1. The resilience, bravery, and unity of the people in Ukraine inspire the hearts of many. This inspiration is strength. 🇺🇦💙💛🇺🇦

    1. It’s appalling to ignore or excuse the very real history and presence of Nazism within Ukrainian Nationalism.
      The symbol of the SS has been taken up by the Ukrainian Azov Battalions.

    1. old man will not be in battlefield, unless it is near the end of days, like stalin in moscow or hitler in berlin.
      apparently ukraine is not near the end of days, why?

  2. Reminds me of farm fields in Minnesota and Iowa, before the crops grow. Only a thin tree line, otherwise it’s flat and open. Imagine anyone fighting in that landscape.

    1. Imagine that Crimea with multiple airbases are very close and russian aviation there is very dence and numerous.

    2. That’s why they need long range artillery and modern western tanks to quickly strike and maneuver

    1. @Bryan Dimery Sadly, that is just what Putin is already doing with his indiscriminate shelling and missile strikes. Do we know how times a grandmother and grandfather has had their children, their Children’s spouses and their grandchildren together for a family dinner when a missile hit their apartment or house? Sounds improbable, but in really close families, such gatherings happen often, sometimes one special day every week. Putin is shelling homes every day, and it would not surprise me if we find he is picking mealtimes when entire families are together around one table. In such times, the safest thing for a family is to have part of it out in the field in a foxhole. There is no completely safe place in Ukraine. That is why so many wives and children are living in Hungary, Poland, and other places around the world.

  3. Excellent I like this Ukrainian soldier the invaders have really peed me off now sunflower oil getting short no more fish and chips Hej Sokoly ! Slava ! Ukraini ! 🇺🇦🦖😉🌻🚜✊

    1. I have more respect to that man than that American fool who calls himself president.
      Let’s go Brandon!

  4. What courage she has to bring this news to us. I see her nervousness in her speech! Wow!

    1. Something soon we will see an end. It won’t be good at any litttle bit for, ‘I won’t even now mention his name!’ 😞

  5. Father and 2 sons fighting for freedom. Ugh I just want Russia out and leave these poor people alone. So sad that Russia is doing this.

  6. Slava Ukraini!

    Glory to Ukraine. My heart is breaking for the peaceful people of Ukraine.
    May Ukraine expel or defeat and repel all putin invading soldiers waging war on peaceful Ukraine.
    May Ukraine expel defeat or repel all Russian separatists back to Russia.

    saint javelin

  7. Shout out to that reporter who did that story. That took a lot of guts to get that close to the fighting.

    1. @Tomato Steve crazy so bigger balls are better for you? the one who dying in war are smaller ball….what of the one who just clap in the gallary what is your analysis on their ball size

  8. I got to be honest and tell you that I could not fight alongside of my own family members because if something happened to any of them in front of me I would not be able to live with myself. I would care for my fellow Soldier as well but losing a loved one like a family member who you known and loved all your life it’s just something different. Being one who has recently lost two of my family members in this last three years that being my mother and father knowing what it is like to lose your loved ones, I would not handle my loved ones dying suddenly from a bomb or bullet.

  9. Salute to the father and sons fighting for the freedom of their land and to the reporters who risk their lives to bring us these news every other day .
    Wishing Ukraine peace and freedom.
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. Courageous chunky but reporting from almost the front line….
      That artillery way off in the distance following a wide line…
      That was the front line…

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