Tension Mounts In Minneapolis As Protesters Clash With Police | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Tension Mounts In Minneapolis As Protesters Clash With Police | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. izza izza : Free people own guns, slaves don’t. Over worked, under paid, over taxed, YOU, Americas’ New SLAVE.

      “We the People” are now living in a Marxists Monarchy dressed in Capitalists’ clothing.

      Marxism: When capitalists no longer appropriate and control the fruits of working people’s labor, it won’t be the result of some thinker who had a really good idea. It will be the result of the unbearable conditions of living in a society with forces of production that are capable of providing for the needs of the many, but are wasted on creating wealth for the few.

  1. All of them should be prosecuted and that’s the only way they are going to stop covering their back.

    1. Your right I’ve been saying it for years.that Brotherhood is delete.
      They have their own flag.i cring every time I see it.
      The cops are only loyal to each other.its a pandemic in law enforcement.its encouraged and praised.they must be stopped.
      But looting is not how.

    1. Pumpkin Seeds it was torture re waterboarding and hanging without weights. Both suffocation,it’s horribly painful.

    2. @snuff dipper I noticed that! he looked as if he was getting great pleasure and high off of killing Floyd, OMG he is going to have to answer for that action, and maybe thru his own family, you never know, you reap what you sow!

    3. Tortured? Apparently you haven’t actually witnessed people being tortured. Trust me; it’s a lot worse.

    1. @43Aquaman, this appears to be 2nd degree murder to me. Anyone with a functioning brain could plainly see that George Floyd was dead long before that officer removed his knee from George’s neck.

    2. @Jim Wheeler Second degree murder is generally defined as intentional murder that lacks premeditation.

    1. @AP AS This isn’t political. So stop trying to make it be. Democrats can see right through your BS. That’s a bot for you.

    1. Absolutely all 4 should be charged with murder. If it were anyone else they would already be in custody and looking at first degree murder charges . Imagine if u or me did that it would already be game over.

    1. @ggf cfhvyy Remember people started like King Kong including you! You can’t face the mirror bec. it’s true!!!:)

  2. The Investigation is COMPLETE… VIDEO DOESN’T LIE.
    Arrest the MURDERERS… ALL OF THEM. 11 minutes and NO ONE did ANYTHING to help him.

    1. @Rodney Boehner Honesty??? this coming from a Trump supporter… what is ur major mal-function? AND why are you making this a right/left issue? Systemic racism has existed since Columbus and Vespucci, notorious slave traders, invaded and shipped MY people off to europe in involuntary servitude… I am not a democrat or a republican so please save ur bs.

    2. @TheSquad plus1 The difference is that the Party of Lincoln put their lives on the line to abolish slavery, while Demotards, the Party of Slavery, put their lives on the line to save it. Now the Demotards are revising history saying they were against slavery all along. Big difference, bud. It’s the lie that never stops. Nothing has changed. The Demotards still support immoral and illegal peon labor from illegal aliens because they consider Latinos and all minorities as second-class citizens. Who but a racist would say, “THEY do the work that Americans don’t want to do?” Your Demotard police in the deep-blue Demotard strongholds are responsible for virtually all the racist police killings of blacks and minorities. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_a7dQXilCo).

    3. Ricky Springfield I agree if anyone steps forward that cop would not have moved and the other 3 would have taken action and we’d still be in the same situation , but they’d be in jail and Mr. Floyd will still not be with us.

    1. @cuff link Labron took a knee to stand against police brutality. Trump inserted his opinion against LeBron and acted like police brutality never happens. So Trump made it partly about him when he attacked the silent protests of football players rather than address the problem.

    2. She Knows Her Shxt: Lady Stating Heavyweight Facts!? “When Black Lives Finally Matter Then All Lives Matter” ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!

  3. Look at how embarrassingly out of the shape police force of Minneapolis is. I am sure a prison diet should shed a few pounds.

    1. I took a look & @ 4:17 behind the reporter the policeman has a nice roll crease in his shirt; also at where the sleeve ends on the reports outstretched arm…the cop doubles as SANTA with a super gut. The only way they serve and protect is with a fast car and a gun. No foot-chase. They are in sad shape.

    2. here in the netherlands they wouldt even pass the fit test and would be assigned to a police desk jobs these are whales

    3. Perhaps, but wearing body armor makes a person look 20 to 30 pounds heavier than they are.

  4. Cops must be charged as men/women nothing special, no free pass, no get out of jail free, no more cowardice defense, serve and protect or jail.

    1. @Beachdudeca “the Thugs…” I guess you could have said P.O. protesters but you didn’t, did You?

    2. @Beachdudecathanks for proving my point, I’m not a Dem but you are a bigoted Trump supporter…😂😂😂

  5. In my 57 years of life on this planet, I’ve never seen anything as horrible as that video of a policeman that murders someone right out in the open. Riots seems to catch the attention of politicians. I don’t condone rioting but in this case it is the only way to let others know that this was wrong.

    1. Weird how these rioters don’t get labeled as terrorists for burning down a city yet second amendment protesters do. Black privilege?

