Telford testimony | Analyst explains the possible fallout for Justin Trudeau

CTV News Political Commentator Scott Reid breaks down Katie Telford's testimony and what the fallout could be for Justin Trudeau.

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    1. One thing for sure is that the Liberals are a comedy sitcom. I truly hope they’re not brought back for another season.

    1. ​@Dylan C well the Libs took away, rights, money, jobs and belief in Canada’s politicians. Oh and balanced budget.

  1. I could be mistaken but I believe the prime minister’s office actually determines what will remain classified and not , if that’s true it is a major conflict of interest in and of itself in a case such as this. One of many.

    1. You realize it’s foreign interference and the prime minister was not mentioned in the interference but 11 federal mps once again not the prime minister

    2. @ryan radcliffeYou realize the question is not if the prime minister was mentioned but if/what the prime minister knew about the foreign interference before the election?

    1. @Ken Rogers For some of the questions, she was prohibited from answering in that setting (as anyone would be). And the MPs who wanted the hearing knew it before they even wrote their questions.

    2. There should be a higher standard for contempt of parliament (other than just showing up). They should be held to reasonable account in being forced to answer simple questions.

    3. @Working Mamma Maybe not. She’s just put herself on the record and revealed her true self. And we’ve just scored another papercut.

  2. We need better laws to hold politicians accountable for their actions,ethics violations with teeth jail time for violations.

  3. The fallout is that we now know the PM reads every document given to him. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

  4. They can’t tell the truth in Public? It’s a show trial to waist taxpayers dollars for theater. Sad.

  5. It wasn’t it complete waste actually, she did say “I can’t in a public setting, say what was nor wasn’t brief on…” Which is very useful information. That statement pretty much means, I have stuff I could tell you, but not over the phone!

  6. I didn’t see that Telford was asked the particulars of the brief’s only if the prime minister was in knowledge of the information that has already been devilled to the public.

  7. At least now she’s on the record. There’s no way in the world her words aren’t going to come back to bite her.

  8. The “bread and butter” issue is whether our PM is corrupt or not. If we don’t get straight answers then teflon Trudeau just walks away from ANOTHER scandal!

  9. Foreign interference is a “bread and butter issue”. If we can’t keep our homeland safe, we don’t need to worry about the cost of eggs and rent.

  10. It’s hardly a secret that the Prime Minister’s priorities actually are skewed. Nothing’s going to change there.

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