Texas Dem Nominee MJ Hegar: Cornyn Is A ‘Spineless Bootlicker’ For Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

MJ Hegar, in her first national TV interview since she won the Democratic nomination for Senate in Texas, explains to Lawrence O'Donnell how she plans to defeat incumbent Republican Senator John Cornyn in November. Aired on 7/22/2020.
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Texas Dem Nominee MJ Hegar: Cornyn Is A ‘Spineless Bootlicker’ For Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Very good. Don’t give the tRolls any clicks. Shared economic consequences for tRumpian bots!

    2. The only reason that this is so partisan, or as you say “a culture war going on” is because the Republican Trumpsters, like the NAZIs of the 1930’s, have taken a Trump oath, exactly like the Hitler oath (Führereid).

      I’m sure that the Germans of the late 1940’s were wishing that they had put up a better fight against those Germans that took the Hitler oath in the 1930’s. It’s quite apparent that the Trumpsters have taken a Trump oath and taken over the Republican party; – – – this is a coup! The Republicans and Trump must be stopped before the world is returned to where it was in 1939 -1945. Trump acolytes have taken the oath and are believers in the “alternative facts” created and promulgated by Trump and his disciples. Alternative Facts are Lies.

    3. @Randy Couch welfare and the BLM thugs …man where do you get your info from fox??? there are people on welfare from all different walks of life and from all different parts of the USA…thinking that there is only one type of people collecting only goes to show just how incredibly STUPID you are!!! You might want to try and stop projecting yourself and get yourself some well needed education!!!

    4. @john emeigh no trump has divided America stop blaming the wrong people you ignorant moron back under your rock troll!!!

    1. @john emeigh Even by your own confused and only partially correct descriptions of red vs blue states’ contributions vs handouts, Republican states are the welfare “commies”.

    2. @john emeigh They’re open because their leadership enacted policies which brought Covid under control in their respective countries, and their citizens had higher compliance rates with directives to slow the spread, so it’s not a reasonable comparison. We’re flattening the curve on the wrong axis, primarily in the Sun Belt now, which erroneously seemed to think that hot weather would slow Covid down.

      In the US, we’re a quarter of the global cases because we’ve had piecemeal response from governor to governor, including governors that have overriden local directives for social distancing and mask usage. We can’t open schools safely because the US has a vacuum of good leadership and we’ve had a petulant populace that has refused to comply with mask directives, complaining that the inconvenience infringed upon their rights. These entitled have essentially ensured a prolongation of policies meant to counter Covid-19, because they are prolonging the epidemic. The more they demand their right to remain without masks or to not socially distance, the longer this will last and the more people will be hospitalized and potentially die, especially as the death-rate inevitably jumps when the medical system is swamped with more cases than they have beds to treat them in.

      You’re also wrong about kids transmitting Covid. According to a study overseas, kids under 10 may be less likely to transmit, but those between 10-19 are at least as likely if not more than adults. It may be different in the US, we’re fatter and unhealthier than most other industrialized nations, including our children, the least healthy states are also among those who are in the midst of exponential growth, and that’s without school being in session. Our children may be at higher risk of hospitalization and death due to their rates of obesity and asthma. Every teacher, administrator, janitor, parent and sibling that comes into contact while Covid-19 remains uncontrolled is going to be endangering their health, if not their lives, it is not fair to expect them to do this, they aren’t soldiers, they shouldn’t be expected to risk death or disability. Covid led to a healthy woman in her 20’s to need a double lung transplant because hers were so scarred and pus-filled that she would not otherwise be able to survive.


