Texas Lt. Governor Blames Covid Surge On Unvaccinated African Americans 1

Texas Lt. Governor Blames Covid Surge On Unvaccinated African Americans


On FOX News, the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick blamed the Covid spike in his state on unvaccinated African Americans without acknowledging the anti-mask policy of his own boss, Gov. Greg Abbott, and the history that explains that vaccine hesitancy. Don Calloway joined us to react.
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    1. @Darius Shanice No problem blaming all unvaccinated people, just the black ones? The most vaccinated countries like Isreal and Iceland still have surges, the vax doesn’t protect it just mutates the virus, that’s why there’s so many more new cases and mutations now. The bs US healthcare system can lie all they want, if the shot worked there’d be less cases now not more, but nobody really cares, they just want to use it to attack somebody, and ignore the fact that Fauci made it and the news they believe covered that up, lied and censored proof for almost 2years

    2. @Brian Jones Yep I figured that you support the KKK just by reading the comments on your discussion page.

    1. There was a time when white actors were denied work because their rolls were played by black, Native American, and asian actors in white face. I can’t believe this kind of discrimination against whites still exists in TX.

  1. Time to vote Dan Patrick out of office! He doesn’t care at all about Texans. Remember when he offered one million dollars for anyone who could prove voter fraud, instead of helping Texans who were freezing and dying during the big . Time to turn Texas

    1. Agreed so true iand also time to vote Ron De Santis and Greg Abbott out too these three despicable poor excuses for human beings they are

    2. @Charles A Smith because of DeSantis and his giant mistakes I just received pandemic relief that I desperately needed last year. I don’t need the money now, but it’s nice to have thanks for being a great role model and leader de Santis

    1. @UCK7tVVfeZc1ZARfA2d20A4g ozone is an injectable disinfectant for cancer that had promising hopes for covid, why is Mercury in vaccines? It’s another injectable disinfectant. The only morons who thought Lysol was the only disinfectant are you, that and the light therapy came from cedar sanai hospital, one of the leading most advanced hospitals on earth, and was banned from YouTube and fb because they couldn’t get emergency approval for the vax and make billions of other treatments were available. There’s tons of good treatments they hide just like with cancer, and they hid the origin because they made it. Put 2 and 2 together they’re not trying to save you dummy

    2. @T. R. Campbell So Jan 6th 2021 with a me-first president asleep during a pandemic in trump while also setting off an insurrection doesn’t bother you still?

    3. @larrysmac Yeah ozone and mercury are conspiracy theories cedar sanai hospital is a flat earth sanctuary

  2. So rethugs r going to start attacking BLKS, they way they did asians. Oh wait, this us texass where they’ve never stop attacking blacks, or immigrant

    1. You might want to listen to his full interview. He was criticizing the Democratic party for not looking out for a large segment of their demographic. It wasn’t a criticism of the black community.
      I realize going beyond anything that’s spoon fed into an American to trigger their illogical emotion is too much to ask, though.

  3. Just in my little community in Nashville the blacks and orientals are the folks who religiously wear masks and are vaccinated too. I also noticed when the epidemic started, before masks were mandated, these two groups rushed to put both masks and gloves on way before anyone else!

    1. I agree about Asians wearing masks. There are a few Asian communities here in Denver, and they pretty much all wear masks. I have close friends in Taiwan (lived there for 2 years), and the way they’ve been controlling the spread of the virus is through BOTH mask wearing AND isolation. Masks alone may help, but allowing large crowds will negate much of that.

    2. Checking in from just outside of Austin, Texas…my in-person data collection in my area is that it’s most often the vain white folks not masked, avoiding large crowds, and trying to social distance. I have not collected data at our local hospitals.

    3. @Amber Ward Just because someone doesn’t wear a mask doesn’t mean they’re “vain”. In fact, they might simply by more informed, knowing that unless a high percentage of the mass is wearing masks, masks aren’t doing much. I go into a Home Depot and it’s rare to see anyone but workers without masks (doesn’t really matter about what skin color they are). Go into a grocery store, and maybe a third wear masks. Still not enough to help much. Go into an Asian grocery store, and 90%+ wear masks (admittedly it’s the non-Asians who are the ones not wearing masks). When I go into my Asian market, I most certainly wear a mask. When I’m in Home Depot? What’s the point? Masks don’t protect the wearer.

