Trump, GOP Unlikely To Give Up Election Grievance Fundraising Regardless Of Losses | Rachel Maddow

Trump, GOP Unlikely To Give Up Election Grievance Fundraising Regardless Of Losses | Rachel Maddow 1


    1. @TheMilpitasguy : Sure, why not? I find it hilarious that Trump got elected in 2016 by people who believed he was an actual billionaire, and now that same base is crowdfunding him out of debt and they’re too dumb to see it.

    2. @grantm l worked with a young boy that actually believed trump was gonna give everyone 1000.00 $ to everyone who voted for him in 2016. I was rolling on the ground laughing even snorting like urkel. Suckers born everyday!

  1. Considering how many Trumpists still wave Confederate flags, is it really any surprise that they don’t know how to take a loss?

    1. Lose legitimately, and we will by you a beer, or cool aid!!!
      Not a problem….competition, brings out the best of people,.. Cheating, brings out the democrats,… Wow

    2. @L H Only one spreading propaganda, is Joe… Who is actually acting like Hitler?… Ask Mandela about good ole Joe…

  2. A con like that should be grounds for further fraud scam charges using his office to enrich himself under the emollients clause.

  3. Republicans will do the same thing they do every day. Whine. Ive never seen a whiner group of people in my life.

    1. Yep, Trump’s wealth decreasing, very few President’s did this… Joe multi-millionaire, kids multi-millionaire’s, all because of his “public service”.. Yes, you are right,… Backassward, but right… Lol

  4. “No one can ride your back, unless you bend over.” He will use them because they love to be used. They feel honored that they can help 😱.

    1. Basically yep, they prove their own racist idea that some people were meant to serve. Except it’s the uneducated who are the new slaves, and being uneducated can be any races weakness.

  5. “Givе me ten years, and you will not recognize Germany anymore!”
    ― Adolf Schicklgruber @ last election slogan, 1933

    1. Didn’t some country singer bet somebody $10 grand the Supreme Court would rule in Trump’s favor? Pay up, shitkicker! 😄

    2. @Edward Wright Yep every time to joe, 47 year polition, with the only remarkable achievements, are him and his families WEALTH… On public servant wages… Your quite stupid

  6. All this trump noise all boils down to money – donation by gullible, naive, vicious fanatics for trump personal use.

    1. @Doo Dirty you actually think he does his own taxes?? Really??? Wow…
      He hires that done, as most do.. ALL BUSINESS’S do… Why would his taxes mean anything to you or anyone else?… Tax evasion, hah, that’s why you pay a tax accountant… Holy crap

    2. @MidnightModder Yes he has billions of dollars which were unfairly and fraudulently acquired. How on earth he pays $750 income tax (out of billions he earned as you said). People close to him will attest to this. And there’s avalanche of litigation waiting for him once he leaves the WH, but he’s muddling everything to stay in order to keep his immunity. I don’t want to argue, let’s wait and see what will happen to these tons of litigation against him.

    3. @Perry combat vet He signed everything and all with his knowledge, ignorance is no alibi in courts. Holy crap!!!!

    4. @Doo Dirty My dude, he paid MILLIONS of dollars in taxes. Do you know what that $750 was? It was some random bs because HE ALREADY PRE-PAID THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THE YEAR BEFORE.

    5. @MidnightModder As I said he paid $750 income tax, for the billions or millions he earned. No value on what he says it’s all BS, because he’s a pathological liar as Lyin’ Ted shouted before during party nomination, and he’s pulling our legs. Instead get it from the courts.

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