that tend to vote Democrat; 5) pass restrictions on mail-in/absentee ballot eligibility; 6) increase documentation and proof of ID requirements at the polling places and for mail-in ballot requests; 7) pass laws giving legislatures the right to set aside the actual ballot counts (aka popular vote) and give state legislatures the power to select the election winner. ALL of these are happening throughout RED states all over the South, Southwest and even in the Midwest.

  3. Cheeto cheater will not stop trying to claw back his immunity until [if] he gets actually jailed.Get on it Vance and co.!!!!

    1. @mary cauffield So you fell asleep in English classes.
      While I’ve had political differences with every President, I’ve never been ashamed of a President,, until Trump.

    1. Yep, but when I change the sort of comments to newest first, I guarantee, almost every one will be from Trump trolls screaming fake news, or asking why people are still talking about Trump, or Biden is worse.They always come in late and flood the section with that nonsense.

  4. When they challenged, FL I believe, and put Bush in instead of Al Gore. That was a key moment, a practice run so to speak.

    1. Hi saw this nice post of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, let’s be friends if you don’t mind 🥀🥀🥀.

    2. Not a good idea.

      The Cubans might try and break them out at Russia’s request.

      Maybe an Internment Facility already existing?

      Like Fort Leavenworth.

  5. Getting all boring now.
    When does someone, anyone, actually get arrested/charged/jailed. It’s beyond a joke.

    1. As Shylock Holmes use to say,Patience ,my dear Watson,Patience,don’t rush to cheat the hangman .their turn is coming,sooner than you think.

    1. Projection. The dead giveaway of narcissists; which btw, has become systemic within the Republican Party. Psychologically, in typical cult fashion, they’ve ceded all that they once were, or at least tried to present, to become the embodiment of their leader himself.

      They were headed this way before Trump, but being a master manipulator, he recognized their prejudice, fear and greed, and thus hijacking their soul was easy.

    2. Just watched Putin On TV today. It’s totally Ironic how much Trump learned from Putin. Putin acted like trump. And I’m SURE trump is mirroring Putin.

    3. I have been saying that along, “Listen to him closely because what he says others have or are doing, he is doing. Trump was a fraudulent president.

    1. **if anyone is working class,,, and voting Republican,,,, THEY ARE SUCKERS,, WHO ARE VOTING AGAINST THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS…**

    2. Blows me away how people keep voting against themselves. How many channels does this thing have?

    3. It used to be it doesn’t matter if you win or lose it’s how you play the game honor sportsmanship trustworthiness. Now it’s a serious I’m game and all about laying and the winning at any cost

  6. They’ll have a much harder time “trying again” when they’re in prison. Let’s get to it already!!!

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