      Direct link to study:

      The image of said damaged lungs is here: https://specials-images.forbesimg.com/imageserve/5ee2f69d99f4a60007eddd91/960×0.jpg?fit=scale

      Schools will be expected to enforce mask use compliance and correct use, logistics for eating for students and teachers, social distancing practices, temperature checks, hand washing/sanitizer use etc on thin resources which already lead teachers to often be responsible for purchasing supplies for their students out of their own pockets. Temperature checks help catching cases that may have already been spreading asymptomatically for days.
      It’s unreasonable to add these extra burdens upon teachers both due to cost and added labor. It’s recently been established that microscopic aerosolization of breath can potentially lead to infection. A/C units circulating the air in a school absolutely has to be retrofitted with sterilization kits to keep a person in one end of the building causing an infection in another. Where are the schools to find funding to do this?


      Covid also attacks the nervous system, the kidneys, pancreas and liver. It’s going to leave a lot of people unable to breathe as they once did, and it also seems to be making people diabetic. Thus far ~30% of those hospitalized may end up with kidney damage, some being severe enough to require dialysis. Covid is not a disease to be dismissed, it will cause long-term harm, potentially disability to many of the people who survive it, and some of those people may be children, who are also at risk of a rare, but dangerous multi-organ inflammatory syndrome. We are rushing for vaccine development, there’s not yet a guarantee of lasting immunization, nor even an efficacious vaccine at all at this stage. It’s far past time to take it seriously.


      Even if the children most often have mild cases, the people that they unwittingly infect may not. The medical systems in Texas, Florida and Arizona will be overrun like NYC, because the governors there did not want to enact useful policies to control the spread of infection. Counties in these states have already set up refrigerated trucks to handle the overflow of corpses they anticipate as their health systems are overloaded.

      A 98% survival rate sounds OK when you word it as such, but if 40% of Americans become infected that means 2.6 million people would die. The infection rate will climb even higher if children are in physical schools. We lost a lot of time and many lives because we did not shut down sooner, did not enforce social distancing early or enforce mandatory mask use. We’ve already lost more Americans to Covid-19 than we did in World War I, the Korean War, or Vietnam, and those occurred over a span of years, these deaths happened in a matter of months.

      It is not safe to open schools yet, and as a mother of a school-aged child, I will not return my child to physical school until there’s meaningful progress in flattening the curve, and not just plateauing like we did for several weeks with ~20k cases per day. We never even exited the first wave, and schools should not open until we actually get the spread at or below R1 and/or there is an effective vaccine with sufficient administration to the public to confer herd immunity.


  1. This video tells me 3 things:
    Her kid likes dinosaurs
    Someone in the house likes star wars
    I’d vote for her if I lived in texas

    1. Vic McQueen … if that’s how you choose a person to vote for then that’s why America is in the trouble it’s in.

    2. @Butch Dye She laid out substantive policy differences, mainly Health related, and Cornyn’s blind obsequiousness to Trump.
      People are allowed to joke. I noticed the Falcon also and can relate.

    3. @nlawson2004  
      She “gives out very little sugar with her pronouncements”. I respect that.
      She’s also a veteran (Hegar served three tours in Afghanistan as a search-and-rescue pilot, and in 2009, she saved the lives of her passengers after her medevac helicopter was shot down by the Taliban)
      and I respect that as well.
      Yes Lawson, she is one of us, I just saw a photo of her in a Baby Yoda covid mask 😉

    4. It’s a camel. But it does need oxygen so you get half a point. If you were the president we would round that up to a full mark.

  2. I AGREE with you, we need people with a heart in GOVERNMENT and not heartless FOOLS just out for the MONEY and the RICH ONLY.

    1. Ronald McDaniel : Judging by those statistics, it looks like 52% of Texans have children? I would be willing to bet real money that those stats would bare me out, to within 1 or 2 % error margin?

