1. dummies r Us. Perfect example The Three stooges on this platform talking about voter rights we need better jobs pay good and cut down the inflation way down that’s what black people need

    2. When I grow up, I wanna be a Lefty and burn my first building down in the middle of a city. Then go back to CHAZ where my war lord will protect me.

  1. If it’s so restrictive how come there isn’t a single republican voter complaining about how difficult it is. I doubt that even majority of Democrats believe its restrictive

    1. @bob trump You can’t vote if you’re not registered. NO registration, NO vote, regardless if you have ID.

    1. Exactly. They expect us to vote for ppl that do NOTHING for us. Cant protect our RIGHT to vote……but WERE supposed to fight to vote them back in.

    1. @William Stall – Blacks are statistically less likely to have ID, and statistically very likely to vote Democrat. Those are FACTS. Do you really believe the Republicans are NOT factoring in the statistics when they draft these laws? That would be just, plain naive.

    2. @J Groovy why would anyone ignore voter ID. democrats need to cheat to win elections. the first thing they want to get rid of is voter ID. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to get to that conclusion.

    3. @J Groovy if blacks are statistically less likely to have ID that is THEIR problem. Dont compromise the election integrity because a group of people is too lazy to get voting IDs. BTW, statistically speaking people who dont have ID dont care about elections.

    4. @J Groovy “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” Mark Twain
      WHERE are Blacks or any minority denied ID? Their right to vote if they have an ID?
      WHO is denying them?
      WHY aren’t CNN and MSNBC outside the office of this person demanding answers?
      After 5 years of lapping up the dog sh*t that CNN has spewed, haven’t you had enough yet?

    1. Wrong! No registration no ballot. You show ID to register. They need to inform the Republican trolls better.

    2. @Archer Lansky – Do you really think the Republicans are NOT factoring in those probabilities when drafting those laws?

    3. @Rider 38 – In municipal elections, and I don’t think that’s a good idea. But the fact remains that Republicans are targeting Blacks to shave off likely Dem votes. The undocumented don’t have a statistical, overwhelming likelihood of voting for a specific party.

  2. Congratulations on making it through this segment without literally crying again van Jones. Now stop begging.

  3. We definitely need to protect our democracy. I don’t know what democracy meant to you, but it meant to me is our freedom. If you don’t fight for our freedom if you just give up our freedom you might never get it back because once you lose something chances you might never get it back so, fight for the right thing fight for our freedom, fight for our rights, fight for our generation, teach our generation about American history, because they need to know they have the rights to know as Americans, no matter how painful it is. That just history it reminds us to not repeat that same history again and again to help us to do better.

    1. You can start the process by remembering that we are a constitutional republic.
      We are BORN with our rights.’The republic ,via the constitution CONFIRMS those rights.
      Please reject anyone who cannot adhere to the Constitution.
      Like these three.


    LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Require legal identification at all voting sites and don’t let any illegals vote especially with out identification and you’d probably fix a majority of voting issues.

    1. @Shelby Lee If undocumented immigrants have been living here for some time, contributing to the workforce and the economy, and have a vested interest in the civic discourse, why shouldn’t they be able to vote, exactly? Beyond that, given the specific battleground states that made the difference, aside from Arizona perhaps, it wouldn’t have changed the election much anyway. One of the deciding factors in the last election was suburban, socioeconomically wealthy, college educated flipping against Trump compared to 2020 and going with Biden in each of those heavily Democratic counties where the votes made the real difference. Also, there is nothing “weird” about having ballot dropboxes or allowing Sunday voting. Those are just common sense measures that have worked in several different states for decades now.

    2. @Archer Lansky I’m in NY and didn’t have to either, just had to verify my address so they can tell me which book to sign. Easy to game that system? 1000000%

    3. @tom keske ooo dem pushing racism. Give me a SPECIFIC, like include a link, where any voting legislation as of late has PROVEN to be racist. not speculation, legitimate data. One would think a person could go to court about it, as we know, discrimination is illegal. Unless you’re joe Biden appointing a Supreme Court justice based on race… wait that’s discrimination 🤔

  6. Funny how you never here Republicans whining about voter suppression 🤷‍♂️.
    LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

    1. ​@Debora Darden I compare Voter suppression to men playing women sports it’s unfair for the same person to win every time WHEN THEY shouldn’t be in the ballgame anyway. It’s only suppressing people who aren’t supposed to be voting anyway. If you don’t have a social or ID to prove who you are your vote is a threat to voter integrity which is very crucial at a time when we are in the middle of a border crisis we have never seen before with more illegals in our nation than ever before.

    2. @Grrace Grracy Google felon in California arrested with 300 ballots. They most certainly harvest ballots. LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

  7. CNN ‘s ratings are as sad .As Brian Stelter is when Golden Corral tells him ,We’re closed. You need to leave ..

    1. @Grrace Grracy sure they don’t. They just mail out ballots in mass and they all magically wind up in the right hands lmao

    2. So, Air Travel is racist?
      Cashing a check is racist?
      Driving a car is racist?
      Presenting a VAX passport and valid ID is racist?
      Wow! What are the odds?

    3. @Grrace Grracy So how is it racist if people are asked to show the SAME ID to vote that they used to register to prove who they are?

  8. Why do we keep falling for the same tricks! We need to set term limits for house and senate so no more career politicians.

  9. Did someone say they couldn’t vote?
    If you won the last election “Fair and Square”, why so much fear? 🤔

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