Texas Democrat calls for urgent change at the border 1

Texas Democrat calls for urgent change at the border


Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) calls on the Biden administration to reform the immigration system, as his state is seeing a surge of migrants coming to the US.


  1. They come here save up $ and send $ back. Once they save enough they go back and live like kings. That’s 100percent facts.

    1. Nothing about that is true i want to leave so i can stop taking care of these free loaders 70% are free loaders.

    2. @Mark WRONG, these people who come over, work and contribute to the economy, some even open businesses.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis your lost thats 30 to 40 percent what about the other 60. I once ask one of my beautiful Spanish girl why they have children for illegals i knew the answer already no social means no father welfare. Hell some work and i love them. But only a fool thinks most do.

    4. @Mark Most do, that is the state idiot. I see where you got your numbers and of course you got it wrong,
      They don’t get welfare if they are undocumented either, even as a legal resident they can NOT get benefits until 5 years later. And the ones who do use it they pay more into the programs than they use. So yes they do work. https://immigrationforum.org/article/fact-sheet-immigrants-and-public-benefits/


    5. @psycobleach46 tullis you and i live in a different country. Your tell me all the illegal women i know that get food stamps are really not illegal. I know on the great socialist continent of Europe you dont yet you lib think it’s so grate over there.

  2. If they wanted to solve this problem. It would be solved. This is intentional. One executive order could close our borders.

    1. Lol. No. It doesn’t work that way. So an executive order will stop people from crossing a river? If it were that easy it would have been done. Also, US law states that anyone who presents themselves at our borders can request a hearing for asylum. This is law based on the treaties that we have signed.

    2. @Godsbackhand7 An executive order can close our borders entirely. Due to a crisis. Which means no asylum no entering the US at all.

    3. @Godsbackhand7 I shook my head as i watched Biden within days of taking office gleefully and obliviously (I suggest that he’s an ‘obliviot’ an oblivious senile idiot.) sign his way through stacks of executive orders reversing probably dozens of initiatives that resulted in jobs. I doubt sleepy Joe had any idea of what the exec-ord folders contained. he sat there signing away THE CONSTITUTION like he was autographing his Pokemon trading cards. Jobs are the virus. Biden et al will kill jobs and Arabs far faster than he and puppet Fauci can kill Corona. Ross Perrot (spelling?) comes to mind; ‘The giant sucking sound…perhaps of the updraft of the bon-fires that are gonna rage in most of your major cities this summer.
      My prayers are with you.

    4. That One EXECUTIVE ORDER is what opened them… And the 62 others are what is destroying the rest of this Country!! It’s TYRANNY… What happened to our Constitutional Republic??

  3. The problem isn’t only at the border. The problem is all these illegals getting handed everything to them when they get here. While legal residents have to show every legal ID they have. Birth certificate. Social security card. Picture ID

    1. Actually that’s not only problem. Some legal visa programs such as H1b is also HUGE problem.

    2. @birdlynn nobody is jealous of a criminal… getting away with murder. Everyone else wants to live in a safe society and be able to work and earn their money. Unlike people who voted for Swampy Joe.

  4. Wait a second you guys forgot to put something in the story about racism racism racism racism racism racism. CNN is really falling down when they put out a segment that doesn’t cry racism every other sentence

    1. The only racism In this county is the made up lies about Systemic racism. Dems make everything about racism. We the people live in the real world and quite confused about the way we supposedly treat one another. I believe it’s what they see in themselves. Hello people, Harris accused Biden of his own racism. Can we please get rid of the sideshow in office and administration

    1. @Matt c I know, right! Everyday, Trump was accomplishing something positive for The American People.
      Now, all we get are lies and bloviation.

    2. Trump Earned his Billions by being an american businessman. Joe Conned his way to his millions by making shady deals with foreign governments and bad people. All on a government salary that should only bring him 300k a year at most… Same as obama… you be the Judge…

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy DEMOCRATS: Exceptions apply. Rules aren’t for them. Republicans: Held to the Letter of the LAW and the book shall be thrown at you!

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy those demo rats are known for screaming rape and when ppl don’t do as they want or if they have no use for u,,cuomo,, then they turn on u and everything else because they desperately want to name the nation ,, New China,,

    1. I’m not even going to mention the fact that all these illegals are being let go into our country covid positive! AMERICANS LAST!

    2. @lily boone how bout all these americans that are trying to find jobs to feed their kids? You dont care about americans either… just like Biden.

