Texas Man Facing Decades In Jail For Accidentally Voting While On Parole 1

Texas Man Facing Decades In Jail For Accidentally Voting While On Parole

Texas citizen Hervis Rogers, 62, has become a symbol of the voting rights struggle after he was charged with voter fraud after voting in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary while on parole, after waiting for six hours to cast his ballot. ACLU Texas Director Andre Segura, lawyer of Hervis Rogers, explains his client's case and the decades of prison time he faces for his misunderstanding.

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  1. Dear God our justice system is a joke. Republicans focus their attention on the most ridiculous things on earth while turning their heads on anything that actually matters.

    1. Republicans don’t make up the entire justice system, though voting for DA’s is a joke. They shouldn’t be partisan.

    1. How many white ex-felons still on parole managed to register and have voted. They picked a black guy for what reason?

    2. @Nobody Knows that would be great to know, realize they picked a Harris County resident, the county that is leading the fight against the voter suppression…problem is “intent” can’t see it.

    1. @Jim Eagle Do you know why trump supporters are ‘villainized’? It’s because they are awful unpatriotic racists who support things like prosecuting this black man for voting. Trump supporters ARE villains. They are bad people, period. That’s why they support donald.

    1. Paxton, Abbott and can cun cruz for their part on perpetuating the “big lie”…by the little “trump” man…lol

    1. @Mark E Why spreading disinformation? You know that man has been out of jail on parole for almost 15 years and was a few months away from fulfilling his parole and you sat there and typed a lie. You people are DEPLORABLE

    2. @Cynthia Gonzalez go check his priors… don’t just take the lies the media will tell you go to Texas department of corrections

    1. yes ACLU will cover his case and a go fund me already got the 100k to bail him out. save your $ to help bail out the next time it happens?

  2. The gosh-awful part was giving him $100,000 bond!?! That amount is ludicrous for the two charges against him.

  3. Meanwhile seditionists are still rooming around free in the Capitol trying to overthrown the elections 7 months later.

    1. @Jim Eagle Nobody thinks anyone is “too stupid” to get an ID. IDs are not required for most activities, and in a country where over half the workforce earns less than $36,000 per year, they’re an unnecessary expense for a majority of people.

    2. @Constituent A ID’s aren’t required for most activities??? what are you 12 years old ? What world do you live in. Unnecessary expense ????? Not only are they inexpensive they are crucial to do anything in a productive adult life … get out of your parents basement

    3. @Constituent A dude seriously i gotta hand it to you, sincerely congratulations on having literally the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen in my entire life on YouTube

    4. @Jim Eagle Speaking of too stupid, or possibly too lazy, you might have done your homework before making that statement to learn how many states in the U.S. don’t require ID to vote.

    5. @Jim Eagle you obviously have no idea what is affordable to someone that has nothing to spare! It’s getting an ID or buying food that week! Ask those making $7.25/hr America’s minimum wage and see if they agree with you? You’re ignorant to the real problems of people living in your country! $7.25/hr is close to impossible to survive off of and there’s no such thing as just getting a higher paying job, there isn’t any!

  4. Why does criminal record even matter when voting? Shouldn’t have to pay taxes if you are a felon either…

  5. It’s messed up that the white man in Pennsylvania that actually knew he was committing fraud voting for his passed wife and another for his passed mother received $500 fine and probation.. Stop and think about that..

    1. This is actually being a Litigious Little Milk Toast 817CH. Meanwhile.. Trump overestimates the value of his holding to get bigger loans while underestimating those same properties during tax time. Leads an insurrection and may potentially become President again.

  6. I’m not American but I understand that you have to register to vote in Texas at least 30 days before the election. Either his registration was accepted incorrectly and he was allowed to vote or he should have been turned away and told he was ineligible and why. In the first case it is not his fault, and in the second he couldn’t vote. In both cases it is the fault of the State!

    1. You are not American but still you do understand a working process…thanks for explaining what a fair process would look like.

    2. It’s is strange that your voting rights taken away from you if you go to prison. This is white supremacy on full display. This is intimidating blacks as usual. Seems like the John Lewis on Edward Pettis Bridge. Just using the system of so called justice but it’s actually the system of oppression and depression. White supremacist attorney general and judges doing this because Trump was tried twice and nothing happened. They talking about someone who thought they where eligible to vote compared to an insurrection that tried to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power.

  7. Institutional Racism, take a look at the Man, he doesn’t look like a dangerous or contemptous type to me and he works 2 job’s!

  8. This sentence is outrageous. Others who intentionally committed voter fraud by casting votes in the name of dead mothers received probation.

  9. they want to ban teaching racist voter suppression in american history, so they can continue their racist voter suppression into the present and future.

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