1. @Hayden R. Williams You were born a failure. Demented Joe Biden achieved nothing for 50 years. Democrats are crap 💩💩💩💩

  1. Congrats on the show!
    A little advice for this show, if I may.
    Don’t react to every dumb thing t’rump says, does, or tweets.
    Not worth your time or our’s.

  2. Tiffany Cross absolutely killed it. It’s nice to watch passionate journalists like her. I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job with this new show. Tiffany is #BlackExcellence

    1. Yep Tiffany Cross killed the sound in my ears.. Man this woman has the most anoying voice in the world. I am sure not going to watch MSNBC anymore at the times this sqruicky sound is there.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! I know you from Roland Martin Unfiltered. I’m happy for you. I hope he is a guest.

    1. You dont think that is the same crap like white folks do… But Black Women on MSNBC… Tiffany with a te most anoying voice sound i n TV land… And Joy Reid… The wannabee Winnie Mandela… who lies without chame.. Whining about GoT Hand of the King… Insulting European Monarchies and LGBTQ community for being holy then Holy… Yep… the black women on MSNBC…. realy? This second hand crap.

  4. If this program is designed with me in mind, I hope you will have Chris Hedges on . And people who have won the Allard prize

  5. Most shows just repeat the same stories you heard regurgitated over and over all day long. This show is so refreshing! Can’t wait till next week. 😚😍🥰

  6. *FINALLY ! So good to have Tiffany D Cross representing + presenting + interviewing … permanently on Saturdays MSNBC*

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