‘It’s too late for me’: Why dying veteran fights to end military burn pits

35-year-old retired Staff Sgt. Wesley Black has terminal colon cancer that his doctor says is linked to breathing in toxic fumes from burn pits used while serving in Afghanistan. CNN's Brianna Keilar reports on the effort to end their use and protect US military service members.
The VA website acknowledges the issue is being studied and that those exposed "may be at greater risk for longer-term health conditions."
In an email to CNN on Sunday, Veterans Affairs press secretary Terrence Hayes urgedveterans exposed to sign up for the burn pit registry and those feeling ill due to a possible toxic exposure to submit a claim.
"The more veterans who do so only helps us gather the information and research needed to provide the care they require."

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  1. They don’t care about Vets unless it’s falsely associated with someone kneeling for an entirely different reason that has nothing to do with vets.

  2. Godbless you, Sgt. Wesley Black. Thank you for your service and I’m sorry this happened to you.

    1. They are government killing machines, oh well. If you call this living free, you are out of your damn mind.

  3. I guarantee they knew about his cancer before they him go. They knew about my skin cancer and immediately found some other reason to discharge me. It was some bullshit and I should’ve seen what was actually happening. But really it just shouldn’t have happened period.

  4. This is terrifying. I feel with this soldier who put their lives into danger serving the his country. RESPECT and PRAYERS FOR HIM, HE NEEDS MIRACLE FROM HEAVE. GOD BLESS YOU MAN🙏🙏🙏

    1. How many Afghans did he kill over there tho? Afghans ARE people too. You reap what you sew. What a fake assed cry LoL, CNN Actors are the worst.

    2. @Twitzy Snitz: 1 week old account and 560 comments on this channel, you’re obviously a troll. Lowlife.

    3. @Tiffany k
      Maybe you should spin down to Jiffymart and flip you up some flourescent gummi worms and a pixie twizzler

  5. This is absolutely horrific and many blessings to him and his family this is unacceptable and this is what angers Me as a progressive why is it that the men and women who serve our country have to ” Wait” when the establishment dems and Republicans get whatever they want when THEY want it but our troops have to beg for this country to care for them and about them . I sware if we all unified and just don’t show up to work , & refuse to pay our taxes and refuse give in to our politicians watch how quick things would get done i swear sometimes I’m so done with this country

    1. Trump didn’t get tough. This is a long time coming! Our Service members need to be treated better. Don’t sign up, live a longer life.

    2. @Hostile Territory oh Liz Cheney thought you meant someone else. Lol F Liz Cheney. As someone who was at DC on the 6th it was a good patriotic day. She represents the old guard neo-con era. Pfff plz that was a win for the republicans as they adopt Populism. The democrats are just mad cause they can’t defeat Populism if their still a neo-lib party. Gotta reform before they crash and burn loosing the house, senate,and presidency in ’22 & ’24

    3. @Hostile Territory Unless the republicans are the ‘wokies’ they are against banning Dr. Seuss books. If you’re gonna ‘hate’ politicians, go after the right ones (sometimes both).

    4. Trump did nothing to help the troops. All he wanted was attention a d your vote. If you gave it to him you didn’t help anyone!

  6. When I think about complaining about my circumstances. Someone comes along and reduces my complaints into whinning. I hope this gets rectified quickly

  7. VA better Wake Up. We Vets Need to be Heard. Anything however short or long the deployed Can Relate to a Disability.

    1. @Sciurus Niger Most of them have mental damage but they think it’s from military service while it’s really from their schools and upbringing.

    2. @k333rl ,
      Was that necessary?
      The Trans issues are complicated. Dealing with soldiers with disabilities caused by what they did on duty should not be.

  8. I wish there was something we could do. If not for him, for his family. I know they’ll be taken care of, somewhat, but losing a Dad and a Husband is so hard and not ok.

  9. Congress doesn’t care. They only care if it takes money out of their pockets. Es normal.

    1. @Lady Freedom Rocks – Exactly, it’s our tax dollars but they act like is their bank accounts.

  10. It took decades for the government to acknowledge the dangers of agent orange link to veterans illnesses and deaths. I hope it doesn’t take that long to keep our current veterans from getting sick for just doing their job serving our country.

  11. That little bit where they share messages received from the VA, such bullshit, sure everyone tells you to file your claim, but you know what they don’t share on the news. The massive, overwhelming backlog. Many vets will die before they can even be denied benefits.

  12. The seemingly innocuous has become the most deadly killer. My heart goes out to this man and his family.

  13. Seems to me like there is another way of observing the burn pits or guarding them than to have a soldier standing at a post while guarding garbage. There should be a perimeter or something established and cameras or low flying heat resistant drones flying over to monitor safe burning conditions. Why is there someone not thinking of these kinds of things? God bless this man and his family. He gave his youth serving this country and this is what he gets in return. How awful. This is outrageous! What a sad life when you get a death sentence before you’ve had a fair chance to live.

    1. He wasn’t guarding it or watching the burn pit. ECP stands for entry control point, it’s where people and vehicles can move in and out of the base. Burn pits are usually close by for ease of use so we don’t have to go far out of the base.

    1. yeah burn flags and support vets. No one should ever join the military it’s just voluntary slavery.

  14. I have Gulf War Illness. My heart goes out to all veterans affected by the burn pits, or are suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. Please contact your congresspersons and demand action be taken for affected veterans. We fought for you. Please fight for us💪

  15. This is infuriating and heartbreaking. SOMETHING has to be done our military men and women should not be used fking lab rats! They should have been protected. Absolutely heartbreaking

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