1. So you can fly your flag all through the streets, but if one old man brings out a Palestinian flag the whole police department descends upon them???? That sounds like apartheid to me.

    1. @Dr. G the international community recognizes East Jerusalem as a Palestinian Occupied territory and even if it was not, chanting racist slogans and displaying nationalist fervor and hatred in a place where majority of the people belong to the oppressed race definitely show how humane yall are

    2. @e oz technically international law said Jerusalem was supposed to be an “international” city not belonging to the Jews or Palestinians, so neither the Israeli or Palestinian flags should be allowed.

  2. “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”
    – Mark 8:36
    “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a FEW find it.”
    – Matthew 7:14
    “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.”
    – John 14:6
    “There is salvation in no one else! God has given NO OTHER NAME under heaven by which we must be saved.”
    – Acts 4:12

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  3. “Death to Arabs?” Remember that little accident that happened between 1939 to 1945 in Europe? You would have thought you would have learned something from your own suffering.

    1. @UCskltLJIUtWF7PG6nLh6KoA Yes you are just colonizers. The Palestinians are the arabized descendants of the Jews and Christians who lived in historic Palestine and converted to Islam and most Israelis today are descendants of the people who lived in Europe and other places of the world for thousands of years. Their grandparents are from places like Hungary, Poland, Iraq, Morocco and other places.

      So yeah, you are colonizers unless you can say that your great grandfather or his parents lived in historic palestine. My family tells me a distant ancestor of mine came from Baghdad, Iraq….. Does that make me eligible to go there and claim I’m the original inhabitant?

      Of course not. Israel is a colonial entiry and Zionists are the modern day nazis

    2. @Nayeem Haider “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” So until you do your actual research instead of coming on here with no background on the basic history of what your talking about I can not argue with you. Open a book instead of getting all of your information from Islamic youtube pages

    3. @Tamer Yousef
      Where are you getting your info?
      Israel is not the last and only occupied nation in the world.

  4. If you’re truly Gods chosen people then you shouldn’t be calling for the death of innocent people. That’s a red flag.

  5. Another example of religious inspired ‘ peace and love ‘…..
    Religion is the chief catalyst leading to the “US vs, THEM ” mentality….everyone claiming God is on their side

  6. Exactly, “Right wing extremists” so it is a provocation and the Israeli police allowed it to happen.

    1. @נתנאל ציון For a people who have been persecuted through the centuries the Jews sure don’t mind persecuting others. The way the Palestinians are treated in Israel is just like the blacks were treated in South Africa. This is apartheid in Israel and the world should be horrified.

    2. @couptoo contrecoup you are Christian and can speak English, What about leaving the UK to US, Newzealand, or may be Australia ??

    1. “the land of the palestinians”-the arabs had here(and the rest of the middle east) more rights than christian and jews for centuries.the saljuks,kurdish ayubids,mamluks and ottoamans allowed many muslim grouos migrate here-blond bosniaks like the clan of the mother of ahed tamimi,”afro palestinians”(actually they were usually brought here as slaves so i will cut them slack),turkamen of abu zurayk and dogmush clan,north africans of kafr sabt,egyptians of masri/masrawa clan,bedouins of azame tarabin aghbaria zoaabi clans.all.those muslims groups were granted lands by the muslim colonisers who saw them helpful…unlike them all the jews who lived in israel till 1947 purchased the land legally(from the owner registered in ottoman land registry,which continued into british times). what did the arabs do?massacre the jews of petach tikva in 1886,1908 jaffa massacre,1920 and 1921 jerusalem and jaffa massacre,1929 hebron and safed massacres and banishment of silwan and pekiein jews…

    2. @Ofer Mizrahi Yeah good.. Now let the Palestinains also hold their marches im Tel Aviv. Many of their grandparents and Great grandparents were from Yaffa while most israelis’ grandparents were from Poland, Hungary or Morocco

  7. Very much akin to “Australia Day” in Australia..a National Holiday and day of Celebration. Indigenpus Australians Call it ” Invasion Day..a day when Australia was ” invaded”..they find it instead a Day of Sorrow. There are Calls for moving the date..many agree..😥

  8. I can’t believe these people dancing snd chanting “death to arabs” after giving them the oportunity to live in their land. They forgot the past, instead of being grateful and live united like normal humans. Really damaged youth society, evils.

  9. Jerusalem used to the place where all sons of Abraham could live in harmony. Now, it’s apartheid but of course, you cannot offend them by saying so cos they will play the “our forefathers suffered the Holocaust”. Yes, not denying that but that is no excuse to the entitlement that you can look at this and not realise that this is how and what the Nazis first started doing and got away with.

  10. I know that subtitles are closed on purpose. This information is for English speakers only. I have a question. Why don’t you want to open subtitles so that the information is available in different languages?

  11. being nationalists shows your love to your country.. but it brings danger to other societies and that would make you get into trouble..

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