1. So they can turn over private messages, but they can’t handle millions of people getting hacked out of their profiles? Puh.

    1. They, though, probably don’t do much about child pornography, or human trafficking. I’d like to see the published regarding statistics as to how many of THEM are investigated and sub humans sent to prison.

    2. @Meredith Heath Interesting comment – went & did some homework.
      There Were 70 Million Images and Videos of Child Pornography Reported to Authorities Last Year
      When I did a search there were about 200 convicted (which carried jail sentence) in 2020.. This doesn’t even start on the trafficking.
      Yes – moving resources would be a very good idea.

  2. That’s invasion of privacy!! They never mentioned abortion, she’s a 17 year old girl who made a decision she had every right to make.

    1. @furious styles yawn…. people have made decisions about men’s bodies throughout history and no one cares

    1. Only now, finally? This willful blindness is what got us here. I’ve been boycotting facebook since 2011, when their incessant privacy violations became widely known.

    2. @SJ Nope. I’m in a completely Blue state. Half our officials run without opposition, the GOP doesn’t even waste effort here, they’re shut out and I couldn’t be happier.

  3. Social media is the worst thing that happened to mankind in the 21st century, what a nosy world we live in.

    1. @Me smart I have plenty of conviction, I simply disagree with you. With that said I respect your devotion to idealism, although I will say I find it unlikely anyone can live as rigidly adherent to absolutism as you claim to do. For instance, a person might be very poor and can only wear cheap clothes, and those clothes require labor abuses in another country to have such a low cost. In that scenario one might hate labor abuse but also need to stay clothed. Further, if one lives in an Urban food desert, and cannot afford nor travel to get food other than fast food, they might dislike the poor nutritional quality and hate factory farming, but have no real alternative. Just because something can be THEORETICALLY eschewed, does not make it practical nor sustainable to do so. And problems can exist with it all the same.

    2. @Joseph Gulino so now, your arguing for others and not yourself. This isn’t about anyone but you. You have no conviction in what you’re saying. You 1,000% have the ability to live without social media yet, you go on social media to complain about it contributing to the so called “issue” YOU deem it to be. If you believe in your statement, and don’t lack conviction in what you say, abandon social media until a change you wanna see is made. Other than that, keep it to yourself or add to the “problem”.

    1. Were you unaware they’ve been selling your face to the facial recognition developers? For years at this point. Boycott facebook forever.

    1. Yeah, who randomly waits until 23 weeks to abort when you can get one earlier? And then who tries writing it off as a stillborn and burning the body? Brooke Skylar Richardson 2.0.

  4. I foresee the next Tik Tok trend- Sending bogus messages to friends about a faux pregnancy and faux google searches to set up and overwhelm local police departments.

    1. @Dinerokid 1603 ofcourse men take responsibility for there actions, they are forced to pay child support and if the men don’t? Jail
      The women isn’t forced to do anything, thats the difference

    2. @jim perkins how about you move to some Country where they have your same views about human rights, like Afghanistan for example.

  5. Until the fetus is viable, the body and choice is the woman’s. A difficult choice, but one that should be safe. My heart bleeds for this young lady and her loving mother.

    1. @Video Game Sanctuary there are people that use birth control.. sometimes, birth control can fail. You can’t penalize someone for at least trying..I still think abortion should be available as an option.. women should not be punished for having sex by being coerced into continuing a pregnancy..one pregnancy prevented is one less abortion

    2. @American Gamer it sounded like a mean thing video game sanctuary said about people and birth control

  6. This really reminds me of life in some Distant Dystopian Era. So scary . How sad. And here we are in 2022. Lucky to be not living in US. I feel for these young Women, it seems a hopeless situation.

    1. I moved to the US a few years ago and landed in a uncivilized 3rd-world-country from middle age. Worst decision I have ever made and now deciding to move back to civilized Europe or maybe some other continent.

    2. I’m curious though, where was this alleged abortion supposed to take place? I understand they are from Nebraska but if it was performed in one of the blue states or red states that allow it, there is no crime.

  7. I can already see this escalating into violence.

    This is gone way too far

    when you start targeting people’s families, their daughters mothers and their children you’re just asking for it

    There’s going to be consequences I can already see it happening

    1. @B Bodziak I was literally thinking the same thing, (something similar actually). But yeah, that would be a great idea but not only for teens. Adults need to get involved in this activity as well in order to help throw the hound dogs off the scent.

    2. Im happy they are looking into it. Hope a murder charge is considered. If bank of america can give away personal info to convict people of jan 6 then they should be able to too.

  8. FB failed to realize their statement admits that they didn’t even BOTHER TO ASK what the warrant was for. 🤮

    1. FB doesn’t have a right to know the evidence/affidavit tat prompted a search warrant. The frightening part is that a judge signed off on it based upon a relative’s “suspicion”. Hopefully, that will be enough to have the case dismissed.

    2. FB should never had had access to the messages in the first place.

      Never use a service where messaging is not encrypted end to end.

  9. Orwell’s somewhere right now saying, “Even *I* didn’t foresee the GOP’s thirst for authoritarianism!”

  10. Now we know who can and can’t be trusted. Line actually seems like the only choice because of their end to end encryption.

    1. @Erick Borling I’m well versed in law and even I know better, even if I wrote the bar exam, I’d still know better!

  11. The other lesson is that its time to come off FaceBook and any other social media. Even commenting on someone else’s messages can get you charged. FaceBook may be hiding behind what this warrant says but they are still turning over private information. The authorities can then use this information as they like. What happens to anyone in their FaceBook group who sympathises by sharing their own story? They are then investigated. Facebook should be in the cross-hairs. Women need to protect themselves completely and assume that they are being monitored.

    1. I’m so glad I could use it when I did, but then unsubscribed to FB, thereafter I used it. (During ~ a year and a half, I joined several Facebook groups regarding Domestic Violence, Divorce, etc. and while reading the posts, I learned much about grandiose narcissism, sadistic psychopathy, gaslighting, abuse, experiences that many unfortunate people, like myself had gone through… I learned much, and learned to validate myself.
      Then left Facebook, since I noticed I might have been being tracked by adversarial psychopaths, etc.
      I hope many have left.
      And, this is all ” very interesting “. As some have mentioned, Facebook and parent company hide behind LE demands, even when the actions harm no one. The Constitution DOES indeed give us the right to privacy.

      I thought the far right espoused freedom from an overbearing government! Well, well…

  12. I am a Republican and even I think this is absolutely ridiculous. It is an invasion of privacy and they have the right to make the choice that is best for them

  13. May the prosecutor for this case be separated from his or her head for their crimes against the greater good.

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