Texas State Senator Royce West On Restrictive Voting Rights 1

Texas State Senator Royce West On Restrictive Voting Rights


State Sen. Royce West (D) comments on a restrictive Texas voting bill.

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    1. @J
      Thanks for contributing to state’s sponsored media.
      Nothing like supporting the thing you hate.

  1. We need a national response to the attack on democracy by the Russians and the Republicans ! !

    1. @Josef
      That’s because you know that Barr misrepresented the Mueller Report and Mueller and the FBI failed to follow the money.
      Now they are.

  2. I wonder how abbott would feel if a congress in Texas. Voted to take away all handicapped access.

    1. If everyone had to wait in line for hours to vote, universal mail in ballot would become the norm

    2. @Patrick Baer Not as long as Republicans have power. They will fight tooth and nail to prevent the right to vote.

    3. He’d roll over them ! Just as he and his corrupt crew did with stealing the mailboxes

    1. @Goodmorning Sundaymorning There is a new gun bill in Texas too that the majority are against as well.

    2. @Goodmorning Sundaymorning Do you want to put your name, address and social security number on the outside of a mail in ballot? That is in the bill. Why restrict Sunday voting that will affect traditional “Souls to the polls” efforts? Because they are black that’s why. Another key provision in Senate Bill 7 could have further hobbled such community voter mobilization programs: It would have required that anyone who drives more than two non-relatives to the polls who require assistance to submit a signed form stating the reason for the assistance. That means volunteer van drivers who provide transportation for churchgoing voters would have had to jump through the added hoop of submitting a signed document. Why? Because they are a majority Black and many poor voters need a ride. Why does driving someone to the polls become a paperwork nightmare? Shall I continue? There is plenty to show you.

  3. Republicans represent the actions of an Oligarchy, little by little they will tamper with the Constitution.

  4. I read that tomi lahren couldn’t sell defund the mask police merch on Facebook but apparently defund the police is perfectly acceptable . If anyone can explain that ?

    1. Reading is a good first step. Most folks following Tomi Lahren can barely read, or flat out refuse to. However, you need to start looking for credible sources. You continue to prove your naivety by repeating debunked conspiracy theories and Right-Wing propaganda. Someone is clearly misinforming you and taking advantage of your ignorance.

  5. I’m pretty sure it was unnecessary for you to have a chyron that said “Texas 2-step” with a pic of Abbott in his wheelchair. Probably the most ableist thing I’ve ever seen from a major network. It’s sorta like when you champion pride month and then call Lindsey Graham “Lady G”. Just total frauds in every respect.

  6. There are super simple solutions to this. An untouchable one citizen one vote right. Gerrymandering is outlawed. Big money is legislated out of politics. And a federal elections body is established that would be totally independent from the political parties. Every other western democracy already does all these things.

  7. SB7 is for the people even look over the dem points and nope
    SB7 is definitely for the people who love their country

  8. Any country you can sell and buy pet rocks can buy and sell anything… Biblically speaking. Pray to the rock. You might get more out of it.

  9. Nothing will happen unless Joe “The Roadblock” Manchin has an epiphany and comes to the realization that Republicans are not going to work with the democrats on anything. Their electorate don’t want it.

    1. Joe Manchin is slowly becoming a McConnell level obstructionist. It’s like watching Anakin fall under the influence of Palpatine.

  10. Election day should be a paid national holiday, with 24 hours to vote, not just a handful. And public transport should be free that day so that people can easily get to voting locations.
    Also there needs to be far more voting locations, and mail in voting should be standardized across the nation.

  11. Biden needs to declare Election Day a Public holiday so all Americans can easily exercise their constitutional rights to vote and participate in Democracy.

  12. In Illinois you have to be registered to vote my problem is why want to make it illegal TO SEND PEOPLE 18AND OVER VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION WHY??? IN A DEMOCRACY DONT REPUBLICANS WANT ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS TO VOTE ,???????

  13. You need a License/ID to drive a car, buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, rent anything, open a bank account, etc., but not to choose who runs the country? Hmm

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