1. Once again, democracy & the constitution are at stake in ’22 & ’24 & every election until the unAmerican far-right fascist GQP party is dissolved.

  2. The entire purpose of the creation of the USA is so its citizens will have government with/by the CONSENT of the government. VOTE: USE IT OR LOSE IT.

    1. The Dems have lied and made horrible decisions. Afghanistan withdraw being one of the largest mistakes in US history.
      Border crisis and the bussing of untested and unvacced people from the border to all over the US DURING a pandemic.
      Britain voted to censure Joe Biden.
      Foreign relations around the world and especialy in Europe are now strained.

    2. @Joanne DENIOUS You have got to be kidding me Biden is a senile pedophile being led by the radical left like a sock puppet

    1. @Gorilla Glue like I told your partner it does not matter how long this account has been in Google if I worked for Google I am sure my account would be 7 or 8 years old if I wanted it to , my address is on the accounts also why not come and try and shut me up the in person way , I am well equited on my property and you will meet your fate , please come , I have been waiting for the opportunity

    1. BREAKING: Taliban Refusing To Allow Planes Of Americans To Leave, Effectively A ‘Hostage’ Situation
      How can MSNBC spin this for Sleepy Joe

    2. @AB eeeh, it’s Trumps fault.
      He made the deal, then Biden broke it by extending the date and giving air support. Easy, just blame Trump for evrything.

    3. @andrea Perry Yes I am! This Democrat is voting straight line Republican because of what Biden did in Afghanistan!

  3. I think most voters don’t understand how it works. They vote for the President and then when nothing gets passed, they blame the President when he has nothing to do with it. We need to educate our voters and it should be a holiday every election so they remember to go vote and everyone has time to vote. 🌊🌊🌊🌊

  4. (Ds), vote like your life depended on it because, as the COVID and trump viruses have proven, it literally does.

    1. @Gar Heard , People falling off planes and Slow Joe looking at his watch as American caskets move by, is how America will remember Afghanistan.

    2. @maria schultz I don’t think so maria. History will shine on President Biden and condemn trump , the (R) legislative body and the trump electorate. I thought you (Rs) were for personal freedom. If those people wanted to hang onto a plane in flight, that’s their right. Right ? By the way, did you see President Biden look at his watch?

    3. Right?! Look for a scary monster to get voters… because policy that ain’t progressive won’t get you votes.

  5. Agree completely. The minority Republicans are taking over from the ground up. Every Democrat needs to vote.

    1. @Joe Adams Maybe those Americans went to Afghanistan when President Trump was in power. They had no idea Talibiden would get elected and lose their safty and security. No, I would deffinately not go to a war zone when the Democrats were in the WH,that would be crazy!!!!!!

  6. We went to sleep for 8 years during Obama’s terms. Then trump gave us all a cold shower to wake us up. We’ve got to get used to the idea that every vote is vital to our struggle to set our country in the right direction. Please vote in the mid terms and take every chance to make your voice heard. It’s all we’ve got.

  7. Democrats vote please as if your life is on the line because it is please vote in 2022 don’t allow the GQP to destroy AMERICA

  8. That’s true because the Republican party they’re really out to do some damage they need to vote for sure 🙏🏾

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