1. @The Theo The funny thing is that “moran” is quite deliberate as it’s an old joke on the right not being able to spell. That ignorance is forgivable, but you trying to look smart by correcting someone else and using the wrong “you’re,” classic.

    2. That was dumb…did it take you all week for that one?
      Wumao, Gongfei or maybe Bear? You seat burners are giving it up…

    3. Did you write all that to remind everyone she’s not… or is this your qualifier anytime you have something to say? Which part? Not the brain apparently. 🤔😶

  1. “The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.”

    1. @Demetrius Russell nah, not starting a discussion with an adept. Like you people lways say: do your own research

  2. I’ll be supporting Liz Cheney with campaign contributions when she runs again. Within my own state I will be doing the same for anybody who is not a trump enabler. If you need a trump endorsement to get elected then you simply shouldn’t be in office…PERIOD… FULL STOP.

    1. @Mallarie Hey dummy, the only supporters she needs live in Wyoming and Liz Cheney ain’t about to lose to DJT in her home state. Bet on it.

    2. @Susan F What silent majority? If you’re talking Trump’s 2020 vote count the “silent majority” told Trump hell no to 4 more years.

  3. “we did great in Georgia…we swept everything…” we know who skipped maths classes🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. She didn’t throw in with the left, she threw in with TRUTH.. I dislike her political idiology, but Applaud her, for sticking up for Democracy and our constitution..

  5. Liz will be re elected in Wyoming….and she should …even democrats that don’t agree with her politics will vote for her …

  6. I have not been a fan of Liz Cheney, but I sure do admire her backbone, protecting the Constitution, and having the drive and desire to bring the Jan. 6th insurrectionists to justice!!

    1. She has certainly shown incredible strength courage and devotion to the American people and their Constitution. Trump not at all he just cheats and lies he is so gross

    1. @Ufailedme Imdone ” or common core teaches it right?”
      i love how you states rights folks keep trashing common core, which was developed and implemented by the states.

    2. @V for Wombat to make people stupid.
      Just go look up, shed built by common core.
      An you’ll get your answer. Research thoroughly what you promote.

    3. @Ufailedme Imdone “to make people stupid. ‘
      well, that is the conservative goal. and most states are run by conservatives.
      so that makes sense.

      conservatives hate educated ppl.
      but that’s what you get with states’ rights.

      “Research thoroughly what you promote.”
      why do you think i’m promoting it?
      merely pointing out folks who supported states’ rights, well, that’s what you GET.

  7. The people who call their fellow party members RINOS, are really the true RINOs. Liz is a true Republican.

  8. My applause to Liz Cheney. I never saw myself agreeing with her, but she has really shown incredible fortitude against Trump. Liz Cheney loves America, and it shows.

    1. @arf boucher That’s Not the way other people other than you see her…she’s a true american…

  9. I’d never thought I’d see the day when Liz Cheney would be the one I’m rooting for. But since the GOP turned into a bunch of lying morons, Cheney has become a voice of pure sanity. I wish her luck and I’ll pray to God that she’ll win.

    1. @Who’s They and who else is in their own little toxic echo chamber. My Republican Party has been co-opted by fools who follow blindly and choose to ignore bad and dangerous behaviour.

    2. @Shepherds Knoll I can relate I became an after John McCain lost. I first voted in 1980 was a Republican till McCain. Saw how much the party was going to the far right and couldn’t support that. I do like kinzinger

  10. Don’t look at the massive loss in Georgia. Look at Liz Cheney. I’d like to think people prefer truth over unbelievable lies.

  11. *Not being a conservative it is hard for me to say this, but, Wyoming, do the right thing and vote for Liz Cheney! Show America that you are Americans!*

    1. @Aaron Kiker why though? She votes 100% with GOP policies all the time. So why would you vote for someone else. I can’t help but think it’s not about her policies but because you worship Trump. Which is pathetic and sad.

    2. @Jreteeks Jreteeks she is a representative. Her job is to act, vote, and demonstrate support for her constituents that voted for her. If she has conflicting convictions between her constitutional duty and those she represents then the only honorable act would be to resign, not betray those she works for and represents. The same I would say for your representatives regardless of party. Liz Cheney can not care for the desires of Wyoming people in full capacity or efficient enough because she’s not from here or even lives here. She has an address here only because she has to, but she doesn’t stay here. Harriet Hageman would be extremely more solid footed in Wyoming’s interest. Harriet lives here. She has family here with roots that go back generations. She’s a legitimate Wyominite and is likely she wouldn’t act against Wyomings interest. That’s why, though.

  12. Canadian observer here – if I were an American I would be voting Democrat virtually all the time and in the case of Liz Cheney, I have to give her credit for standing up to Trump and his lies. I would never vote for her but I really hope she wins by a landslide against Trump’s pick!

  13. “The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.”❤

    1. Amen! I got 3 older brothers who support/enables Trump.They’ve become even nastier in their behavior ever since the 🍊 face looking man came about. Speaking from personal experience from them.

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