    2. It should not take riots to get things done. To address injustice in the system, to call police brutality what it is and acknowledge the often times it outcome is the MURDER of black ,men women and children.
      It’s often dismissed as “they” did something wrong. The lie told
      over and over again is that we don’t comply, or that we are by nature law breakers, unlawful in our existence, as we go to work,take our children to school ,go grocery shopping, the list goes on.
      We are dealing with conscious and unconscious racism EVERY DAY!!! And that the inaction and overaction of white people can cost us our lives is unconscionable!
      This week the black community has grappled with Amy Copper and George Floyd…it not us,its you!

    3. @VulcanTrixter27 Well when your brothers in the KKK get their terrorist titles, then it should be applied to “the others” including the President who has surpassed any terrorist group with 100K Americans died!
      You clown!!!!

    4. outsideworld76 For the first time in my life, I can understand . If I’m sick of this I can only if ever imagine being in their shoes.

  6. Feds should investigate anyone covering and stalling this story. The entire department should be investigated, behaviors like these are often widespread among the same work environment

    1. @Brett Harris look i don’t like Trump either, but this isn’t about him. This isn’t about republicans versus liberals, this is about these dirty cops who took a life and got a free pass. We all have to agree that they must be punished. They can’t get a free pass, and anyone trying to give them one needs to be looked into, it’s ridiculous. Right now this whole thing reeks of corruption and the “one hand washes the other” mentality

    2. @maxsonhaxOn exactly, cops to me scare me more than any criminal everywhere except my home State.

    3. The most important thing we have to come to grips with is the truth and forgiveness and to move on, the other side, to hate and seek revenge! Your choice! I thought s*** was bad when I had to tell my girlfriend to call me , instead of coming over because she wants to go see her mom and dad aunts and uncles I’m just having a bad year

    4. Russ Martin What racism? You mean like creepy Joe telling a black man that if he votes for Trump, he’s not black, boy that ticked off some blacks lol.

  7. Worse than murder…to actually cuff a man’s hands behind his back and then murder him casually, the only sensible outcome would be a death sentence

    1. @Rodney Boehner so have you ever heard the phrase “correlation does not equal causation”?

    2. @Rodney Boehner “systemic racism is on the way out in the gop”
      Have you seen the news lately?

    3. @David Griffin If you have “constipation” maybe you need an enema, libitard. So you get it fixed by “dedication.” That’s yo edumacation. BTW, the GOP is the people who put their lives on the line to abolish slavery. You Demotards fought for slavery, founded the KKK and implemented Jim Crow. The best thing to happen to the Demotard deep-south was the GOP taking it over because much like N@z! Germany, that took the toxic racist influence away from those people. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_a7dQXilCo). Remember: The Demotard have and always will be the “Party of Slavery.”

    4. This just goes to show HOW EVIL AND WICKED the human heart is…..Given an opportunity people will LOOT, STEAL, DESTROY, MURDER and everything else when NO Authority or Policing is enforced, and yet the Liberal narrative is that ”people are basically good”….LOL…..- Wake Up , the human race is EVIL, And of course these things ONLY HAPPEN in BLUE States.

  8. I support American People! I stand with you for the Justice!
    If this is the “Freedom” and “Justice”, I feel sad for American!

    1. She Knows Her Shxt: Lady Stating Heavyweight Facts!? “When Black Lives Finally Matter Then All Lives Matter” ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!

  9. That man’s hand is in his pocket because he is pushing on his thigh to apply more pressure on his neck. EVIL TO THE CORE!!!

    1. @Jason F. Watch again he holds that hand in pocket for the last 4 minutes of murder. He could apply greater pressure by doing that.


    3. This just goes to show HOW EVIL AND WICKED the human heart is…..Given an opportunity people will LOOT, STEAL, DESTROY, MURDER and everything else when NO Authority or Policing is enforced, and yet the Liberal narrative is that ”people are basically good”….LOL…..- Wake Up , the human race is EVIL, And of course these things ONLY HAPPEN in BLUE States.

    4. Yeshua Messiah Go look up the word riot. Clearly you don’t understand the situation. Yes, a lot of people are inherently evil. It’s unfortunate & most live in red states

    5. @Aarachus Gryphon – i understand mental midgets react with emotion, fear and violence……i just described DNC poster Child, Antifa …….like I said, you wont find a Republican out there rioting and looting and committing crimes….we are all at home watching in disgust and amazement at how you Liberals act.

    1. @heyyy I’m all for destroying police cars and attacking officers over this, tbh. Have you seen the death video? Those cops are monsters.

    2. @Vizman216 i really don’t know how bad of a problem racism among law enforcement officers in the US is, but if it is as wide spread as it seems, yes, there is definitely something to be changed.

    3. @Gaz of-the-North Police brutality isn’t acceptable either but it keeps happening and it keeps happening to one group.

    4. No matter what THEY did there is no justification to riot, burn and loot your own city.
      Any reason to create chaos over a chaotic act, I guess, is okay as long as it serves justice…

    1. it is an act of war. They want war…plain and simple. And they think they can win by killing us in cuffs…?
      They don’t have enough cuffs.

    2. @33 None We do want war. But if Democrats destroy their own cities, we won’t have to fire a shot…

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