      Oh, and why aren’t there any comprehensive, large population studies to look at the effectivity of mask wearing and the various COVID variants, ALONG with the detrimental effects of oxygen intake reduction and an increase of CO2 intake? That might be a big problem, but nobody looks at it.

    4. @John Tomasik Nobody’s looking at it because masks neither cause a significant reduction in O2 nor a significant increase in CO2. This might shock you, but air passes through masks.

    1. It sounds good and believable to their supporters so they don’t care,its about messaging and image not truth

  4. Tip for Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick: If you really want to find who’s to blame for the COVID-19 surge in Texas, remove the word “Lieutenant” from your title. What word is left?

    1. We have to look at the tens of thousands of foreign nationals who are flooding the Southern border. I don’t believe this lieutenant governor is responsible for that debacle. Fortunately a federal judge is ordering Joe to reinstate the remain in Mexico program from the previous administration at working very well.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Oh stop already. That boarder crisis started with trumpo. You people are so deluded fathers day confuses you. And your mothers.

    3. @T. R. Campbell We don’t have to look at that, they have already acknowledged that those illegals have a very low rate of Covid-19, what is noticeable is all those getting Cvid-19 are unvaccinated with less than 1% who already had been vaccinated are getting it with accompanying very mild symptoms.

    1. What part are you frustrated by? Only 30% are vaccinated and yet we can only abuse our southern friends? WE’RE TIRED OF YOUR B.S. AND HYPOCRISY

  5. At best, if you strip the race baiting, he said, as Lt. Governor, he has no responsibility for the health of Texans who don’t vote Republican. Yeah, we’re officially a kleptocracy now.

    1. Greg Abbott,ruled to further ensure that no governmental entity can mandate masks, the following requirement shall continue to apply: No governmental entity, including a county, city, school district, and public health authority, and no governmental official may require any person to wear a face-covering or to mandate that other person wear a covering,” the executive order read.

    1. @Gilberto Salas discovery of a rich Gene pool of sars related bat coronavirus, read it, it proves Fauci I made covid but you probably already know that that’s why you’re pushing his shots

    2. @Ayn Rand black folks are getting vaccinated if you are fully vancinated WHY worry about the next person… You still should be wearing a mask because you can still get covid and spread it..the vaccine only protect you for 6 to 8 months and people will have to get a booster…the best way for The governor to get more black folks vaccinated is to back off… As black people see Their family members and friends get vaccinated and they tell them their experience then other blacks will do it… I am fully vancinated and I was able to get 3 VERY Hesitant people to get vaccinated… BULLYING AND JOB loss threats is not going to work… The More the government pushes the More resistance…Other black folks Will be the ones to convince more… but they rushing the process.

  6. The Governor and Lt. Governor should quit blaming Blacks or anyone else for the surge. They have the responsibility to LEAD and do EVERYTHING they can to get ALL of their constituents to wear masks and get the vaccine. But no….

    1. That makes you sicker. Remember, there were less cases and less mutations before they released it and basically nowhere with high mask compliance has low rates

    2. Agree. ”
      Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.” Unfortunately for Texans, Abbot, Cruz, and Patrick have goals that are not in the best health and safety interests of Texans.

    3. @Brandon West That is among the most ridiculous lines of reasoning I have ever heard. Critical thinking: read about it, learn how to do it.

    4. @Brian Zirkle seems like a working vax would reduce the cases, but they drastically increased and mutated when the vax was released. So spell it out, how does that show the vax works? I guess it’s like it seems like liberals wouldn’t want to Locke everyone down and make new laws everyday, or violate the nurrenburg code, kinda the exact opposite of liberalism

    5. @Brian Zirkle Seems to me that if it doesn’t stink before you take a dump, then you take a dump and it smells like crap, it’s probably the poop making it smell like that. But I guesscQ made that up, can’t be sure of what we see with our own eyes unless Fauci says it’s there

    1. Texas is 42% non Hispanic white, all your Texas tropes are severely outdated, go to Austin San Antone Dallas Houston there all probably more liberal than wherever you live

    2. The problem is that garbage sells to many of the people in Texas. Dan Patrick is the same fool who suggested that older people should be willing to sacrifice themselves to keep the economy rolling because the economy is what Americans love about America. What a bunch of sh*t.

  7. WELLL DANG SIR! The absolute BEST reply to this trite “human being” who’s blaming blacks for his and the governor’s poor COVID performance. No wonder he’s only a lieutenant governor; it took them long enough to blame African Americans!

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