The Bye Line: Donald Trump and Robert E. Lee

In this week’s Bye Line, Jonathan Capehart has words for Trump and his defense of Robert E. Lee after the Confederate general’s statue was removed in Richmond, VA: “If you’re among those clinging to the myth of the Lost Cause, you’re lost.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Bye Line: Donald Trump and Robert E. Lee


  1. Lee wasn’t even a good strategist. He was an excellent tactician, but an utterly pathetic strategist. He could win an indefinite number of battles but still lose a war, because he was oblivious to the industrialization going on in the world. His equivalents in WWI were those who had cavalry units charge against tanks.

    1. My under standing is he could have bypassed Gettysburg and possibly won the war, instead attacked a Union army on the higher ground. He used his soldiers like cannon fodder.

    2. @Paul Bourdon ; While that action may have delayed his loosing, there is no way the south could have won in the long run, but we will never know as he did attack Gettysburg.

    1. @Mary Rodger well, I don’t think I agree with your belief. you have Americans that compare Robert E. Lee to Hitler, and that is unbelievably laughable. A lot of you have such a simplistic view of not only the world, but the real people that shaped your own nation. It’s a tragedy how stupid it all is.

    2. Yes. Being a sociopath isn’t the whole story. Trump is of “Borderline Intellect,” IQ 84 tops. Stumbled through with an army of paid bodyguards, lawyers, accountants, PR firms, and other fixers.

  2. Lee and Twumpy. One traitor to another; there ya have it. I imagine Twumpy was told not to show up; it would have been an INSULT to the whole meaning of 9/11. It would have been the same as asking dead boy Bin Laden to grace his presence and give a speech. Fat boy did show up for a PHOTO OP; of course, what else?

    1. TWUMPY, as you call him, had no place at that memorial; he held a small rally to ensure he boasted about his false beliefs about him running for president again; besides, I don’t think he could have gone to the memorial without him getting booed, pummeled with eggs and tomatoes and eventually, arrested…

    1. If Donnie had been in charge, it would have been even more chaotic, with more dead, and we would have been forced to listen to him drivel on incessantly about how perfect his withdrawal was and how only he could have pulled it off. And his maga devotees would have jumped up and down and squealed with glee.

  3. Donald J. Trump thinks that the Union are the “Radical Left” while embracing the Confederacy. That explains why Donald J. Trump does not want to see the monuments and statues of the symbolizes the Confederacy removed. Donald J. Trump does not know that the Confederacy are the losing side of the American Civil War.

    1. Trump said the civil war was stolen by the North, wtf?!? starts mumbling about votes being switched and caravans of migrants.

    2. He’s afraid of what we’ll do to his “statue” of limitations to his presidential immunity. He’s also worried about the statues he had commissioned of himself thru 3rd parties that would now be banned from public areas.

    1. Agreed. At this point I think they are completely disconnected from reality.
      Perhaps splitting the U.S. into two countries isn’t a bad idea.
      I don’t think there’s would last long.

    2. @Merovigian no. I’m talking the exact opposite of civil war buddy. A separation, as people do from a marriage that no longer works.
      America may be close to civil war but it can be avoided.

    3. @john alsop So people are going to just leave their homes and move because who thinks it’s a good idea? Do you realize the impact it would have on the global economy. Instantly, China, Russia, the EU, and probably India would push the two Americas beneath them. You’re talking Brexit on steroids.

  4. Trump doesn’t bring anything to the table for his supporters but ignorance, racism and how to be a crook and get away with it in the USA

  5. So Trump wishes we could have sent Lee to Afghanistan.
    If we’re playing “dream team”, let’s send Grant to Afghanistan. Something about winning.

  6. I thought Trump was disrespectful for not being at the 9/11 ceremony. But, he was never respectful. He’s a loser, who wouldn’t be seen with the current President and two former successful presidents.

  7. Don the Con has figured out that the American Taliban has been a Fan of Robert E. Lee..!!!..So, Don the Con, as the leader of American Taliban, decided to show solidarity.!!!

    1. Can’t believe you people, Biden just made 13 families gold star, just for starters. Trump is a boy scout compared to this moron

  8. Those statements shows his ignorance and lack of knowledge even in the history of his own country May be he went to school but the school didn’t touch him or teach him anything but to be a liar and conn man

  9. Some woman in New Orlean went on TV, saying that: “How do we know that slavery was bad? We were not there to see it.”…!!!…This is the level of intellect of most supporters of Don the Con.

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