Texas Gov. Has Stepped Up Trump's Autocracy Movement Says Matthew Dowd 1

Texas Gov. Has Stepped Up Trump’s Autocracy Movement Says Matthew Dowd


Founder of Country Over Party Matthew Dowd, contributor to The Grio Jason Johnson, and former Senator Claire McCaskill discuss Texas Democrats blocking the passage of a restrictive voting bill in their state, and the urgent need for federal action to defend against suppression efforts by Republican led-state legislatures.
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    1. weirdly, infrastructure is what authoritarian regimes do best: Mussolini made the trains run on time; China has their infrastructure sh*t down so well they sell it worldwide as “Bridge and Tunnel” initiative (and countries almost always say yes to China); Soviet Union had 5 and 10 year infrastructure plans that finished on time, Nazis created Volkswagon, even Pyongyang is a civil engineering marvel.

  1. Matthew Dowd just said everything that needs to be said, wake up Biden, Republicans are trying to destroy Democracy.

    1. @speedy 3776 You are calling me out for not having a pair of balls, while saying nothing, have a little bit of courage and state your opinion.

    2. You mean wake up Manchin and Sinema. Biden even called them out during his last speech so he’s well aware of the crisis of Republicans trying to ram through these unconstitutional EC vote overturn legislation and anti-democratic voter suppression bills.

    3. Joe manchin is the true hero here for protecting are democracy from radical Democrats trying to do the biggest power grab we’ve ever seen in American history! Trying to pack the Supreme Court, trying to remove the filibuster so they can push whatever legislation that they deemed necessary, trying to pass a voting bill that would require no ID or signature match there claim they’re trying to protect the Integrity of our elections that a big joke! There trying to pass an infrastructure bill that only has 4% of infrastructure and 96% of Democrat wish list that does not help anybody but line there pockets and there lobbyists! That fact you idiots are saying that it’s Republicans you guys are completely brainwashed . keep watching this network so the only thing u know what joe biden up to is eating ice cream what a joke !!!

  2. the GOP wants to go back to how white people were superior to anyone of color , like it was with slavery and the Jim Crow laws after the Civil War

  3. Matthew Dowd with the mic-drop. Step up, Democrats!!!! Our freaking DEMOCRACY is at stake!!!!!!

    1. I agree 1000% with Matthew Dowd

      4 ALARM FIRE!!
      Democrats wake up!!
      Stop saying we’re working for Bipartisanship.. you cannot have bipartisan when you have only one willing party!!
      Holy mother of God …President Biden!!
      Joe Manchin ain’t Democrat.

    2. The Democrats have missed every opportunity to do anything to push back against the tide of fascism in the US. They are, and have always been, shockingly weak and timid.

    1. Meet the new ugly face of white supremacy in America! Funny–it looks just like the old ugly face. Except this time they got their Imperial Wizard installed as Chief Jester of the Supreme Court, where he magically declared racism somehow no longer a problem in America, paving the way for thousands of new Jim Crow laws and egregious gerrymandering suppressing and disenfranchising millions of American voters. Of course, harsh realities will continue to exist irrespective of any blind eye or pretentious, capricious edicts by some Supreme Court. And Roberts’ conservative SCOTUS decisions only confirm how the white supremacist problem and its perpetual “fix” on the American judicial branch and justice system has never gone away, as America continues to struggle with overcoming a racist history of colonialism, slavery, and discrimination.

  4. Almost like some people can’t handle freedom and the obligations that go with it…a coup in slow motion is still a coup.

    1. @muuuuuud of course you are correct on all counts, but so far that strategy has worked out quite well for Republicunts. They have managed to hang on to power by lying cheating and stealing, and they will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it

    2. ~MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash/Utu.
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

    3. Are the Sumerian gods a coded reference,
      Or are they the passwords to Hunter’s laptop that will give us the secret code to open Hilary’s emails to Hugo Chavez…then….THEN…we will all see the truth!!
      In a couple of weeks…we just need a few more bucks to crack it…just around the corner…

  5. Maybe Abbott could fix the Texas electrical grid before he gets lost in this….or maybe he could just watch a movie

    1. The fix is in, and Texans are paying for the corrupt corporate criminals to get rich. I am still surprised how few people in Texas are using solar power, I have been using it in Northern Ontario for close to 20 years and charging EV’s since 2014.