    2. john emeigh : It’s ALWAYS the MONEY. Always . . . Especially when it looks like cowardice, racism or just inexplicable. Racism and cowardice are usually big factors, but there’s ALWAYS a big pot of money at the bottom of the pit

    3. @Ash Roskell Here’s the thing, I disagree with you. It’s not personal. The USA was racist and it has done more for racial equality than any country. In essence, there is little racism today, especially; institutional racism. It’s a false narrative used by the Left because they’ve all been hogs at the feeder. Cowardice? Not sure what you are referencing there. Congress has used their power to “grease the wheels” for their big donors. There are 2 classes. The donor class and the voter class and they pander to the so-called Neo-Marxist MSM darlings. It’s odd. People wanted a big change so, Trump got in. The whiny spoiled Left, especially; Congress got stopped. It’s globalism vs. economic nationalism. They demand revolt but, we’ve already had one.

  3. The Republicans are scavengers . They know the US is becoming a third world country, so they pretend it is not happening. They have given up on the US, they have sold their souls to the $$$.

    1. True because the dems are desperate and are tied up with the BLM thugs to get the black vote and Sanders communist utopia to get the progressive vote! Real Americans will re elect Trump!

    2. That’s Congress; both sides. It’s called globalism and the Dems are pushing for it to continue. Trump, is in their way.

    3. @Randy Couch Actually, that’s a simple straw man. Situation is a bit more complex.

      Republicans have, for the last 10 years or so, been honing their ideology and purifying their ranks. Most of the anti-Trump Republicans are the excised portion of former GOP electorate, now either choosing to vote 3rd party, or choosing Biden.

      In short, Republicans are now filtered down to mostly zealots. One news outlet, one ideology, one homogenous voting block. This is why GOP politicians can take more nationalist and nativist stances, and say more outrageous things without much fear of canning their political careers. They have learned from Trump that this CAN, in fact, work.

      Democrats, on the other hand, have two effective “factions.”
      * Progressives are further to the Left, and also follow just a few (or even single) news outlets, and sport similar ideological homogeneity. They too are turning into zealots.
      * Moderates are “old school” Democrats. They are now — together with Independents and anti-Trump Republicans — stuck having to choose. Good chance only a small portion will choose Trump.
      Because these two groups dominate Democrats, dem politicians cannot make statements as outrageous as GOP politicians, and they must run on a more inclusive platform, aiming for wider audience.

      But, this seems like most of the country is, in fact, in the Democrat voting camp. How is it possible for GOP to win anything, then?
      Simple. Democrat voters are concentrated in cities. Almost all major cities are Democrat.
      * Cities are easy to gerrymander, stretching voting districts into the countryside, and thus “dilluting” the city into GOP low-pop territory. Even with minority population, you can gerrymander a majority in state, affording you GOP leadership.
      * Senate is won by states, and low-pop states — more numerous than high-pop states — tilt the Senate to GOP.
      * WH is won by electors. These do not purely represent population, they represent two electors + more based on population. Thus, smaller states are more strongly represented by electors, when looking at the elector-to-population ratio.
      * House is won by voting districts, which are subject to gerrymandering, which is practiced with special fervor in those GOP states.

      So, GOP can put their foot on the scales, so to speak, via gerrymandering and Senatorial representation in Electoral College, as well as in Senate itself.

      But, even so, GOP can only put that foot on the scales so much. If it loses enough popularity, it actually can lose it all.

      It already lost the House and state govt’ seats in 2018 — that should have been treated like a warning shot by Dems, but conservatives ignore this one and prefer to “live” in 2016, as though times did not change.

      There is a pretty good chance GOP will lose the WH in 2020, and some small chance it may lose the Senate, too.

      If — in addition — GOP starts losing state govt’s, then a recovery will not be possible without expanding the platform to include anti-Trump Republicans, Independents, as well as some moderate Democrat voters. But, we all know that’s a major change to GOP, and I am eager to see if they’ll entertain it.

  4. The Democrats are still fighting for what’s left of America,
    while the Republicans are tearing it down,
    and looting it in the process.

    1. @Daniel Morris ….are you on drugs?… Youre educated…. And look at ‘both sides of an issue”… So that means you know the voter registration of every individual at these protests?…. What “news” source is telling you this and how is it remotely plausible?..

