Texts reveal two GOP lawmakers turned on Trump’s attempt to overturn election

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) warned President Donald Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about overturning the election without evidence, new text messages reveal. #CNN #News


  1. Now that we know what happened the only question left is whether the DOJ is going to do anything about it. If not we will no longer have a representative government. If we ever did.

    1. @NuclearPenetration what is somebody have to give you anything we don’t care what you’re waiting on you wouldn’t believe it if God came down and told you Easter isn’t when God roos2u it’s when Trump Rose because he’s your God

    2. @Kathy Piazza hearsay can stand on its own. Like if you were supervising someone and they reported to you, it’s technically hearsay if they report what they heard or saw in the performance of their job or it it is somehow recorded. Including written notes. It is admissible and considered good solid evidence.

    1. @Nicky Krystals he was taken off the voter roll in North Carolina there have been consequences did we search before you make stupid comments

    2. @Nicky Krystals you don’t know what you’re talkin about I ran all of his campaigns up until the last one I ran all of them you don’t know anyting

  2. Those who call themselves Republicans have to get balls and leave the Party of Trump. Those who participated in the Insurrection need to be expelled from Congress and from ever voting again.As soon as I see an R by a name the credibility is zip.

  3. It is one thing to encourage people to go to Capitol Hill and protest, but another to goat supporters to go there and having foreknowledge that some you are asking to go plan on using violence in conjunction with that protest. Plain and simple as far as a failed coup attempt. If ordinary Americans, with or without college degrees can see through all the media hype and know that this was a coup attempt and not just an ‘out of control’ protest then, those experts should not have so much trouble in figuring out the same

    1. Can someone explain why some of the protestors entered the capitol while security officers did nothing?

  4. I can only compare Chip Roy and Mike Lee to robbers who have entered the bank, touched the safe leaving their fingerprints all over it and then deciding the robbery is a bad idea.

    1. @A T it doesn’t matter who led them in it wasn’t their building to let anybody into if I guard your house while you go on vacation and little criminal in to Rob your house do you not hold him responsible, because I let him in think about it more on

    2. @Crispin Fornoff and that’s all you say that’s what every single comment you next says orange name Dad’s because you want to deflect let’s talk about the video let’s talk about the fake electors

  5. Chip Roy, the same guy that cries about the southern border fairly recently, was in on this, then changed his mind. That’s why I don’t trust that guy.

    1. @Kim Klim Girl, please. I’ll take Joe ANY DAY over ANY GQP candidate. Your ignorance is misleading you Dude.

  6. I can’t understand George and Kellyanne’s opposing statements in the press about Trump. Their kids must be crazed with this situation at home.

    1. @Tellthetruth n/a It might be that, or one or both have no core beliefs and rather than a marriage of convenience, they’re political beliefs of convenience. If I had to choose, Kellyanne is the obvious choice. To fight over values, you actually have to have them.

  7. They all knew that the plan was an illegal coup attempt. People at the highest levels must be held accountable. Ignoring this criminality will pave the way for it to happen again. I’m tired of watching the Jan 6 pawns go to jail while the criminal architects are never punished.

    1. Very well said. Let’s get the indictments started! Since when do they gather ALL the evidence before the arrest?

  8. “the American people have concerns about this election” because we’ve been feeding them lies 🤷‍♂

    1. @JusThor4444 after viewing members of “team trump” who he relied on to try to overturn an election, did you ever get the feeling that becoming president again was the furthest thing from his mind?

    2. I’d like to know when that disgrace to the legal profession is going to be disbarred and under criminal investigation.

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