'That's the way science works': Fauci fires back at critics 1

‘That’s the way science works’: Fauci fires back at critics


Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to critics who claim he is flip-flopping on his Covid-19 guidance on a New York Times podcast with Kara Swisher.

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  1. Indeed. A rather obvious point to those who practice lifelong learning. If you’re stuck in place, many valid perspectives remain forever out of reach.

    1. @E Garza it wasn’t just trump, but decdes of evangelical pastors and clowns on the right wing noise machine like Rusg Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson, and don’t forget conspiray theory nonsense like QAnon

    2. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound I guess you weren’t paying attention to the fact that he goes with the data he has at the time

    3. @Dearly Diane trump doesn’t go by the data he has but at whatever whim he has at the moment

    4. @Dearly Diane no, not establishment propaganda, it’s reality. You beleive in conspiracy theory nonsense

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis, Wuhan virus came from the Wuhan lab in China. He was 100% correct about that. Russian collusion was fake news. He was correct about that. That’s just for starters

    2. @Richard Thomas Sorry I think its false data interpretation! He just passionate and hopefully open minded to discussion! To explain his side and for you to state your side!

  2. Evolving your opinions based on evidence and data isn’t just how science works, it’s how rational adults work.

    1. if you ask for evidence, they will say its their freedom of speech to say anything they want.

    2. I bet you all believed in “Russia Collusion”, rational adults 🙂 Now back to video games, dear children.

    3. @Peter Griffin Thank you for being a rational human. I love science and love the great enlightenment. Im so sick of talking religious zealots down.

    1. Because it wasn’t a real insurrection. The Capitol police invited the Patriots in. Opened the doors and said welcome everyone.

    1. @Angela Siegfried Angela the armed forces are constitutionally defendant on an elected authority to command them. They must work in a timely fashion to address the leadership crisis and see that the president of corporate America is not a plant . Right now reporting has it that armed forces leadership detected/ investigated ( within 45 days as required) / discussed and voted that there is a constitutional crisis . Commander in chief is the question here . Who has control of nuclear forces ? This is / needs to be resolved. You might look into the number designated for Joe’s and Kamala’s planes/ helicopters/ cars. “Air Force one” is a military designation. I’m just in a chat but … this is a question critically thinking citizens should be concerned with. Once again … msm is captured. So you must figure this out for self. I’m not here to spoon feed people. I’m just a guy on a chat

    2. @Dan Wright who is this Chinese figure how is the FBI being implicated for Jan 6? Clearly what happened was trump gave a speech about a bunch of bullshit election fraud then those grown babies got mad and threw a tantrum thus the Jan 6 attack happened. A simple truth that has been spun and spun and spun til it fits the guilty people’s agenda. We have eyes we have ears the whole world saw what happened. It shouldn’t have gotten to this. This lying is bullshit and honestly at this point it is very old

    3. @Dan Wright lol, you remind me of “The Board” character from the video game Control. Except way funnier and sadder. Please don’t hurt any innocent people when your weird little brain snaps.

    1. “Clorox Days”….don’t worry the world remembers. That’s how trump lost 2020.
      Social media threads have an unfortunate side effect of magnifying negativity & misinfo including negative people
      who never ever should have been given the power to broadcast via keyboard.

    2. @John Wilharm What are your thoughts about the following: In 2016 Lindsey Graham wrote: “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.” Lindsey Graham also said: “You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell”. Lindsey Graham has also called Trump a ”nutjob” and a ”loser”, a ”kook”, a ”pathological liar”, and a ”race baiting xenophobic bigot”.

    3. @Graphic design for Free During the height of COVID19, Nasty Pelosi was dancing in the streets of China town, telling everyone to go eat there, when people were dying by the thousands.

    4. @Graphic design for Free
      Every thing 19/45 said came true , wuflu, hydrroy,etc. . I hope Dr. Fraud gets a “propper” suspended sentence,befitting of a true traitor to his country and humanity.

    1. @maxglide then you are saying you have looked at both sides and realized all the inconsistent statements made by fauci along with his blatant ignorance when it came to his colleagues and their professional opinions and research related to the virus..
      I’m sure he was not influenced by whomever has been paying him..That doesn’t happen in real life, does it?

    2. @Brian You asked a question and I gave you an example. That’s how science works, dear child.

    3. @Dearly Dianeso the left wasn’t taught how to look left and right before crossing a street? And that’s some kind of proof that our education system is just fine?

  3. “Doctors will not replace us.” “Doctors will not replace us.” Repeat while walking around the medical school you didn’t bother to apply to.

    1. All CNN viewers blindly believe in authority. It’s a fact. That “authority” has been established fake many times. They are blind. It’s a fact.

    2. There is no greater obstacle to learning than the belief that you already know everything – me

    3. @Dearly Diane Just like all people named Diane are idiots. It’s a fact. They are blind. It’s a fact.

  4. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
    – Isaac Asimov

    1. @Dearly Diane You are a case in point. Not everyone on the right is that dumb. Patrick Moynihan: “You are entitled to your own opinions; you’re not entitled to your own facts”

  5. Going through some of the comments and replies here just further proves how futile it is to attempt a decent conversation with folks who’d rather be fed the rhetorics of conspiracy theorists, and even sometimes try to justify their extremist views with a complete misinterpretation of the bible.

    1. Come on it says America is Gods blessed country, Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus Christ, and Fauci is the antichrist right here in two Corinthians.

    2. Exactly! They will swallow any conspiracy theory that CNN and other mainstream media feed them. They are hopeless 🙁

  6. FYI, most MDs said not to wear masks because of the shortage of PPE’s for the medical profession!

    1. Lack of supply, and people behaving like they did with toilet paper, could have left medical and first-responders without masks. Then we would have lost the ability to treat victims, and the hospital system would have crashed leaving thousands more dead.

    2. Right. And as more supplies became available everyone was encouraged to wear masks, social distance, etc.

  7. They must have mistakenly thought that they’re calling out the ex president Trump for his useless political craziness about the pandemic.

  8. Initially, there weren’t enough masks anyway. It was important to get medical grade masks to medical workers first.

  9. “His thinking evolved” – this to people who don’t believe in evolution. No wonder they’re not concerned with the Delta variant. Then again, those folks may serve as an example of natural selection.

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