FDA Authorizes Coronavirus Vaccine After Due Scientific Diligence | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

FDA Authorizes Coronavirus Vaccine After Due Scientific Diligence | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. They said the same thing about pre-existing conditions as it was robbing people of their lives and livelihoods for decades… amazing how americans never learn…

  1. I suppose the scientific method by Sir Francis Bacon is no longer in use in today’s world? Or maybe you and your friends at the FDA just decided to skip a few steps?

    1. No matter what they still have to get through real science AND YOUR DOCTOR DOESN’T WANT TO TAKE IT SO WHY WOULD YOU ? Covid cure St Judes 2 meds that already exist worth reading seriously youtube also

    2. Oh animal trials are just SO last vaccine…

      Wait ten years to see how it affects development?

      That’s for losers. It’s mad scientist time!

    3. Fda has lagged behind European approval methods for years
      …..there’s a reason why u can just go to Europe and have things done……trim the fat..

    1. Nothing good, of that I am certain. It’s mad scientists messing around where they ought not. I watched a news video where they were explained how it works.

      They said the mRNA triggers your cells to develop a protein of the COVID-19 virus to trigger an immune response… did you read that? The vaccine actually causes YOUR CELLS in YOUR BODY to create a foreign substance in order to trigger an immune response. Trigger an Immune response against what? Your now mutated cells? So with this mRNA vaccine they are able to “program” our cells to create something else! Then the video went on to say how afterwards your cells just go back to normal… The reporter even said “so it’s not like your cells are being genetically modified.” Uh, except that’s exactly whats happening…

      But you’ll just go back to normal after the vaccine like nothing happened…. hah, yeah right.

      watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs38ScH1qcs

    1. Exactly. is this guy a doctor or an actor? I think it pretty much went like this. Government official calls doctor to his office. Official tells doctor, “Do you want to keep your position and get a nice little kickback? Or do you want to be publicly disgraced after we dig up some dirt on you, and you lose everything?” Doctor says he will take the former. Government official tells doctor to go on tv and make this vaccine look great.

    2. Report: The White House Threatens to Fire FDA Chief If He Doesn’t Approve the Pfizer Vaccine Today , Trump committed treason Friday night and try to overthrow our democracy and then he pushed the vaccine through or he was going to fire everyone, it’s not to late to impeach trump and get some ppp and stimulus funding out to Americans

    1. they cannot get past science because they have not been honest so far so no by law they have to *** your doctor doesn’t want it either

    1. Deja Rachel MadCow is holding up the cards for him to read from. They ran out of quarters to feed into the teleprompter to keep it working!!!

    1. So you think the company’s that rolled this out just went home? You think they are not still testing? 45 went home!i
      Every relive the government agency is relived he’s gone. I a few months they will know more. And when the brain eating zombies show up don’t worry your safe.

  2. Due scientific diligence…🤣 yup just like oxycontin wasn’t addicting. Do you trust your life with these companies?

  3. Nobody is going to force you to take the vaccine. Don’t really care why you won’t take it. It leaves more for smart people.

    1. She was disciplined by the Michigan legislature for “threatening” GOP members. IDK the details but it sounds like it was in defense of Biden winning.

      Update: Apparently she was threatened and vented on Facebook “Threatening Trump voters”, and was removed from a committee she was on as a result.

    1. Maybe he’s thinking about his answers before he gives them? I know we aren’t used to that much anymore, but we need to adjust to it, LOL!

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