Texas Dems Urge Congress To Pass Voting Legislation: 'The Time Is Now' 1

Texas Dems Urge Congress To Pass Voting Legislation: ‘The Time Is Now’


At least 51 Texas lawmakers plan to stay in the nation's capital for weeks to prevent the quorum the GOP needs to pass anything back in their home state. Texas Democratic Congressman Marc Veasy joins Geoff Bennet along with Texas State Representative Chris Turner, who is one of the lawmakers who left the state last night.
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    1. @Richard MacLean State Supreme Courts back Voter ID, and the House of Representatives (a branch of Congress, lead by Democrats) are the ones calling for their arrest. They just give the state governors the right to call for an arrest. 😁

    2. @Richard MacLean Which, if you took a history class instead of gender studies, you’d know the ‘well regulated militia’ pertains to ‘law abiding citizens.’ 🤡

    1. @Billy Pardew “I’m American I want to school in America” *Claps extremely slowly* I swear, not one Trump supporter can write a sentence without at least 1 grammar mistake. I just this excerpt, you have 3. So before anyone listens to you, please go pass first grade. You may have passed kindergarten if you went to school but that is it.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Texas Democrat Lawmakers must be back in Texas by tomorrow afternoon or face warrants for their arrest. House of Representatives (a branch of Congress, for you stupid people who don’t know your chains of command) call for arrests of rogue lawmakers.

  1. Can anyone cite an example in modern times where volume in-person voting fraud decided the outcome of a state or federal election? Because that’s what Republicans keep screaming would happen but they never cite an actual example to back their claims. 🤔

    1. ​@Billy Pardew Trump lost the popular vote by 42 million. Trump told his supporters to vote twice.

    2. @Huey Long Admirer lmao… you should know how this plays out as you yourself lost his court case to then be assassinated. You were also a socialist…. so that’s embarrassing

  2. They need to take Joe Manchin and the blondhaired senator and tell them either get with the program or we will blacklist you.

    1. If they’re lucky he’ll switch to Republican and give the Republican majority in the Senate that would be nice

    1. @xAlpaca Zeu Except the memebers in question are derelict without excuse and have had warrants issued for their arrest. Why not just go back to Texas, hold the vote, then allow the judiciary to do it’s job.

    2. You get it’s a nothing threat and they won’t be arrested. Abbot is clearly a fascist though so there’s old news for ya. Republicans love their fascists.

  3. +Thank you for your sacrifices again all the Democratic representatives from TX. Some day, history will thank you for fighting for democracy 🙏

  4. The Texas Democrats are a small group of heroic Americans, fighting a righteous fight against overwhelming odds.
    Kind of sounds like The Alamo.
    The Texas Democrats may lose this battle, but because of them, the war to defend the voting rights of Americans WILL be won.

  5. HR 1 has some pretty radical ideas like ways to increase voter turnout. Naturally republicans are against that!

    1. @Liz Pedano if states are not forced to clean their voter rolls and get rid of voter ID and signature verification then voter suppression like that wont happen. We need to make sure everyone can vote. Only racists think otherwise.

    1. We need to vote them out! … 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💙💙💙💙💙💙2022 & 2024💙💙💙💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    1. Or forcing through legislation to make the Texas bill null and void… definitely one or the other. Probably this one though.

    1. @grandma k. I did and they didn’t say what group of people are no longer allowed to vote now, so maybe you can tell me

    2. @Joseph Lavigne there laws don’t specifically effect minorities or specifically target them… check your knowledge before making ignorant statements you clearly don’t understand.

  6. The republicans dont seem to understand that individual states do not run how the constitution is interpreted.

    1. You don’t seem to understand that states are sovereign in their own right and are not to be controlled by the federal government. Try reading the 10th amendment and quit leaving dumb cliché comments.

  7. What a pleasure and relief to watch and listen to grown politicians who are speaking truth to facts and working on behalf of the People who gave them their authority. Please keep fighting for the rights of the American People who know right from wrong.

  8. As long as failure do nothing Republicans are involved nothing will get done.personally I believe there should be a executive order stating no alteration to voters rights will be allowed without substantial evidence. Why would you change laws without providing evidence that a change is necessary??its like being allowed to convict a person without evidence.

  9. I live in Austin and everyone I know and talk to would rather Abbott be demoted to a panhandling window washer than continue his Trump-esque path to suppress voting

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