    2. Texas is the most prosperous state thanks to republican policies. Worry about your failing blue states and mind your own business ya degenerate.

  6. I agree, this is a 4 ALARM fire, I’m embarrassed to be Texan and living in Texas, time for new governor and leadership in Texas!!!!

    1. @speedy 3776 You first, trumpanzee. Weren’t you one of the ones who called Biden a communist and said you would move because you didn’t want your guns/freedumbs taken away?

    2. I also am a Texan, and reside in Texas. I am disgusted with the republican party, and the majority here. People need to vote. If we could mobilize the vote these morons would be voted out.

  7. It is extremely dangerous.
    The parallels with how the Nazi’s came to power in 1920s Germany are extremely frightening.
    The language, behaviour and ideas are also very Fascist in nature. It is not comical, it is scary, if you know your history.
    And it is no surprise to me that this happens now that the generation that remembers the Nazi’s is no longer with us. Too few recognize it.

    1. % I’m from Germany. I share your observations completely. It’s like history is repeating itself and it’s scary, frightening and gruesome.

  8. He’s lost his mind. The more Abbot keeps talking the more he makes me uncomfortable. knowing he’s governing this state I live in.

    1. This croc has no business to stay in power forever. He’d shown who he is. Dishonest, no integrity and busy with his own selfish interest.

  9. I don’t support him, and I hope he is kicked out in the next election. Please Vote Texans

    1. Yes we need to November 2022 we do not need a dictator in our state we gotta vote him out vote Texas he cant stop us hes also trying to stop abortion also stoping unemployment payments on things that people were waiting months and months there not playing fair.

    2. This croc has no business to stay in power forever. He’d shown who he is. Dishonest, no integrity and busy with his own selfish interest.

    1. @Kickback Relax
      As in?
      I can imagine both..? Depending on who you are and you status in the US.. as with many western nations.., but I believe the US is the only one that I know of that has gerrymandering, jumping through hops to vote… most nations I’ve visited bend over backwards to help people vote…
      At some level…?, I wonder if the disconnect of the electoral college and the fact that American voters don’t literally get to elect their reps.. is gap enough for the culture…/ understanding that you don’t really have a “right to vote” in the US?? Interesting

    2. @Tiger Tiger I don’t think people are thinking about voting right now. I believe for the last 4 decades, the big questions have been, will I be able to pay my rent next month, will I be able to save enough to afford a house, will I be able to put food on my table, can I get that surgery done without a surprise bill of $100k or more.. In every single case, with the wages being stagnanat or starvation, these are the concerns of the day.
      Both parties are “massively corrupt” and the country has become a PlayStation for the Ultra Rich. They get politicians elected, they write the laws, they get the judges elected, the Military and Police work for them. The people are their slaves.

    3. @Kickback Relax
      Sadly you probably right for many in the US?.., but this disconnection & disbelief to/ in ones power as a citizen/ voter …. is how democracy fails.. why would a states governance/ culture want to limit/ close off people ease to vote… One reason..? To control the conversation

    4. @Tiger Tiger You have no clue, the US the most corrupt country around.

      Imagine allowing the wealthy and corporations to buy politicians, while imbeciles like you call the USA a democracy..LULZ

      Meanwhile the GOP relies exclusively on gerrymandering and voter suppression to stay relevant… You are a clueless clown…

  10. I’m an AUSSIE: I’m sure glad I don’t live in America trying to un-demoratise itself. BIDEN, WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING!

    1. In all honesty if H.R. 1 does not pass, and a judge, or committee can just toss out my vote, thats when I will renounce my citizenship. By that time, our democracy will be lost. I was being completely serious when I asked if Australia was accepting Americans.

  11. TRAITORS. They should be dealt with appropriately. Assault on democracy must not be tolerated.

    1. Yeah so who’s going to hold them accountable? It’s not going to be Congress because they don’t have any power to make the states change? it’s not going to be the federal courts which are now packed with right-wing Republicunts judges. It’s not going to be the US Dept of War which is full of right wing MAGAts…. So who IS going to STOP them?

    1. governor is elected by people and of the people, if texas chooses the state government above things, so be it. The US constitution is drafted by colonies of states, it is the will of states that willing to join to form government. The US federal government does not have the right to interfere states

  12. *_”You’re not the boss of me.”_*
    ~~ Texas, to America
    _At what point does the GOP stop acting like children?_

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