CNN asked Iran's President-Elect about nuclear deal. Hear his reply 1

CNN asked Iran’s President-Elect about nuclear deal. Hear his reply


Iranian President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi said in his first news conference that the United States violated the 2015 nuclear agreement, known as the JCPOA, and called on President Joe Biden to return to the agreement. Answering a question by CNN's Frederik Pleitgen in Tehran, Raisi called on Biden to lift all sanctions before adding that Iran's ballistic missile program "is not up for negotiation."

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    1. @nattyp You do no because of nuclear weapon the world has seen the longest era of peace in world history right.

    2. Ok, let’s go back to Medieval Era and will fight with bow and arrows. I forgot, oversize axes too.

    1. @Censor Me I get censored all the time. My video called Colin Powell is about zionism

  1. Iran; “there is no negotiation possible, drop the sanctions immediately” US (or what the US should say) ; “ok, thanks for you input. Continued sanctions it is. thanks!”

    1. Hey Andrew, I know ur a Israeli bot but I’m curious, should we put sanctions on Israel for attacking America??

    2. The US has no intention of getting rid of sanction irregardless of what Iran does or doesn’t do. Just ask Cuba or Venezuela or Syria none of them have nuclear power and they got sanctions and war anyway

  2. Sanctions never hurt these dictators to begin with. It’s always the poor people who have to pay a big price for it.

    1. Nav Singh have the G7 make a deal with Iran, Israel, and the Arab states for denuclearization

    2. We are fine. We do not need the sympathy of the enemies who humiliated and colonized us for several hundred years. Know that we made a revolution forty years ago for the sake of independence from domination and humiliation. And 98% of the people agreed.
      Good nightttttt

    3. @MultiRingtail Brando good idea but you still have countries like Israel who will not even admit they have nukes

    4. @Mahsa Dehghan Iran has not started a war since the days of the Persian empire. I don’t understand why people are so concerned

  3. This is information from 2 dishonest sources, CNN & Iran. Believe anything either one of them say at your own risk!

    1. @Nav Singh He probably gets it from other mainstream sources, which are also bullshit since he’s regurgitating CIA propaganda. “Don’t trust what Iran says only trust what the US government says about them. The same government who actively spy’s on us and has lied to get us into every war since WW2!”

    2. @joe cone Trump never got us into a war, that’s why the government and the media tried to destroy him, he wasn’t playing their games.

    1. @Outlawfly inspections of what.?
      Iran shows what they want to show –when they want to show it !?
      They can sign all the papers they want !
      ( That includes Saudi Arabia )
      but at this time in human history and for a lot of reasons Saudi Arabia plays the game !
      Iran does not !
      Iran + Saudi Arabia are still stuck in the second century !
      And cannot be trusted !

    2. @Charles Chopstick I’m talking about the JCPOA deal you numbnut. IAEA has verified on numerous occasions that Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons program, that’s a fact. And US should be trusted? A country who still lives in the colonial era and has dropped nukes on civilian targets and waged more wars than all countries in the world combined in the last 70 years?

    3. @Charles Chopstick How do you know they plan to do that? That is what the US and its allies want us to believe. Just as they wanted us to believe in their lies to grab Iraqi and Libyan oil. Iran is not any worse or better than the rest. The fact remains that the US is the only country who has used nuclear and chemical weapons on civilians and has repeatedly overthrown governments and interfered in the political processes of other countries for their own interests. Painting Iranian leaders as religious fanatics is the easiest way for the West to stir public opinion against them. And Western countries need public support to sanction or attack other countries. It is a case of just: “how do we scare the people enough so that they allow us to carry out the monstrosities which we plan to commit?”

    4. @Charles Chopstick Israel attacked the Uss liber ty and ki lled Americans, yet u want to go to war against iran for the sake of Israel???

    1. to spread the news that Iran will get all they’ll ask for..those good old days of barack..Biden are back..

    2. @Mhmd Khalil CNN having to hire the guy that was laughed at internationally for masturbating because nobody else will work for them or the guy with the hundreds of fake microphones trying to gain credibility?

  4. Why doesn’t the United States ever ask Iran about their regular practice of throwing LGBTQ people from the tops of tall buildings to their death merely for being non-heterosexual? If western nations are so concerned about human rights, why do they tolerate such horrific attrocities?

    1. the left gives no fucks about us. the sooner folks realize corporate lgbtq is like corporate blm, the sooner we can get to some bare minimum tolerance

    2. @Brenda Odinson If that makes you sick, how about a woman needs 4 witnesses if she is r**ed!? Otherwise she is not to be believed in court. I am Iranian, and that is an embarrassing truth and reality about the country I was born in

    3. @Dragonus Uralis It has already been destroyed here through propaganda. Now America is enemies with any country trying to preserve their cultural identity

  5. They want more money. This is a sham. We don’t need to be hustled anymore by any country. Where are your balls America? I mean Biden.

  6. What the hell is Biden waiting for? Just get us back in the deal already. Raisi is a right wing nationalist and will be much harder to negotiate with.

  7. Americans shocked that Iran’s position on an international agreement simply because the president has changed.

  8. “Expedited Manner”, Word. In order to avoid crap from the supreme leader Khamenei, he is suggesting US should secure the deal while Rouhani in office.

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