1. @StealieSteve the government knew in mid October 2019 when event 201 was held. They had mock trials for a pandemic…fauci was one of their speakers. According to doctors from China cases started in the fall of 2019. So how could the government not know….at least some of them did.

    2. @s w The Oligarchs have been planning this “Reset” for a long time. Love my country but I don’t trust them.

    3. @StealieSteve absolutely the reset has been planned. The virus probably was too but I hate to stretch that one without having something to validate.

  1. The fact that every other country has helped their people and ours is still debating about whether they should while food lines and the homeless population grow daily 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. @1984 THEBEGINING Yes it does, its the same bill! You can’t be this slow. The original bill Mitch ignored for MONTHS was 2trill is the same one they cut to 1.8 and BOTH Pelosi AND Mitch refused it and is now even less. Pelosi did it to hurt Trump and Mitch to help corporations. Stop bootlicking for the Red party and open your eyes. Our country is a cesspool and BOTH sides are to blame!

    2. @1984 THEBEGINING here are the facts. In March 2020…8 Republican senators did not want a stimulus. In mid May the HEROES ACT #1 was passed. The only response from Mitch until 7/27….lets pause and see what happens. On 7/27 Mitch put out his 500B skinny bill…300 enhanced UI for a month and no stimulus….20 Senate Republicans refused to help the people. The WH did an EO for 5 weeks of 300 enhanced UI. The WH and Nancy negotiated and got to within about 300-400B. However Mitch, who refused to get in the negotiations said he wouldn’t pass anything above 500B. We have 3 wheels here and one isn’t even on the cart. So even if the WH and Nancy had reached an agreement, Mitch had stated numerous times it was NOT going anywhere in the Senate. So yes Nancy’s bill had way too much pork but Mitch stood in the way of anything passing.

    3. @B A using cali should be using their own money to fix their homeless problem , and as far into the red they are they’ll not pay back one penny

    1. The U.S. government shouldn’t spend money on the Space Force. We really don’t need it. It’s a complete waste of money. What we need is money to help the businesses,buy food & pay rent. Also, unemployment insurance.

    2. Space Force, welfare for Israel, remaking the tennis court at the White House. There’s always enough money for these unnecessary things. But no money to help citizens hungry and homeless from a pandemic. Disgusting.

    1. @ Jim, need it and will still continue to need in at least through May of 2021….this virus will not be resolved by the first months of 2021….there’s no way….so the help is needed….

    1. @B A can we add Tom Brady, the Kushner companies, Kanye West, the Catholic church, most mega churches, more than 12 members of Congress or their spouses, just to name a few.

    2. How about we call it something similar to eminent domain payments….basically the government instituted a taking without payment….peoples businesses and jobs.

  2. Again, thank Kentucky for voting Turtle McTurtle back into office. Now it’s up to Georgia to fix things as usual because red States seem to not really care much about themselves or this country..

    1. US senate..Dominated by minority rule…How can Wyoming have the same number of Senators as California or Texas ?…Makes no sense..

  3. The people hurting the most are probably T****p supporters. The sad part is racism blinds them. That’s why we have vipers like Grahn,McConnell,Kemp etc….

  4. In civilized countries you wouldn’t be waiting for a check to get your inhaler. You’d just go to your doctor for a repeat prescription then pick one up for around 10 dollars. Same with all meds.

  5. Greed

    Cant expect help or empathy from treasonous mfers that HAVE voted OVER 70 times to ✂️ Tens of MILLIONS of Americans off Healthcare.

  6. McConnell has to have the part about businesses not being able to be sued.
    That’s who he governs for. Please put a stop to him Georgia.

    1. I sincerely hope old age takes that evil man for all our sake by new years. He shouldn’t be allowed to be in government shilling for corporations while harming the average man and refusing to bring 700 bills to the Senate

  7. 740 billion for the military industrial complex – LUDICROUS amount for war machines but ZERO for covid-impacted families in need.

  8. I love Omar, when she steals covid relief $ it’s ok because she isn’t white. You can only be corrupt if you’re white.

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