Teen Killed in Trench Town, Jamaica | TVJ News – Sept 3 2022


  1. Sad but like I always say Jamaicans need to stop harbouring protecting glorifying and idolizing serial killers and criminals! A crime is still a crime even when it’s not on your doorstep! Where’s the protest? They protest when their favourite pedophile preacher get arrested and when their favourite serial killer is killed by police or is arrested, where’s the protest when children is murdered?

  2. Sorry to say this will never stop because these criminals are being glorified in songs everybody wah tun shatta are scammma it’s now the new career path these youths are applying for smh pray for children night and day dedicate them to jesus and stop leaving them to the openness of this evil world and society sad but if you have people now would rather send their kids to party and dance rather than church which we had to go what do you expect to happen devil always find work give idle hands to doπŸ˜ͺ

  3. I remember the prime minister saying that our problems started when Christopher Columbus came his ship.
    NO!!!! The country’s problems have nothing to do with some died Italian explorer, nor slavery! When we gained independence, the political class had been given the responsible, and the choice to make this country better. But instead, take it down a dark direction. Pre independence there was no donmanship, no criminality, corruption, and I no worshiping Badman.
    Now 60 years later this country is in a worst position than it was before independence.
    I’m sick of people blaming yesterday’s issues on today’s problems.

    1. Jamaica is not independent for one .citizens are soo committed to those parties them vote them in every time .if Jamaican citizens really want change stop voting for persons who haven’t done nothing b4 they enter politics don’t vote for them

  4. Where is the demonstration for the evil committed against this teen and many others.?
    My condolences is such a common phrase in Jamaica, it has lost much of its meaning

  5. The young men carring out these acts don’t care very much for their relative. Look how them cause them relative to have to move out of the community.

  6. It seems like Criminals run jamaica , Rest in the arms of the Lord young yute. Them say jamaica is Paradise but it’s war zone nowadays

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