Texas Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Gov. Abbott’s Ban On Mask Mandates 1

Texas Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Gov. Abbott’s Ban On Mask Mandates

A Texas judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates. The ruling will allow schools to require masks as children return to school and coronavirus infections in the state continue to rise.
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  1. Maybe Governor Abbott should file a restraining order against the Delta variant because it’s stalking his state with impunity.

    1. @David Quesada I don’t want my kids to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle.

      – Sniffy-in-Chief 10% Big Guy

    2. @David Quesada If the kids are kept in cages, how can you catch the virus from them ? Don’t tell me you went to visit them …. in their cages ?!?!? Hard to believe !!!

  2. “The enemy is not Gov. Abbott…” Really? “The friend of my enemy is…” seems to be applicable here.

    1. @The Blade Yep. Another convincing win for the “Survival of the Fittest” theory, and clearly, that’s not Texans.

    2. @Richard Chase….I agree. Abbott is a big part of the problem because he’s catering to a base who is anti-democracy, anti-science, anti-truth and anti-everything that benefits us all.

  3. Who in their bloody right mind takes medical advice from a politician ? Republicans don’t need doctors or hospitals when they get ill .. Just go to your governor’s office ..

    1. @Jake Childress I think you spelled your last name wrong….. Jake Childish. Don’t wear a mask man, don’t get the vac. But you should go on a cruise and please take your entire family.

    2. @Jake Childress You really look like those guys who attacked the Capitol on 01/06 ! Same look, same rhetoric !

  4. Love how supposed anti big govt Republicans are literally stripping local govts of their own governance power.

    1. Nothing will save Biden and the Democrats next election.. they are out .. wait watch and see .. the US will be saved by its citizens .. wait watch and see .. Democrats are mad as Hades here in Texas .. voting anyone but Democrat !!!!

  5. Finally people are waking up. It’s their job to keep themselves, the kids and community. May God bless n the real leaders of the world.

    1. @David Quesada yes the White House with the padded walls and ceiling they can take turn wearing the straitjacket…

  6. Isn’t it bad enough that Abbott didn’t do a Damm thing about the power outage in his state that killed innocent people now he wants to do same thing about not wearing masks! And still the same people keep voting these clowns in

    1. No in Texas they are voting him out asap they decided that when he killed them with the power outages.

  7. In a medical disaster, healthcare professionals are forced to make heartbreaking decisions on which kids get those beds… All the while these GOP politicians are making it their job to keep this pandemic going and killing kids. The motto of the GOP has always been pro-fetus not pro-life.

  8. The world is screwed up , when a governor needs a restraining order because he is trying to encourage people to do things that can make them get sick.

  9. There’s got to be a higher standard for people runing for office because America is only as good as the people we vote for and put in office….

    1. The system works. He is actually representing the majority of the people in his state, and he will be re-elected.

    2. Do you mean the majority of the people that were freezing to death because of his bad choices or the people getting covid because of downplaying the virus and the mask-wearing and vaccination…
      it won’t be long before he will need to ask the Federal government for help again so much for being against big government but if you’re happy that great

  10. From where I stand, Governor Abbutt seems to be allying himself with the enemy and making it political. I understand why Jenkins is talking sideways though. Because, politics.

  11. Those who voted these Republicans into office have been lied to, let down, misinformed, unprotected, and list goes on. Please, RID your governors ASAP you and families are in danger of dying.

  12. I say, if Abbott and his fellow “Texans” want to get Covid, let them. Just keep them in Texas where they “deserve” to be.

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