U.S. President Biden: Trickle-down economics 'does not work' 1

U.S. President Biden: Trickle-down economics ‘does not work’


U.S. President Joe Biden discussed his COVID-19 relief bill and condemned trickle-down economics saying it 'doesn't work.'


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  1. its amazing how bias even the titles of our news is. If this was trump or any conservative it would always be negative. Now it’s all cutesy when it’s about a liberal.

    1. How is quoting a guy biased? There are certainly biased articles out there but pick your battles cuz this ain’t one.

    1. Contractionary monetary policy doesn’t work in a recession, in fact it makes them a lot worse. Economic recoveries have gotten a lot faster since MMT has been implemented.

  2. While it is true that the top 1% are growing their wealth at tremendous numbers, the poor are also growing their wealth.

    1. Don’t be fooled by the stats taking about an increase in percentages in household savings. A moderate percentage of very little is still not much.

  3. Now lets see if he can actually make it real, and for the world to finally throw off neo liberal economics.

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