Tense exchange between Defence Minister Sajjan and MP Bezan over Vance misconduct allegations

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Conservative MP James Bezan had a tense exchange over allegations of sexual misconduct made against senior members of the Canadian military.


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  1. sounds like a case of passing the buck. also the obudsman doesnt have the authority to conduct investigations iirc, so no the investigation process hasnt started when he is told of one.

    1. That’s fair. The Minister still did the right thing by treating this as if the investigation had already started the moment he directed the ombudsman to the PCO. Like it’s already political food for the conservatives because it’s seen as the Minister not doing anything, it would be worse if it was seen as the Minister interfering with an investigation. And we all know the Opposition would jump at the chance to say the Minister doesn’t care about the safety of women in the military.

    2. @Handfullll lets be honest, if the feds truely cared then there would be better funding and the VA wouldnt act like an insurance company trying to spend as little as possible

    3. @sharpy 345 The VA has nothing to do with the matter at hand, you’re right that the VA needs to be better funded and there needs to be more support for Veterans. However in this case I think a politician involving themselves is something that shouldn’t be done. The Minister was really screwed no matter what he did, in this case he did the right thing by forwarding this to the proper authorities.

    4. @Ted Poplawski So you’re saying that you wanted the Minister to be directly involved in a criminal investigation and potentially taint the investigation with his political leanings?

  2. We’re at the point where it doesn’t matter which liberal speaks, it’s impossible to be disappointed any further.

    1. @john borthwick He never Lied you morons just took it wrong. he’s never lied. You small phallus and little testicles love talking nonsense and taking any little thing out of context because he looks different.

    2. He never Lied you morons just took it wrong. he’s never lied. You small phallus and little testicles love talking nonsense and taking any little thing out of context because he looks different.

    3. @PS B He lied about being a military hero in Afghanistan you dips**t. He’s a coward and a waste of skin.

  3. The entire leadership of the Canadian Military is incompetent. Every Canadian General should be fired.

  4. Has any liberal actually did there job properly IMO THEY FAILED MISERABLY ACROSS COUNTRY AND IT’S ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT

  5. So, he goes from “never heard of the allegation before” to well I guess I did, but it wasn’t my problem??? If I didn’t know better I would think Sajjan was a trudeau liberal.

  6. You’re seeing more western, specifically Manitoban MPs are getting sick and tired of this and they will light the liberals feet alight

  7. My grandfather fought in two world wars for canada and was a home guard and this minister of defence should be let go or forced to resign he is a joke and so is Trudeau and don’t forget he hired the governor general he has shown his incompetence of leading a country time and time again

    1. My Grandfather fought two wars for the British empire. So he can come to live in the commonwealth and live freely like the queen asked him to by giving him land. He was Sikh. The Sikhs are the bravest soldiers in the British Empire.

    2. @CL McCartney you are a disgrace and an embarrassment to humanity. He has done more for Canada and saved more soldiers lives, than your entire family and bloodline. Your grandfather isn’t worthy enough to kiss his feet.

  8. Defence minister sajjan was already caught 3 years ago about lieing about his military exp it’s called stolen valor when you say you did something when you didn’t

    1. Go ask General Mad Dog Mattis and many American Trumpy Generals about Harjit Sajjans bravery. He has saved more Canadian and American Soldier’s lives than your entire bloodline combined.

    2. That minister of defence has done nothing but collect money from canadians for doing and knowing absolutely nothing and that’s comming to an end very soon canadians are sick and tired of it

  9. Considering all the email breaches, especially of the CAF by the PRC…. I cant professionally (from an I.T. pov) take the claims seriously.

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