Texas Democrats flee state to block voting bill 1

Texas Democrats flee state to block voting bill

Texas Democrats left the state in a rebellion against GOP plans to pass sweeping changes to voting and elections.
In a rebellion against GOP plans to pass sweeping changes to voting and elections, Democrats in the Texas House left the state Monday to derail a special session of the Legislature that Gov. Greg Abbott had called to consider the voting measure and other bills.

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  1. Dems accuse GOP of being “a danger to democracy” while they’re actively obstructing the democratic voting procedures of the state legislature?

    Ohhh the irony.

    1. @PRES TONNN The New York City Board of Elections on Wednesday released its latest vote totals in the city’s mayoral race and apologized for what it called an “unacceptable” human error after 135,000 test vote records were mistakenly included in an initial tally

    2. @PRES TONNN what about them tbe mayor who got cheated was a Dem. I am centerist. I hate them both equally

  2. Adults face their responsibilities, a child runs and throws a tantrum. If us as citizens fled our jobs over something we didn’t like we would be fired showing the hypocrisy of America for all to see as they skate by. Since they have warrants in Texas the people in dc helping them are aiding and abetting criminals and should be charged with it like we would be

    1. They’re doing their job by upholding democracy. Sad that there’s a group of old fascist intent on destroying it.

    2. @Sun Shine If they were doing their jobs they would have voted “No” but they ran off like children and threw a tantrum. Anyone not holding office would be fired for just walking out and running away to slander the state you supposedly work for.

      If you support what the Texas democrats did, you are only proving your belief in less rights for citizens, more rights for government. Hmm. We have a word for that. And I think you overuse it too much to understand what it actually means.

    1. @Sun Shine like your subscribers to your fake profile page … and every comment is hate speech .

  3. I’m just glad my grandfather was able to vote this past election, it was always his dream.
    R.I.P. Papa 1936-2007

  4. As he is commiting a crime by fleeing. He says, “We are in a fight for our democracy.”
    What? Wait?! Fleeing from the fight is fighting? Now I’m confused….

  5. Every Demo who left should be arrested. Their actions are despicable. Not how government should be run!

    1. I say bash them in the head, and replace them with homeless people.
      They couldn’t do any worse than these clowns.

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