    2. @Noreb You wauld have to be a really low IQ indervidul if you believe any of these BLM protesters are in support of Trump or the Republican party you must seriously be uneducated.

    3. @Daniel Morris One, *you don’t know* if the people looting are Republican, or not. You are assuming. There are reports of boogaloo boys infiltrating the protests doing the rioting/looting. Two, the ones looting are, by far, the minority, most are peaceful protestors and it is they the federal thugs are targetting.

  5. Finally. A southern Democrat who has a spine. The Affordable Care Act has grown in popularity with the American people and Democrats down south should run on it.

    1. Please don’t call her a southern democrat especially since they all moved to the republican party. Southern democrats were some of the racist people on this planet. They never should of been allowed to join the republican party.

    2. @Daniel Morris Is this a projection? Have we not seen numerous examples of GOP spinelessness in front of Trump and his desires for autocracy?

      There is a reason why it’s Moscow Mitch and not Putin’s Pelosi…

    3. @Analogy Accepted Pelosi dresses in Kaffeefee African tradisional dressing garb and gets o one knee fist raised in the air absolutely condescending all blacks with its virtue signaling.She settled out of court 4 corrupted probes one for imbezzeling charity donations one for campaign funds. She told us corona virus is no more dangerous than the flue and encouraged everyone to go down to China town to celebrate Chinese New year infecting hundreds and then called Trump xenophobic for closing the boarders to China 1 week later she admitted she was wrong which wauld of caused tens of thousands of lives. Trump is doing a great job keeping us safe.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👌

    4. Adrian Perkins, the Democratic Mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, has just entered the Louisiana senate race against the cowardly Trump apologist, Bill Cassidy. A graduate of West Point, served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Bronze Star recipient, graduate of Harvard Law School, and now a young mayor, Adrian Perkins is the real deal! Vote Blue!

  6. Texans are incredibly in DEEP DENIAL!! Their dying and still they’ll vote republican!! Well they deserve what they get!!!

    1. I’m a Texan, & I agree with you! We keep voting AGAINST our own interests? How foolishly ignorant is that?

    2. As a Texan and an Independent, I wholeheartedly agree you. I hope the younger generation are woke and exercise their constitutional rights and VOTE BLUE in November.

    3. I’m not from Texas but I’ve lived in Dallas the last 10 yrs and It’s ridiculous how many Trumpies live here, they are part of the reason why this state is such a mess. They continue to vote for morons like Cruz and Trump.

  7. Voting for her it’s an honor, all the way to the White House! She speaks from the heart and she truly cares for all of America, Thank’s MJ Hagar for being the way you are !🎗🏅🏆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏Now let’s kick them where it hurts!✌😷👌

  8. Look at her, a Democratic candidate for the senate taking responsibility and acknowledging that she has to earn their vote.
    Imagine if Republicans were like that.

  9. Trump, the Renegade Republicans, and General Bully Barr are blaming the Democrats for the growing incidence of gun violence and deaths in our country. The most significant reason for gun violence is the fact that America is awash with guns, including assault weapons. The fault lies squarely with the GOP; it sold its integrity to the NRA many years ago and has blocked every attempt by the Democrats to limit gun availability. THE GOP IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA!

  10. Coryn is actually running ads against someone else. He is literally pretending Hegar is not running against him. His ads say do you want West, notably a black man, to be your senater? He goes on to say West is too liberal. This was last week that I saw this ad on tv. Coryn is an old school southern democrat. He wants minorities and women to not have a say in their own country.

  11. I made 4 people vote for you, I read what you stand for, however, would like to know if you support term limits?

  12. I hope she wins. And I hope dems take the senate race in Florida senate. Then, in 2024 go after the gubernatorial race as I don’t think a lot of people are too happy with their governor. He doesn’t care about the people either. He’s too much like Trump

  13. Also John Cornyn is one of the 52 traitors who know Trump was guilty and acquitted him anyway, so that Trump could go on to slaughter over 130,000 Americans by refusing to do his duty.

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