    3. @lily boone I’m eating without the influx of illegals. Since you’re so inquisitive I lost my job due to covid-19. Unlike the illegals it means I no longer have health insurance. Trying to pay rent, utilities, provide for family. Glad you’re blessed. I hope you don’t drown when it rains.

    1. @birdlynn hahaha this couldn’t be farther from the Truth! and how many of those “families” are selling those children into sex slave operations and smuggling drugs and weapons into the country?! lol Your dilusions dont have any awareness of actual reality.

    2. @Nathan Corcoran You can’t tell a democrat actual Truth… you give them actual data and facts… They just move the goal post and NEVER take accountability for their own failed actions.

    3. They won’t stop till every childs adrenalchrome has bn took,.there agenda is clear, open borders for chinese and Iranian ppl to flood in

  5. That’s because we need urgent change in the country. We need to get this fraudulent regime out as fast as possible. And it is eating itself.

    1. @Andy Bord I agree ,,,, I prefer the one who put his people before others,,, as Trudeau should put Canadians before others

    2. God’sbackhand7, this administration is NOT legitimate. Even midt who voted for them are having “buyer’s remorse”. They act as if they can’t destroy the country fast enough.

  6. “They aren’t after me, they are AFTER YOU! Im just in their way”
    -D.J. Trump

    and he was right, again

    1. @Jesse Hansen even trump said he is all for migrants who want a better life should be here, as long as they enter the legal way, biden opened the borders so china and Iran can destroy America

    2. @Roberta Rodriguez I know, you clearly missed the sarcasm in my reply. But jumped to assumptions immediately. You guys never cease to amaze me.

    1. God’sbackhand7, most of them hopped on freight trains. Geesh! can’t you leftist shills pay attention, at all?

    2. @Godsbackhand7 Who haulted construction of the wall? Who signed the excutive orders to undo ALL of Trumps policies? How come the numbers across the border last month were over 11,000 ? compared to December less than a third of that. Swampy Joes administration is making unprecedented history with the amount of people trying to cross the border…. GOOD TRY THOUGH>>>> Take some FU***** responsibility for your weak feeble-minded president and his administration who by the way is actually getting laughs and zero respect from world leaders. People said trump made us the laughing stock? Well now THEY ARE LITERALLY laughing at Joe for being the weak spineless puppet that he is!

    3. @Calvin Parish trump never said that, trump said what’s wrong with coming to America the legal way

    1. @Roberta Rodriguez your a fool…..who was praising putin on fox news a day ago…..republicans…..who stands behind a conman instead of our country….republicans…..who blocks everything our government tries to do to get our country through this pandemic…..republicans…..who refusing to believe medical science and get vaccinated…..republicans……the only one brainwashed is you.

    2. Pablo Escobar made a quick rise in 1993 with a fortune of 30 billion dollars due to the porous borders of the US at that time. His business of drug smuggling had easy returns. Money coming from the US. Fast forward Biden administration. Many Escobar’s are going to return and maybe there is a cut to corrupt democrats, RINOs and administrators.


  7. “Were not saying don’t come. We’re just saying don’t come now.” In other words. Don’t break the law today. Tomorrow is just fine. What a bunch of spineless mealy-mouthed weasels leading this country.

    1. These mealy mouth liberals was willing to say anything to get Trump out, now they don’t have the decency to admit they lied…..Because the illegal immigrants believed them. They heard the liberal campaign slogans.

  8. It’s amazing that all our so called “representatives” are worried about the effect on the migrants, yet no thoughts of the effect on the Americans that they are suppose to represent.

    1. OK, let’s worry about the effect on the immigrants. They will be paid a fraction of minimum wage and they will find that it is REALLY expensive to live in the US. So, they will be living in utter poverty, the only difference is they see wealth all around them that they can’t have on their 1/4 of minimum wage job. And, they can’t afford to get an education, so they will only be serving elite as cheap labor and costing taxpayers when they go to the ER.

    2. @Carl Jensen hey, they aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Its called illegal immigration, I think we are all worried about how we’re going to survive our own crisis after this pandemic vs worrying about taking care of another Country!

  9. This guy just said “let’s implement something where folks could just stay in Mexico or Honduras.” Isn’t that wat Trump did that Biden destroyed!!!!!

  10. So if a homeless person, goes to Mexico and crosses the border They will get food , housing and security? Why can’t we take care of our own first Uncle Joe??????

  11. Remember when this was called “children in cages” under Trump? But now it’s just “facilities” and it’s humane.

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